• Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 14.56.52

    Celebrating 40 years of Woman Alive!


    ‘It’s so exciting to be heading up a brand with such rich history and potential’

  • pexels-quang-anh-ha-nguyen-884977

    Signs & Wonders in everyday life


    Stories of God’s intervention 

  • pp46-47_June2022_AskThedoctor_pexels-polina-zimmerman-3958565

    What causes bloating?


    Your health questions answered by our resident GP, Dr Olúṣẹ̀yẹ Àríkàwé 

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    Shining a light on Black British history


    Lola Jaye wrote her new book The Attic Child during the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, in 2020. Here’s what she told us about how the story unfolded 

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    The Baby Whisperer


    Sue Gray describes how she became a doula and why she is passionate about helping mothers and newborns 

  • Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 14.00.49

    ‘No matter what we’ve been through I’ve never lost hope’


    Colleen Haynes Sheehy married a man with a disability, against her family’s advice. Sadly he passed away, but she went on to marry another man with the same disease 

  • Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 13.52.11

    God, me and ADHD


    Margaret Reed Roberts was diagnosed in her late 40s. Here she describes the unsettling journey it has taken her on 

  • Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 11.43.04

    Five things I have learned about… reading the Bible


    Cathy Madavan gives us some helpful advice on how to approach God’s word

  • DSC03662-2

    Jesus and Gucci


    We discovered Tina RoseLawless via her Instagram account (@TinaRoseLawless). Enchanted by the photos of Tina in high-end fashion, her beaded creations and colourful style, our editor Tola-Doll Fisher was curious to find out more about the woman behind what is fast becoming a signature brand

  • Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 16.07.18

    A Prayer for The Queen’s Jubilee


    The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee means big celebrations for many of us this month –loved ones and neighbourhoods coming together, family gatherings and street parties, rejoicing and commemorating this special occasion of 70 years of the reign of Her Majesty the Queen.

  • pp3_June2022_EditorsLetter

    Editor's Letter: Fashion + Faith?


    Media and fashion industries have always idolised the young. When I started at Woman Alive I said I wanted more women on the cover who looked like they had a life before I was born. We’ve achieved that, and I love seeing the diversity of age – and also ethnicity ...

  • pexels-designecologist-1005058

    What does a healthy home look like?


    Nutritionist Clare Backhouse looks at how environmental factors can affect our wellbeing 

  • Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 12.43.50

    Bible Study: A representative for all faithful women of God


    Elaine Storkey opens up the story of the mother of the Sons of Zebedee, showing how costly following Jesus would have been for her 

  • pp18-19_June2022_InBusiness_MHILaunchingCeremony

    ‘I am an ordinary woman, with a simple dream from God’


    Funmi Adewara is the founder and CEO of Mobihealth. Here she describes her journey to starting the multi-award-winning digital healthcare provider, which is saving lives in the global south 

  • Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 17.19.58

    A celebration of gospel


    Cassandra Maria is a presenter, producer and content creator for Premier Gospel. The radio show is hosting the Premier Gospel Awards on 18 June in London and Tola-Doll Fisherasked Cassandra some questions about herself, as well as the much-loved gospel show

  • Veronica_Zundel

    In praise of the ordinary


    It is time to honour those who faithfully serve God behind the scenes, says Veronica Zundel

  • pp5_May2022_ReflectionandPrayer_pexels-ron-lach-8453654

    Prayer and Reflection: Making room for Jesus


    May is a good month for decluttering our cupboards and refreshing our wardrobes. I have fond memories as a child of my grandmother’s house, windows flung open as the warm, late spring breeze danced and glistened with particles of dust while cupboards were cleaned and wardrobes filled with summer clothes.

  • pp3_May2022_EditorsLetter_Doll

    Editor’s Letter: Don’t settle for second-hand creativity!


    I laughed out loud when I read Veronica Zundel’s column this issue. I admit, the Wordle game craze has passed me by, but I can relate to her frustration when Christians try to make ‘sanitary’ versions of mainstream products, events or ideas. Veronica’s article got me thinking about this magazine ...

  • pp12-13_May2022_Relationships_priscilla-du-preez-CE1k0Wu65-M-unsplash

    ‘I have never experienced a relationship like this’


    Vicki Keir shares her story of failed marriages – including discovering abuse in her home – and the faithful God who has given her hope and joy again

  • Prayerdle

    We don’t need a ‘Christian alternative’ to Wordle


    Veronica Zundel says it’s time to stop creating a ‘safe’ version of every cultural phenomenon

  • InProfile_ElleLimebear

    ‘Singing has helped me with fear and anxiety’


    Singer Elle Limebear talked to Jemimah Wright about being the daughter of Delirious? front man Martin Smith and her own call to the music industry

  • pp14-15_May2022_5Things_pexels-olya-kobruseva-

    Five things I have learned about… walking wisely


    Cathy Madavan reminds us to slow down, plan ahead and keep connected to Jesus as well as those he has placed in our lives to cheer us on

  • pp17_May2022_InBusiness

    Struggling to read the Bible? There’s a game for that!


    Alice Bond’s passion for communicating the Bible found a new outlet, which God had given her in a dream: Biblios, the Bible in a box

  • pp24-May2022_BibleStudy1

    Tamar: God can redeem any story


    Widowed twice, sent home in disgrace, prostituted to her own father-in-law, this woman from Jesus’ genealogy lived a life full of shame at the hands of men, and yet Elaine Storkey reveals how the grace and blessing of God was on her life

  • pp29_May2022_Spotlight_Sarah  speaking Times of Refreshing ©Creation Fest

    Finding Jesus at festivals this summer


    Christian festivals are not just about big numbers. These events are spiritual refilling stations where we lose ourselves in worship and teaching. Here, we take a peek behind the scenes of Creation Fest and David’s Tent

  • Babi_DIxon

    ‘I dealt with racism every day’


    Rejected from church because of her skin colour, unsupported by her father for being a woman, and surviving a suicide attempt has not stopped grandmother, Babi Dixon, 70, from seeing God at work in her life

  • AskTheDoctor_pexels-charlotte-may-5946742

    What’s the connection between diet and eczema?


    Your health questions answered by our resident GP, Dr Olúṣẹ̀yẹ Àríkàwé

  • May2022_Nutrition_

    Cravings vs Hunger - what's the difference?


    Nutritionist Clare Backhouse shows us what we can do to ensure our bodies receive what they truly need

  • pp43_May2022_BehindTheCover_gemma-chua-tran-Ftvf4VbVbDE-unsplash

    Women have always been central to the story of Christianity


    Professors Joan Taylor and Helen Bond talk about the women they discovered when researching early Christianity, and the book that contains their findings, Women Remembered

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    Signs & Wonders in everyday life - May 2022


    Stories of God’s intervention

  • WA May 2022 - Cover

    WA Community - May 2022


    Here are the latest news, views and ideas from the Woman Alive community

  • May2022_MyFaith_JamesMarvinPhelps

    God’s ways are not our ways


    New York Times bestselling author Ann Voskamp is also a farmer’s wife and mum of seven. Seeing her sister killed in front of her eyes gave her unimaginable trauma. Here she speaks about the beauty and pain of life and how her writing draws her closer to the healing power of God

  • WA April 2022 - Cover

    WA Community - April 2022


    Here are the latest news, views and ideas from the Woman Alive community

  • Doll edit Apr21

    Normalising Christians in fiction


    I’ll be honest, April isn’t my favourite month because by now I’ve been enjoying spring but I’m more than ready for summer to show its face! So, while I’m waiting, I’ve been making a list of the books I’m going to read when I finally get a chance to lie ...

  • pp5_April2022_ReflectionandPrayer_Alamy

    The impact of the cross


    I wear a cross around my neck and often find myself touching it gently throughout the day, as a thought pops into my mind that I want to share with God. Other times I reach for the cross just to catch my breath, pausing in the middle of a busy ...

  • pp6-7_April2022_InProfile_DavidStark

    In conversation with a modern-day prophet


    Emma Stark spoke to Jemimah Wright about being a prophet, and why she is passionate about the Church re-engaging with the Holy Spirit

  • April2022_InBusiness

    My passion came from putting my children first


    After Nicole Blake’s second child – who is autistic – was born, she couldn’t find adequate childcare to allow her to return to work as a social worker. So, she opened her own nursery and has been serving families in the Southwark borough of London ever since

  • 12311-istockgetty-images-plusdaniel-avard

    Churches, don’t ditch the technology


    In our rush to get back to ‘normal’, are we leaving behind the most vulnerable once again? Veronica Zundel asks

  • pp17_April2022_Spotlight_

    Is there still a place for Christian Unions in schools?


    Christian Unions are seen by some as legalistic, boring and irrelevant but CU leaders Chaplain Rev Alice Monaghan and English teacher Violet Taylor argue passionately that they need to continue

  • pp15_April2022_5Things_Alamy

    Five things I have learned about… life balance


    Cathy Madavan shares the things that can make our lives more fruitful and fulfilling

  • pp27_Relationships_Alamy

    Who says you have to pick friends your own age?


    Alli Blair and Carley Serwat found an intergenerational connection enriched their lives in a way they could never have imagined…

  • pp23_April2022_BibleStudy_Alamy.

    Jezebel – how evil was she really?


    Elaine Storkey unpacks Jezebel’s background, revealing that idolatry was her major downfall

  • April2022_BehindTheCover

    ‘The need to find love is universal’


    Catherine Larner spoke to Lizzie Damilola Blackburn about breaking into commercial fiction with a Christian protagonist

  • pp39_April2022_MyFaith_Alamy

    Creating safe spaces for women


    God told Kelleigh Wooderson-Hudson to give up her job and start the charity Life Essence Housing. Here, she explains what she has learned about obedience

  • pp43_April2022_InFocus_Preg_with_Aur_3

    I was terrified of giving birth!


    Ali Lawrence struggled with tokophobia for years but found that God will make a way even when it seems impossible

  • sahej-brar-q2ymQc-u5ig-unsplash

    Signs & Wonders in everyday life - April 2022


    Stories of God’s intervention

  • pp50_April2022_Nutrition_Alamy

    Do you actually enjoy your food?


    Nutritionist Clare Backhouse encourages us to slow down to eat, with tips to aid digestion

  • pexels-arina-krasnikova-7005397

    Everything you need to know about pitching an article for the Woman Alive comment section


    We LOVE hearing from new (and familiar) writers with ideas that can feature in our opinion section. Lauren Windle, Woman Alive’s opinion section lead, explains exactly how to pitch your piece and what to do when you get commissioned.

  • IVF

    ‘I don’t want IVF; I don’t want to help God’


    Your health questions answered by our resident GP, Dr Olúṣẹ̀yẹ Àríkàwé

  • Doll editorial Mar22

    Editor’s Letter: Celebrating women


    When I got a message from Suzie Kennedy on Instagram about my book, I did a double take. Not only was I surprised that this clearly well-connected person with the coveted verification status was contacting me, I was also stunned by her incredible resemblance to Marilyn Monroe. That was six ...

  • March2022_ReflectionandPrayer

    Prayer & Reflection: Spring at last!


    Walking along a familiar path I stopped and breathed in the air around me, my senses suddenly becoming awakened by the newness of the spring day. I realised how thankful I was that God had carried me through the dark and dreary winter months.

  • pp8_March2022_InProfile_3

    ‘Being Marilyn Monroe saved me during years of abuse’


    Suzie Kennedy is an internationally renowned Marilyn Monroe lookalike who has flown all over the world to sing ‘Happy birthday’, attend parties and has featured in adverts and films alongside Hollywood stars. However, for over a period of almost 20 years, she was living under the dark shadow of sexual and domestic abuse

  • pp12-13_March2022_Insight_1

    The “invisible” women


    In a culture that idolises youth, Claire Musters investigates the experiences of women who are past the age of 50

  • March2022_BibleStudy

    Bible Study on Lent: Jesus’ example in the wilderness


    Elaine Storkey on how Lent reminds us to recognise the power of evil and to take sin seriously

  • March2022_5Things_2

    Five things I have learned about… learning


    What is it the Bible says about being like little children?* You may no longer be in school but here’s why Cathy Madavan thinks we should all consider trying something new

  • March2022_LivingFree

    There is power in forgiveness


    For the final feature in her series on living free, Candy Ellie lays bare the far-reaching impact of stress-induced emotion

  • pp27_March2022_Spotlight_Jane_Blasio_1

    'I was sold on the black market as a baby'


    When Jane Blasio discovered she had been sold at birth – along with 200 others – she decided to help others piece together the missing pieces of their past

  • March2022_MyFaith

    'God told me I had to forgive my mother'


    Kemi Koleoso’s mum left when she was a child and her father remarried a woman who didn’t care for his children. She speaks with Claire Musters about the trauma she carried throughout her teenage years and encountering God in the midst of it all

  • pp39_March2022_LifeLessons_Baroness_Cox_profile_pic_resize

    Spreading hope in the House of Lords


    Baroness Caroline Cox, 84 has been a nurse, social scientist, and now a humanitarian. She shares some reflections about of her life of service with Jemimah Wright

  • pp35_March2022_Relationships_Sunita_and_Ram_Signing_the_registry

    A Romeo and Juliet love story


    Ram and Sunita Gidoomal are from different castes (class systems), which meant those around them felt their relationship simply couldn’t work. They proved everyone wrong

  • pp42-43_March2022_AskTheDoctor_resize

    ‘Every diet I have tried has failed. What now?’


    Your health questions answered by our resident GP, Dr Olúṣẹ̀yẹ Àríkàwé

  • TheWomenBehindWA_Lauren Windle

    The women behind Woman Alive


    Premier Christian Communications acquired Woman Alive at the end of 2019 and as the platform has grown so has the team responsible for it. Here is some behind the scenes info on those who put together the content for this Christian female-first brand

  • pp51_March2022_Nutrition_menstrual cup

    Struggling with your period?


    Nutritionist Clare Backhouse explains how to harness your hormonal cycle

  • priscilla-du-preez-DAFh1p9huAE-unsplash

    Signs & Wonders in everyday life - March 2022


    Stories of God’s intervention

  • jimmy-dean-xvfvyGFEi1I-unsplash

    When did parenting become a competitive sport?


    In the month celebrating Mother’s Day, Veronica Zundel says it is time to stop competitive mothering

  • pp58-59_March2022_RealLife_

    The cross-generational sisterhood


    Ruth Clemence explains why we should look outside our peer groups for friendships with other women

  • WA March 2022 - Cover

    WA Community - March 2022


    Here are the latest news, views and ideas from the Woman Alive community

  • Feb2022_EditorsLetter_Doll

    Changing the narrative on love in the Church


    Last year we did a big issue on singleness in the Church (February 2021). Statistics show that the Church is mostly made up of married people (60 per cent, compared to less than half in wider society). Furthermore, research shows that young people are most likely to leave the Church ...

  • Feb2022 Maxine

    You are never alone


    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, romance is in the air. It is everywhere around us – in advertisements, retail shops and in the eyes of every couple passing by on the street. While this is beautiful to see, it can make some people feel alone and abandoned.

  • sincerely-media-7B6IhVlLXs0-unsplash

    Let’s fly the flag for ‘old love’…


    Veronica Zundel refuses to run after the thrill of the ‘new’, but values hard-won, deepening relationships

  • Feb2022_CarrieLloyd

    ‘I was reminded about being single every day at church’


    Lauren Windle caught up with Christianity’s poster girl for single women, Carrie Lloyd, to ask how she feels about love, life and relationships ten years on from the start of her ministry

  • Feb2022_5Things

    Five things I have learned about… worry


    Cathy Madavan gives us practical ideas for how to deal with an anxious mind

  • Feb2022_AskTheDoctor

    ‘I’m 45 – could I still conceive naturally?’


    Your health questions answered by our resident GP, Dr Olúṣẹ̀yẹ Àríkàwé

  • pp27-29_Feb2022_Insight_pexels-cottonbro-3692738

    Rescuing our sex lives


    Relationships writer Sheila Wray Gregoire busts the myths that so many Christians have about intimacy

  • pp23-25_Feb2022_BibleStudy_sixteen-miles-out-Uc6kiKdW2_g-unsplash

    Hagar: Trafficking and sex slavery


    Elaine Storkey looks at the story of this biblical character and highlights what we can learn from her life

  • pp20-21_Feb2022_BehindTheCover_BookMockup

    Love as a driving force


    The Lady’s Mine is New York Times bestselling author Francine Rivers’ first novel for four years. Claire Musters finds out about the romantic fiction she wrote during lockdown

  • Feb2022_Spotlight_church

    The house that God built


    Clare Thompson leads the vibrant, social-action focused LoveBristol organisation with her husband Greg. She told Clare Blake why she loves living in a Christian community house

  • pp35-36_Feb2022_LivingFree_pexels-alesia-kozik-7797525edit

    Whose job is it to fill my love tank?


    In the second part of her mini-series, Candy Ellie explains what can affect our ability to recognise and retain love in a healthy way

  • pp38-40_Feb2022_Nutrition_brooke-lark-nBtmglfY0HU-unsplash

    Love your gut!


    Nutritionist Clare Backhouse helps us learn to care for our bodies in a new way

  • pp43-45_Feb2022_Relationships_Wendy_Griffith_wedding_photo

    Married at 54: ‘I was willing to wait’


    TV anchor Wendy Griffith dedicated a book to her future husband when she was still very much single. She explains how she discovered that ultimately, God is the best matchmaker

  • terren-hurst-FHVT_SX4slM-unsplash

    Signs & Wonders in everyday life - February 2022


    Stories of God’s intervention

  • pp47-49_Feb2022_MyFaith_andrea-leopardi-CiBsEErQuN0-unsplash

    ‘I was drawn into the subculture of alternative spirituality’


    After years searching for hope within the occult, Talitha Colchester shares her story of finding Christ and his peace

  • WA Feb 2022 - Final Cover

    WA Community - February 2022


    Feedback from the Woman Alive community

  • Doll

    Whether it’s good news or bad, knowing the future won’t make 2022 any easier… Jesus will


    As we welcome in a new year, and all the good and bad that may hold, Woman Alive’s editor Tola-Doll Fisher reassures us that even if trouble is ahead, we have all we need in Christ

  • pp11-13_Jan2022_Relationships_everton-vila-AsahNlC0VhQ-unsplash

    Love on a bicycle


    Two newly married couples, Dawn and Tim Laundon and Matt and Coco Morley, told Clare Blake what they learned on their life-changing cycling trips

  • pp7-9_Jan2022_BehindTheCover_Elaina Burdo

    ‘Singled Out in a Couple’s World’


    Christa Smith spoke to Jemimah Wright about her new book, which aims to break the stigma of singleness

  • Reflectioncrop

    Looking to the year ahead


    A stencil on my wall reads: “HOPE makes all things work and FAITH makes all things possible.” It is a constant reminder to me that there is only one way to turn my helplessness into hopefulness – by fixing my eyes on the Lord, breathing him in and inviting him ...

  • 5Things_notebook

    Five things I have learned about… setting goals


    Cathy Madavan shares how she plans ahead in order to embrace a new season

  • pp17_Jan2022_Spotlight_pexels-cottonbro-7001201

    Living with long COVID


    We have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many are still suffering its effects months after contracting the virus. Respiratory nurse and lecturer Debbie Duncan shares what is has been like for herself and others coping with long COVID

  • Let’s stop telling everyone to be more resilient


    Veronica Zundel questions whether we should all be running after resilience in every circumstance

  • pp23-25_Jan2022_BibleStudy_pexels-dziana-hasanbekava-7626581

    Strange wisdom for 2022?


    Elaine Storkey gives us four lessons from the perplexing book of Ecclesiastes

  • Candy Ellie

    New year, same you?


    Candy Ellie kicks off her new, three-part series by looking at how we can create long-term change

  • Runner crop

    Running the good race


    Ali Lawrence spoke to Liz Yelling about her journey from the Olympics Games to faith in Jesus

  • MicrosoftTeams-image (24)

    Our Queen: 70 years of faith and service


    As we enter the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Catherine Butcher shares her discoveries about the Queen’s faith and invites us to join in with this year’s celebrations

  • pp38-40_Jan2022_Nutrition_bruce-mars-wBuPCQiweuA-unsplash

    Nurturing ourselves at bedtime


    Nutritionist Clare Backhouse explains how we can get better sleep

  • pp35_Jan2022_AskTheDoctor_reproductive-health-supplies-coalition-bymICwLq-E4-unsplash

    ​‘I’m a virgin, do I need a smear test?’


    Your health questions answered by our resident GP, Dr Olúṣẹ̀yẹ Àríkàwé

  • pp47-49_Jan2022_MyStory_Phoebe aged 18 with family dog

    Our adopted daughter wasn’t waiting for us, but we chose her long before she was born


    Lucinda Smith learned a lesson about her own relationship with God in the process of bringing an abandoned baby into her family

  • fa-barboza-yykbf9LiS50-unsplash

    Signs & Wonders in everyday life - January 2022


    Stories of God’s intervention

  • WA Jan 2022 - Cover

    WA Community - January 2022


    Here are the latest news, views and ideas from the Woman Alive community

  • pp26-27_Dec2021_Reflection_pexels-ketut-subiyanto-4545156 edit

    Laughing children, hot chocolate and a snoring dog on a lazy Sunday afternoon…


    Maxine Hallett reflects on her journey towards God, and the sanctuary she now calls home

  • Editorial Doll crop

    Editor's letter: Would you open your home to a stranger?


    We asked our writers to talk about ‘home’ this issue and tell us what it means to them. I’d love to know what it means to you too.

  • Dec21 prayer welcome

    A prayer of thanks for our homes


    A reader’s prayer by Julia Rudyard

  • kate-hliznitsova-XFdTPw_sMak-unsplash

    ‘We all need a place where they have to let us in’


    Veronica Zundel unpacks her responses to the places she has lived over the years, and reflects on where our true home lies

  • diana-simumpande-ABrC7X4_gLY-unsplash

    Signs & Wonders in everyday life - December 2021


    Stories of God’s intervention through the power of prayer

  • pp10-11_Dec2021_InProfile_John_Mark_and_Tammy_wedding

    ‘I had made peace with dying, but the thought of being crippled was harder’


    After 15 years of a progressively debilitating illness, John Mark Comer’s wife, Tammy, was supernaturally healed from a curse last year. She talked to Jemimah Wright about her journey

  • pp15_Dec2021_5Things_debby-hudson-7XC4teSHtzo-unsplash

    Cathy Madavan: Five things I have learned about… generosity


    Cathy Madavan shows us how the five love languages provide a great guide to generosity

  • pp17_Dec2021_InHealth_pexels-rodnae-productions-7020956

    You can thrive during menopause!


    Dr Olúṣẹ̀yẹ Àríkàwé rounds off our special three-part series on the menopause

  • pp30-31_Dec2021_InFaith_carolcarol1

    My life in a convent


    When you hear the word ‘nun’ what do you think of? Sister Act or Julie Andrews in the iconic Sound of Music? If these are your benchmarks the reality may well disappoint. However, there are many delightful insights to discover about the religious life. Caroline Leighton spent some time as a postulant in a religious community and lifts the lid on what it was like

  • pp35_Dec2021_Spotlight_gilles-lambert-pb_lF8VWaPU-unsplash

    ‘Pornography has been normalised in our culture’


    Catherine Etherington, the Head of Recovery for the UK-based Naked Truth Project, talks about their mission to free lives from the damaging impact of sexual addictions

  • pp32-33_Dec2021_InBusiness_Mark & Liz

    In Business: Your body is a temple


    Templespa owner and co-founder, Liz Warom, reveals how she and her husband started their business, and how faith is at the centre of all they do

  • pp23_Dec2021_BibleStudy_julian-hochgesang-BKACkJLu5Hc-unsplash edit

    Home is...a place to belong


    Elaine Storkey unpacks what the Bible says about the significance of our homes

  • pp38-39_Dec2021_BehindTheCover_fabrice-villard-Du41jIaI5Ww-unsplash

    Working through suffering without losing faith in God


    Having lost precious children to miscarriage and a daughter, Libby, at birth, Katherine Gantlett shares how she stopped trying to escape the winter seasons of her life, and learned to walk with him authentically and honestly

  • pp45_Dec2021_LifeLessons_Marti_and_Lynn_wedding_pic b&w

    Life Lessons: Following God’s call all around the world


    Marti Green, 77, and her husband set up Youth With A Mission in England, and helped train thousands of young people to share the gospel

  • WA Dec 2021 Cover

    WA Community - December 2021


    Here are the latest news, views and ideas from the Woman Alive community

  • pp49_Dec2021_InProfile_LizEarleWellbeingMagazine_lizandlilIMG_7353

    Liz Earle: Our leaders should do more to prioritise women’s health

    2021-11-25T11:02:00+00:00By ,

    Macaila Britton talks to Liz Earle MBE, wellbeing brand founder, about her experience in the industry and what still needs to change

  • pp3_Nov2021_EditorsLetter_CarleySerwat

    Cancer, chemotherapy and confident hope in God


    This is my first editorial in a while as I received an aggressive cancer diagnosis back in March. Having always identified as a strong, independent woman, this year has been hugely challenging but I am so grateful for the absolute onslaught of prayers from the Woman Alive community while I ...

  • pp5_Nov2021_ReadersPoem_susanne-schwarz-qUACwpVjwoM-unsplash

    Poem for Remembrance Day


    A reader poem

  • pexels-daniel-reche-1556691

    Signs & Wonders in everyday life - November 2021


    Stories of God’s intervention

  • pp12_Nov2021_MyFaith_AllenCooley

    Bamboozled by Jesus


    Cassandra Nelson from Premier Gospel caught up with actress and comedian Yvonne Orji about her new book, dating while celibate and the rise to fame

  • pp14_Nov2021_InProfile_An ancient medieval church in Armenia ©Ella Bartelsian

    How do I respond as a Christian if my enemy wants to kill me?


    Ella Bartelsian of Yerevan International Church, Armenia, spoke to Clare Blake about how God is breaking through to a defeated nation

  • pp13_Nov2021_Wellbeing_Rachel Bearn 4

    ‘My garden brought me hope’


    Rachel Bearn shares how being close to creation helped bring her back into relationship with God.

  • pp22-23_Nov2021_BibleStudy_paige-cody-vMzYJBca33Q-unsplash

    ‘We play a significant role in far too many wars’


    Elaine Storkey reminds us of that we should seek the peace that Jesus gives, for all of us

  • pp30_Nov2021_Engage_FGM_Alamy_2AH16JA

    One woman’s fight against FGM


    Ann-Marie Wilson talked to Clare Blake about a chance meeting that led her to found 28 Too Many, a charity with a mission to end the shocking practice of female genital mutilation

  • pp26-27_Nov2021_Reflection_museums-victoria-oyGmigXV030-unsplash

    How did my grandparents survive the war?


    Maxine Hallett reflects on the desperation and determination of her ancestors

  • pp34_Nov2021_LifeLessons_Ginny_2

    Married for the first time at 65


    Trained opera singer, Ginny Miller, 72, had a dramatic encounter with God when she was 19. She lived by faith in a Christian community, and worked in pastoral care and counselling, before meeting her husband

  • pp37_Nov2021_InHealth_pexels-rodnae-productions-6540027

    ‘I lost interest in sex’


    Dr Olúṣẹ̀yẹ Àríkàwé continues our series on the menopause by highlighting the common symptoms and their impact on our lives

  • pp40-41_Nov2021_BehindTheCover_Jenny Rowbory confined to her bed ©Ian & Ann Rowbory

    Buy this book and you might save someone's life


    Bedbound poet Jenny Rowbory refuses to be defined by her broken body. Instead she is raising money for a life-changing operation through her anthology We Are the Winter People

  • pp42_InFaith_Godwin ©IJM

    Tackling the horrors of child trafficking


    Children as young as four are being trafficked into Ghana’s fishing industry – Anita Budu of International Justice Mission says she will not rest until they are free

  • pp47_5Things_priscilla-du-preez-KNf9AeHpI9o-unsplash

    Five things I have learned about… being a peacemaker


    Cathy Madavan shares what she strives to do in all her relationships to cultivate unity and peace

  • pp49_Nov2021_AnHonestOpinion_pexels-cottonbro-6668961

    ‘I’ve always been a pacifist’


    Veronica Zundel reflects on whether war is ever just, and encourages us to live out our ideals today

  • WA November 2021 - Cover

    WA Community - November 2021


    Here are the latest news, views and ideas from the Woman Alive community

  • pp14-15_5Things_WAOct2021_nathan-dumlao-fs_l0Xqlc90-unsplash

    Five things I have learned about… processing the past


    Seasoned author Cathy Madavan suggests that, whatever our history, we can learn from it and move on

  • pp10-13_InProfile_WAOct2021_Windrush_Alamy_2CB3MK8

    What it means to be black British


    TV and radio personality Diane Louise Jordan talked to Jeannette McCarthy about her new project The Making of Black Britain

  • Angel_WA.png

    Signs & Wonders in everyday life - October 2021


    Stories of God’s intervention in our daily life

  • Veronica_Zundel

    ‘Where are the women?’


    Veronica Zundel reminds us of the women in history easily forgotten, and says we need to hear more about those who spread the gospel too

  • pp5_ReaderPrayer_WAOct2021_cdc-4rRWFQb7VZc-unsplash

  • pp3_EditorsLetter_WAOct2021_AbigailDeacon

    I love history


    Acting Editor, Jemimah Wright on the October issue, and her love of history…

  • pp17-19_Culture_WAOct2021_ ©Michele Guinness

    Women as God intended

    2021-10-01T10:56:00+01:00By ,

    Author Michele Guinness tells Clare Blake that women have come a long way, but we still do not enjoy true equality

  • pp22-24_BibleStudy_WAOct2021_Alamy_TA30BT

    Who interprets history?


    Elaine Storkey shows us why history is vital, through the story of Stephen

  • pp26-27_Devotional_WAOct2021_MaxineHallett

    Clues from the past


    Maxine Hallett grew up not going to church but, looking back at her family history, is inspired by her great grandfather

  • pp29-31_InBusiness_WAOct2021_Sam2

    ‘More than a business; it’s a place of ministry’


    Small business owner Samantha Rigg-David talked to Jeanette McCarthy about how God led her to open Nuff Naturals

  • pp33-35_InHealth_WAOct2021_pexels-rodnae-productions-6539885

    ‘You can’t stop the menopause, but you can improve the experience’


    During World Menopause Month, Dr Olúṣẹ̀yẹ Àríkàwé kicks off our three-part series on the menopause, explaining how we can prepare physically, psychologically and spiritually

  • pp37-39_MyFaith_WAOct2021_lauraskitchencakery

    Reaching out to women in prostitution


    From childhood loss to founding the Beloved charity reaching out to those in prostitution, Rosie Hopley shares her life’s journey through deep lows and great joy

  • pp42-43_BehindTheCover_WAOct2021__ChineMcDonald-DonnaFord2020-5

    ‘The default is white British, and everything else is different and other’


    Author Chine McDonald spoke to Rachel Pearce about her new book, God Is Not A White Man: And Other Revelations

  • pp45-47_Wellbeing_waoCT2021_Clare_Backhouse_2lum3n-5GK0KjhBLs4-unsplash

    A new kind of healing


    Nutritionist Clare Backhouse explains the ways we can receive healing through prayer, medicine and understanding our own body’s unique needs

  • pp49-50_MyLife_WAOct2021_Jo_Fothergill_head_shot,_website.JPG

    ’I wrestled with feeling like God had abandoned me’


    Jo Fothergill spoke to Jeanette McCarthy about her experience of living with depression, and how her faith has sustained her

  • WA October 2021 Cover_pages-to-jpg-0001

    WA Community - October 2021


    Here are the latest news, views and ideas from the Woman Alive community

  • pp38_Sept2021_Community_Diane Regan - Gold in the Cracks © Kintsugi Hope

    Physical and mental struggles led to a new ministry


    Diane Regan shares with Clare Blake how the pain her family has walked through birthed the charity Kintsugi Hope

  • pp43_Sept2021_TheNakedTruth

    Body confidence cards encourage users to reflect on their identity


    When Denise Sanderson-Estcourt gave up her regular, ‘safe’ job to become an image consultant, some people – Denise included – felt it was a risky move. But God has brought some incredible confidence-building material out of this decision, and there is plenty more to come

  • joel-muniz-HvZDCuRnSaY-unsplash

    WA Community - September 2021


    Here are the latest news, views and ideas from the Woman Alive community

  • priscilla-du-preez-qwPACFMqhPg-unsplash

    ‘Identity politics’


    Veronica Zundel suggests that identity gives meaning to our lives, but it is dangerous to make it a source of pride

  • pp29_Sept2021_InBusiness_Bare_reverie_4

    It’s not every day you find a Christian designer behind a lingerie brand’


    Jackie Michel spoke to Rachel Pearce about her vision to clothe the female form beautifully

  • pp33_Sept2021_LifeLessons

    Adopting my girl


    Sharon Bricker, 73, was mum to three boys, but she always dreamed of having a daughter. After a hysterectomy due to ill health, she wondered how it would ever happen

  • pp26-27_Sept2021_Devotional_pexels-karolina-grabowska-6957248

    ‘As God’s daughter I know that I am a work in progress’


     ‘As God’s daughter I know that I am a work in progress’’God has helped me embrace the identity of the person he knew from the moment he created me’Maxine Hallett shares how she found her identity in Christ, and how she prays her children will too

  • pp16_Sept2021_Engage_fa-barboza-G69_gU76BgQ-unsplash

    From atheism to faith

    2021-08-24T09:48:00+01:00By ,

    Three women from the world of science explain how they came to embrace Christian faith

  • pp15_Sept2021_5Thin gs_pexels-guilherme-almeida-1858175

    Five things I have learned about… being yourself


    Seasoned author Cathy Madavan explains how she has come to accept who she is – and how we can do the same

  • pp22-23_Sept2021_BibleStudy_priscilla-du-preez-dguEiIWli5M-unsplash

    'Christian identity is always linked with Jesus’ identity’


    Elaine Storkey explains that our security lies in our relationship with the God who made us and knows us

  • pp10-11_Sept2021_KatiePiper_belle_pr_kp-0669

    Katie Piper: ‘I found comfort in my local church'


    In 2008, Katie survived an acid attack and during her recovery set up The Katie Piper Foundation. She spoke to Claire Musters about how she coped with trauma and the impact on her outward appearance, how her newfound faith helped her come to terms with what happened and how a positive mindset helps her every day

  • clay-banks-O5hfuVWgsS8-unsplash

    Signs & Wonders in everyday life - September 2021


    Stories of God’s intervention

  • pp7_Sept2021_Reflection_JoyceMeyer

    Joyce Meyer: ‘God showed me I had never truly received his love’


    After years of trying to love others and failing, Joyce Meyer learned that her main problem was that she didn’t love herself. She shares how God helped her step free from the comparison trap and embrace who she truly is

  • pp5_Sept2021_ReaderPrayer_pexels-sasha-kim-8484281

    When I don’t know who I am


    Reader prayer - September 2021

  • WA September 2021 Cover

    My new identity


    Editorial from September 2021

  • pexels-anastasia-shuraeva-6235443.jpg

    Will a lockdown Christmas bring us closer to God?


    COVID-19 has forced many of us to scale down our Christmas plans but writer Sheila Jacobs says that may turn out to be a blessing

  • ben-white-e92L8PwcHD4-unsplash.jpg

    Those who pray together stay together


    COVID-19 separation has heightened the importance of praying in com-munity

  • pexels-daria-shevtsova-1458669.jpg

    Is it ok to use other peoples prayers?


    In part two of our special Christmas blog series, we look at what it means to “borrow” a prayer

  • makeshift_barriers.jpg

    Feelings of sin and guilt can separate us from God


    Maxine Hallett reflects on the doubts and insecurities than can so often push us away from the God who loves us

  • alexis-brown-omeaHbEFlN4-unsplash.jpg

    Feeling lost? Here’s how to get closer to God in prayer


    If you're not sure where to start, here are 7 ways you can "borrow prayer"

  • pexels-karolina-grabowska-4386156.jpg

    Do you trust God for your future?


    In the final part of our special Christmas blog series we look at what it really means to let go and let God

  • pexels-public-domain-pictures-41942.jpg

    Do you believe in the power of prayer?


    In the fifth blog in our special Christmas series, we consider what prayer is and why we do it

  • pexels-mentatdgt-937453.jpg

    Do we really know what Grace is?


    In the first of a special Christmas blog series, we look at understanding the concept of grace

  • Christians_and_Muslims_together_for_WA_blog_ET38_001_WaterAid__Joey_Lawrence_600_px.jpg

    ‘Christians and Muslims live together in peace here’


    A campaign by WaterAid brings to light an Ethiopian community standing together in the face of adversity

  • pexels-edu-carvalho-2050991.jpg

    ‘I hope the COVID-19 vaccine might help me get my freedom back’


    With news of a more serious wave of the COVID-19 virus, a Home Help for Age UK is relieved that her neighbour and friend is now further protected

  • daniel-schludi-mAGZNECMcUg-unsplash.jpg

    COVID-19 vaccine available in GP surgeries


    A Christian GP comments on the recent news that the COVID-19 vaccine is being made available to patients from GP surgeries in more than 100 locations in England

  • pexels-pixabay-50987.jpg

    Debt - the unwelcome guest this Christmas


    Overindulgence this time of year can make for a pretty dismal January but for those experiencing "problem debt", this could be a long-term reality. If you're struggling, Christians Against Poverty (CAP) can help

  • pexels-kat-jayne-568024.jpg

    My children were sexually abused


    Debi Ray Rivers is founder of SCARS, a ministry seeking to educate adults about sex abuse in an attempt to prevent it happening to children. She herself was the product of rape and was abused as a child, so it was heart-breaking when she discovered a family member had been abusing her daughters. She shared the story with Premier radio presenter, Maria Rodrigues

  • 16days-2020-in-focus-en.png

    Women around the world are bracing for a hard Christmas


    As countries implemented lockdown measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, violence against women, especially domestic violence, intensified this year. The UN is calling on activists and civil society groups to wear the colour orange to raise awareness of the many women in vulnerable positions around the world

  • ben-white-4K2lIP0zc_k-unsplash.jpg

    Finding God in broken dreams


    Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues spoke to author Rachel Wright about the way God has taught her important lessons through the difficult path she has walked parenting a child with disabilities

  • annie-spratt-QUHiX6x_yDE-unsplash.jpg

    ‘Everyone looks forward to Christmas except me’


    Author Sheila Jacobs explains why Christmas has never been her favourite time of year

  • pexels-anastasia-shuraeva-4079283.jpg

    Are women leaving it too late to have children?


    Woman Alive’s singles columnist says the statistics around women prioritising work over motherhood do not tell the whole story...

  • What does Christmas mean to Jesus?


    A new book on advent offers a unique take on the Christmas season

  • Joni.jpg

    There are more important things in life than walking


    Joni Eareckson Tada shares how she learned to be thankful for God’s sovereignty

  • Muyiwa.png

    ‘My OBE comes with a sense of responsibility’


    ?Muyiwa Olarewaju’s father was killed by militants because of his faith. As he celebrates being awarded an OBE, Muyiwa speaks with Urenna Kiwanuka on being determined to counter the millitants’ promise to wipe his father’s name from all the earth

  • Housewife.png

    ‘Let’s value the roles of the housewife and mother again’


    Tola-Doll Fisher talks to Alena Kate Pettitt about why she has chosen to be a stay-at-home housewife and the negativity that sometimes surrounds this choice in modern society

  • pexels-daniel-edeke-2113709.jpg

    Would you adopt a child with a different skin colour to you?


    The government has removed the requirement for an ethnic match in adoption but Black children are still far less likely to find forever homes. Adoption and fostering charity Home for Good has conducted a poll to find out why

  • LLTQ_Updated_Cover.jpg

    The Queen we don’t see on TV's 'The Crown'


    Faith is a key component to the Queen’s remarkable longevity, explains lifestyle researcher Bryan Kozlowski in this excerpt from his new book, Long Live the Queen! 23 Rules for Living from Britain’s Longest-Reigning Monarch

  • pexels-muhammadtaha-ibrahim-maaji-4088127.jpg

    ‘I didn't tell my family about psychotic episodes’


    Rachel Mason is an award-winning singer who has produced a book of short stories and poems about dealing with post-natal depression. She shared her story with Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues

  • tastelife_hand_and_keys.png

    Shedding a light on eating disorders


    When Di Archer found our her daughter was throwing up 25 times a day, she was thrust into the dark world of bulimia. Di is now founder and CEO
    of Tastelife UK which aims to help both sufferers and their families with recovery

  • Febby_squat_wtd_2019_generic_post_zambia_bush.jpg

    Could you live without a toilet?


    As COVID-19 thrusts the importance of good sanitation into the limelight, the United Nations reveals it may not meet the sustainable development goal for water and sanitation set for 2030. World Toilet Day is a chance to assess the pressing needs that are yet to be met

  • Black_Santa_-_close_up.png

    Do we need a Black Santa?


    Sarah Bishop, founder of a diverse greeting card company talks to Woman Alive Editor Tola-Doll Fisher about a Black Santa Claus and the negative responses to the recent Sainsbury’s Christmas advert featuring a Black family

  • Alcohol_WA.png

    ‘My brother was an alcoholic’


    Anne le Tissier describes what she learned from God through the difficulties of living with her addicted sibling

  • IMG_4158.jpg

    I got a lockdown puppy to help my mum with loneliness


    The cost of puppies has soared during the COVID-19 pandemic as people race to get a four-legged companion for lockdown but Jemimah Wright says hers is a long-term investment

  • pexels-engin-akyurt-3356489.jpg

    Should we discuss period pain and sex in church?


    Fiona Furman battled for years with excruciating pain during her 'time of the month' which led to a hysterectomy at a young age, but it took a very long time for anyone to realise that something was medically behind it. She shared her story with Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues

  • The_Lord_of_the_Silence.jpg

    Are you blocking God from speaking to you?


    Shaneen Clark is author of 'The Lord of the Silence'. She tells Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues that many of us could be blocking God out in everyday life

  • Is your church a safe space for those with mental illnesses?


    Rachael Newham was on an adult psychiatric ward aged 16. Today, she is the founding director of ThinkTwice, an organisation dedicated to changing the way the Church responds to those suffering

  • Emmerdale_abortion.png

    Emmerdale’s Down syndrome abortion storyline is insulting and Christians needs to speak out


    ITV soap Emmerdale is running a storyline about a coupling choosing to abort their baby when they find out it has Down syndrome. Sarah Costerston a Christian mother to a girl with Down’s says it’s an insult to parents like her.

  • Mary-Wollstonecraft1.jpg

    Who is Mary Wollstonecraft and why is she naked?


    The unveiling of a statue dedicated to this 18th century feminist has met with public outrage. We asked a historical novelist, Olive Mackintosh-Lowe, to tell us why...

  • Amanda_Bindon_-_Cinnamon_Network.jpg

    Taking God to work


    Amanda Bindon, Co-Chief Executive of the Cinnamon Network talks to Premier Presenter Maria Rodrigues about the part Christ has played in her career

  • pexels-mbardo-5420550.jpg

    I chose to lose my marriage in order to survive’


    Many people struggle on in abusive relationships. One woman gives her raw account of how she found the strength to move on

  • It is not well with my soul


    What truths can you turn to when the world is crumbling around you?

  • brett-jordan-qUYNeT9QhKQ-unsplash.jpg

    Am I too ambitious?


    Pastor Jo Naughton was a highly successful PR and business woman, but one day she was stopped in her tracks when someone challenged her about whether her worth was tied up in the positions she held. Premier presenter Maria Rodrigues heard her story

  • miguel-bruna-TzVN0xQhWaQ-unsplash.jpg

    ‘Your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts’


    Talking about bereavement as we kick off the blog series alongside the theme for the November edition of Woman Alive - ‘Life and Loss’.

  • pavel-anoshin-m-fvIeA9WZU-unsplash.jpg

    Dilemma over my dying dog


    Premier radio presenter Selene Jordan explains the wrestle she had with her beloved pet

  • ‘Jesus died of a broken heart’


    Singer songwriter Lucy Grimble’s new album emphasises just how much love God has for us. She says,

  • pexels-josh-willink-1157399.jpg

    ‘I spent my childhood holidays smuggling Bibles’


    Arianna Walker, director of Mercy UK, tells Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues about the family trips that hid a surprising secret

  • Catherine_Booth_400.png

    Beyond our lifetime


    Alastair McIver explains how pioneers of the past can inspire us to expand our reach into the future

  • Suffering_authors.png

    An honest conversation about suffering

    2020-10-27T00:00:00+00:00By ,

    Authors Claire Musters and Amy Orr-Ewing talk candidly about the personal losses that led them to write two new books

  • Ajibola_Lewis.png

    ‘My son was killed by excessive police force’


    ?Ajibola Lewis, 71, shares the heartbreaking story of losing her son, and how she found healing through forgiveness

  • pexels-kelly-lacy-2949992.jpg

    Where do you live?


    Star Trek fans will love this analogy from writer Sheila Jacobs as she grapples with some real life parallels

  • Treasure_in_Dark_Places_-_Liz_Carter.jpg

    A prayer for a life in ruins


    Sometimes we wonder where God is when shadows seem too deep. But author Liz Carter says it's sometimes in the darkest corners we find unexpected treasure

  • alexandra-gorn-smuS_jUZa9I-unsplash.jpg

    Should Christians masturbate?


    Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues spoke with Bobbi Kumari, author of 'Sacred Sexuality', and asked some challenging questions

  • Photo_by_Yousif_Al_Shewaili.jpg

    Join the fight against period poverty


    The Pachamama Project was set up to support women without access to sanitary products while in refugee camps. Here’s how you can help

  • Bobbie_680-680.jpg

    Hillsong: Women in mission


    Premier presenter Rachel Matthews speaks with Hillsong founder Bobbie Houston about the mission behind the Colour Conference and how the ministry has been supporting women around the world during lockdown

  • solen-feyissa-uVd1Z6Go74M-unsplash.jpg

    A lesson from baby loss


    Woman Alive editor Tola-Doll Fisher explains how God invited her to bless pregnant women rather than envying them following the death of her own daughter

  • Getting the Nation Talking about Eating Disorders


    Hope Virgo, Author of Stand Tall Little Girl and Founder of #DumpTheScales explains her latest campaign #LetsTalkEDs

  • Interrupted_Cover.jpg

    Learning God's way of doing mission


    In their new book, Al Barrett and Ruth Harley explore what the Church has to learn about how Christians can best serve their communities

  • mert-guller-jFBWOaoS-7o-unsplash.jpg

    Re-imagining the Promised Land


    A new online festival by Green Christian hopes to encourage us to be stewards of creation

  • seven-shooter-hPKTYwJ4FUo-unsplash.jpg

    ‘Dyslexia is my secret weapon’


    A practicing psychotherapist talks about being diagnosed with dyslexia in her 40s and the surprising success she has experienced as a result

  • sincerely-media-hIbdbaQWJ1s-unsplash.jpg

    ‘People were more interested in buying broccoli than hearing me talk about God’


    Sheila Jacobs talks about how she learned to do mission authentically

  • What has God called you to do in this season?


    Iona Rossely, once a speed skier hurtling through life at an incredible pace, shares how slowing down to listen to God has become her new mission

  • He_Says_400x.png

    Where are all the men?


    Ayokunu Oduniyi explains why he thinks there are so few men in our churches, the impact that has – and what he is doing about it

  • PP29-31_The_fashion_world_is_historically_toxic_FOUNDER_Comet.jpg

    The fashion world is historically toxic, but ethical practices are here to stay


    Comet Chukura, the founder and director of Glow and See, explains why she started a business with a social impact

  • Mission_400x.png

    Engaging millennials in mission


    Compassion’s Jared Brown shares what he learned from 100 young people about their heart for others

  • oziel-gomez-L8-0SAy-aoQ-unsplash.jpg

    ‘I loved my husband more than I loved God’


    A Woman Alive reader gets real about who holds the most important position in her life

  • pexels-bedis-elacheche-891118.jpg

    Would you give up everything to follow Jesus?


    Sheila Jacobs reflects on what this call meant for the first disciples and whether she would have done the same

  • Are new school regulations sexualising our children?


    The Let Kids Be Kids Coalition is fighting the no 'right to withdraw' for parents

  • tamas-pap-cCVs8eo7vH4-unsplash.jpg

    3 steps to a satisfied soul


    Some midweek motivation for #WellbeingWednesday

  • brigitte-tohm-EAay7Aj4jbc-unsplash.jpg

    ‘Nearing death doesn’t make my life any less valuable’


    Carrie-Jade Williams continues to share the lessons she has learned since being diagnosed with a terminal degenerative illness while in her twenties

  • pexels-pixabay-267748.jpg

    Friday reflections – Living in the now


    Writer Sheila Jacobs shares the lessons she has learned from Ignatian prayer

  • mihai-moisa-vTE9I-AB3pw-unsplash.jpg

    Can you use rose hip to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis?


    This week is dedicated to increasing the profile of a disease that affects almost half a million people in the UK. One company is dedicated to providing a natural healer using rose hip

  • jide-salau-hwc1A8Iery0-unsplash.jpg

    ‘I was refused food because of my faith’


    The UK might be returning to a ‘new normal’ but our brothers and sisters around the world are still deeply suffering. Here’s how you can help

  • pexels-visionpic-net-344102.jpg

    ‘My terminal illness is helping me to plant seeds of faith’


    Many of us have talked about 2020 being “cancelled” because of COVID-19. But Carrie-Jade Williams knows her time is limited so she is using it to live a full, Christ-centred life

  • pexels-mikotoraw-3555394.jpg



    Lindsay Macdonald reminds us to stop comparing and start celebrating

  • WA_March_2020_Hope_Virgo_book_jacket_cover.jpg

    'I can still be loved even with wounds'


    Hope Virgo suffered abuse at 13 and battled anorexia for years. Here she shares how she learned to push aside the need to be "perfect" before God

  • pexels-anna-shvets-3746279.jpg

    Who Am I?


    The pandemic has caused many of us to question our identity. Sheila Jacobs finds confidence in an inheritance that will never ‘perish, spoil or fade’

  • WA_Blog_31_Aug_2020.jpg

    ‘God has always been with me, even when I did not recognise him’


    A reverend with a penchant for painting shares how this therapeutic practice allowed her to confront her struggles with faith

  • priscilla-du-preez-_EXjK18DOUE-unsplash.jpg

    ‘Either God heals me or he calls me home, and both are miracles.’


    A terminally ill woman in her 20s shares the surprising reactions to her diagnosis from her church community

  • chayene-rafaela-invemvSFXAM-unsplash.jpg

    You can’t have growth without pain


    Using the example of a baby teething, Dammy Olatoye shares a life lesson on the strength to endure

  • Podcasts, Pigeon Poo and Prayer


    Woman Alive editor Doll shares her morning routine and how that sets her up for the day

  • WASept_2020_COVER.jpg

    Style it up


    For years, Alex Agboke searched for a personal style to reflect her identity. Now God has inspired her to help others find theirs

  • Keep_sparkling_Pen_Wilcock_photo.jpg

    Keep sparkling and listening


    In her final column, Penelope Wilcock reminds us to delight in knowing we are made in the image of God – and the respect one another

  • anthony-tran-vXymirxr5ac-unsplash.jpg

    Is Jesus still enough?


    Many people have said that they drew closer to God during lockdown but for others, it has exposed profound isolation

  • Hustle_WA_Sept20.jpg

    ‘We don’t need to hustle for God’s attention’


    While society teaches us we need to look and be a certain way, Florence Gildea asserts that God loves us as we are so we can stop seeking outside validation

  • Buddhist_daughter.jpg

    ‘My daughter is a Buddhist and I love her to bits!’


    A reader shares how she has learned to support and encourage her daughter, despite the faith choice she has made

  • pexels-deden-dicky-ramdhani-3751769.jpg

    ‘I’ve got five years left to live’


    A woman in her 20s recalls the moment her doctor told her she had a degenerative disease

  • ian-schneider-TamMbr4okv4-unsplash.jpg

    God may surprise you


    Writer and Editor Sheila Jacobs was recovering from a debilitating illness when she finally stepped into the calling on her life. Could now be the time for you to step into yours?

  • pexels-evg-culture-3993254.jpg

    Waiting for God


    Writer Tope Pearson shares her experience of struggling to see a long-held promise come to fruition – and how she persevered in the years between

  • Karuna_Ulcer_Care_Kit.jpg

    COVID-19 hope for nine million slum dwellers in Mumbai


    The global pandemic and calls for a housing revolution could pave the way to ridding India of leprosy

  • image.png



    Christian Aid’s Prophetic Activist Scheme encourages young people to address societal injustice as part of their faith. Chloe Brimicombe explains why it's important

  • pexels-christina-morillo-1181667.jpg

    What to do when you’ve lost your job


    From furlough to redundancy, the pandemic has left many feeling anxious about the future. If you've recently found yourself out of work, here is what you can do next

  • Susan_Wright.jpg

    God gives clear signs to those who need them


    Susan Wright, 75, is the mother of five children and grandmother to nine. She became a Christian in her 20s then married John, now 86, in 1974. She has battled dyslexia and low self-esteem, but has held onto God’s faithfulness through the trials of life, including her husband having cancer twice, two years of unemployment – and even him being sent to prison

  • Joni.jpg

    Be a cupbearer


    Joni Eareckson Tada challenges us not only to pray, but to become God’s active agents of change

  • Katie_Leon.jpg

    ‘In God's eyes we are equal’


    Katie Lynch, 30, has been married to Leon, 31, for six years. They have two daughters, Kylah, three, and Liberty, one. Here she describes how they met and the challenges they have faced

  • sai-maddali-cOUtDKBKD2g-unsplash.jpg

    I've been called chocolate face and curry breath...racism isn't just a black and white issue


    A writer from South Asia asks, for those with a skin colour somewhere in between, where do we fit into the discussion?

  • Will_bigger.png

    Why you need a will


    We are all living in a period of uncertainty, however, having a will is important, regardless of what stage of life we are in, to leave a legacy for our nearest and dearest

  • micheile-henderson-03NMNUqHPdE-unsplash.jpg

    We are all in this together


    How do we address the rising tensions from years of racism and injustice? Start with compassion, says Jeanette McCarthy

  • bbh-singapore-Z2MCFqEQiMw-unsplash.jpg

    Six things you need to know about life with God


    In August we start a new series on the life lessons from ordinary women of faith. Rosalie is in her 70s, here are six key things she wants to share with you

  • brooke-cagle-uWVWQ8gF8PE-unsplash.jpg

    What does the new domestic abuse bill mean for women?


    Relationship charity Restored explains how the new rules around domestic violence can better support and protect victims

  • kevin-lanceplaine-perqSx9B8fY-unsplash_(1).jpg

    What are the new rules for weddings?


    The wedding ban has been lifted but the threat of COVID-19 means there are still restrictions. Michaela Hyde, executive director of Marriage Foundation explains what you need to know

  • Lisa_Bevere.jpg

    What are you sowing in this season?


    Lisa Bevere shares what God has been saying to her during lockdown, why her new book Strong is so relevant for these times and why she rejects the message she has consistently heard – that she is ‘too strong’

  • Tanya_Marlow.jpg

    The power of stories


    We need stories for our times of uncertainty and pain, says Tanya Marlow

  • Little_Women.jpg

    A nostalgic, feel-good, coming-of-age story


    Little Women has its heroine grasping hold of her career, and also finding love – but let’s be wary of its ‘have it all’ message

  • grayscale-photography-of-woman-inside-jail-2307045.jpg

    A prisoner of faith


    What would you do if you were given three days to recant your faith in Jesus?

  • arthur-edelman-hD0MBIwUTFA-unsplash.jpg

    Facing racism – fight or flight?


    After fleeing from Civil War in Sierra Leone, writer Andrena Sawyer says living in the U.S.A. exposed her to a new kind of battle – for equality

  • woman-raising-her-hands-2506776.jpg

    Could this be the single person's antidote to loneliness?


    In support of Loneliness Awareness Week, Kimberley Pena explains that dance therapy can reduce the feeling of disconnect

  • boys-screaming-3420517.jpg

    Use your small voice


    Writer Clare O'Driscoll suggests that in the time of this civil rights movement, we can all do something

  • koshu-kunii-Q5sHZ-_lxvE-unsplash.jpg

    Recognising my white privilege


    Woman Alive’s Book Club host Amy Boucher Pye says George Floyd’s murder has helped her realise her racial bias

  • photo-of-women-looking-serious-3812041.jpg

    5 ways to stay resilient during lockdown


    We were not designed for a socially distanced existence. Writer Cathy Madavan explains how we can adapt to our new normal

  • Tola_Doll.jpg

    Enjoy the life that’s right in front of you

    2020-05-27T00:00:00+01:00By ,

    Our very own editor, Tola-Doll Fisher, spoke to Claire Musters about how life might not always turn out the way we expect it to, but it is always a gift

  • Jo_Saxton.jpg

    Embracing change


    In this extract from her latest book, Jo Saxton reflects on how changes in society can be disorientating, but also provide us with huge opportunities

  • The_Brights.jpg

    Does age matter?


    Lorraine Wylie meets a couple with a 17-year age gap, who say the difference has never been an issue for them

  • Sheila_Walsh2.png

    Sheila Walsh: Church leaders hit rock bottom too!


    Has your church leader or a preacher you know hit rock bottom without you realising?

  • girl-jeans-kid-loneliness-236215.jpg

    'Early trauma affected my mental health'


    Writer Fran Hill lost her mother when she was just 14. Here she considers the lasting impact long into adulthood

  • p26-27_LEAH_SHARIBU.jpg

    A prayer for freedom


    Today is Leah Sharibu’s birthday. CSW is inviting us to pray for her release on this special day when this teenager remains far from family and friends

  • nadim-merrikh-MBCWO39JVsI-unsplash.jpg

    “When this is over, I’m going to dance”


    Kiri Kankhwende suffers from a chronic condition which affects her immune system. Here she explains the unexpected healing she has experienced during lockdown

  • sunny-fashion-man-couple-4015088_(1).jpg

    Commit or quit - do we need new rules for romance?


    To celebrate Marriage Week, Harry Benson from the Marriage Foundation reveals a new initiative for everyone - not just married couples

  • kari-shea-qa1wvrlWCio-unsplash_(1).jpg

    Support victims of domestic violence during lockdown


    On Sunday 10 May, will be running a 12-hour exercise marathon to raise vital funds for Women’s Aid

  • woman-in-front-of-her-computer-3059745.jpg

    ‘I’m using my time on furlough to finish my novel’


    Once over the shock, an anonymous reader says being furloughed could be a blessing in disguise

  • nathan-mcdine-CBmas4R0MN4-unsplash.jpg

    For many people with disabilities, isolation is nothing new


    Wheelchair user Fiona Gosden says the current universal experience in lockdown is what disabled people have always known

  • Silent_no_more.jpg

    Silent no more


    Rachel Matthews, one of Premier’s Regional Producers, met those behind a new ground-breaking conference for women abused in childhood

  • p19_Less_.jpg

    Less is sometimes more


    Veronica Zundel challenges us to make space for silence each day

  • GlennaMarshall2.jpg

    God’s presence is what he promises… and it’s more than enough


    Glenna Marshall explains to Claire Musters that, even through immense suffering, she has learned that God’s presence is the only answer to our heart’s longings

  • daria-nepriakhina-_XR5rkprHQU-unsplash.jpg

    The comparison trap


    Author Helen Roberts talks about the heightened thief of comparison now that we’re all spending much more time online

  • photo-of-child-praying-2927676.jpg

    Our silence betrays Nigeria’s massacred Christians


    Charity Open Doors report on why we should be praying for our sisters and brothers overseas

  • matt-hoffman-vL300WiTaMs-unsplash.jpg

    A prayer for unborn children


    Reader Angie Jones is supporting the call to prayer by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

  • How good neighbours became good friends


    Cat Townley shares how the threat of coronavirus turned her street into a thriving community

  • grayscale-photography-of-people-worshiping-2774570.jpg

    We need to pray for our nation


    Pastor John of Strengthen the Faithful felt God guide him to write the Wartime Miracles Leaflet and circulate it around thousands of churches and prayer groups. It calls for Christians to earnestly intercede with Almighty God for our nation, in the knowledge of how he so clearly answered similar prayers of faith during the Second World War

  • Nordic_Cuddle_-_Rebekka.jpg

    Coping with a loss of connection


    Trained cuddle therapist Rebekka Mikkola explains the theory behind cuddle therapy and how we can weather the absence of touch during COVID-19

  • Foundations_portrait.jpg

    ‘The foundations on which we have built our lives are crumbling'


    In this personal essay, Angie Jones says at the heart of the current pandemic, is a cry for us all to come back to God

  • jonas-lee-o6elTKWZ5bI-unsplash.jpg

    The day Whatsapp caught fire


    As the arrival of Coronavirus sparks a blaze across social media, journalist Mary Joseph describes how SAT-7’s voice is being heard above the clamour while the country’s churches are silenced

  • lena-volkova-osMNIBPQzcI-unsplash.jpg

    What, no cheese? A vegan guide to building up your immune system


    With many fresh food counters closing and self-isolation becoming the norm, some of us will be facing an involuntary vegetarian or even vegan diet. But it’s not all bad! Here are 3 plant-based staples you can try today to support your immune system...

  • For_the_world.jpg

    'Can anything good be drawn from this chaos?'


    As most of us find ourselves grounded and in lockdown, reports of less air pollution and the return of wildlife point to positive environmental change.

  • Good_health.jpg

    To your very good health...


    Veronica Zundel challenges to think about how we treat those will chronic illnesses

  • Leprosy_mission.jpg

    Joining together to stop leprosy


    Linda Todd, chief executive of The Leprosy Mission Scotland, explains that leprosy is not an ancient disease; it still ravages people today

  • Anne_Welsh.jpg

    Breaking the pain barrier


    God helped Anne Welsh rise above chronic pain to become a renowned motivational speaker, campaigner, high-powered business woman, influencer and author

  • Lizzie_Portrait_3_BW.jpg

    There are always empty seats in Church on Mothering Sunday


    Today, most if not all churches in the UK will be empty. But Lizzie Lowrie reminds us that even before the Corona Virus pandemic, many avoid church every year on Mothering Sunday

  • Isolation_by_kelly-sikkema-4le7k9XVYjE-unsplash.jpg

    Isolation can’t stop us connecting


    Coronavirus, the biggest party-pooper of them all, has swept across the world and changed society as we know it, separating us from one another. Here are some ways to counter that…

  • priscilla-du-preez-yxxAd5H95b8-unsplash.jpg

    God vs COVID-19


    Woman Alive contributor Maxine Hallett wonders where we find God when the world seems in turmoil amongst the Corona Virus pandemic

  • DSC_3814.jpg



    Heather Riley reviews the British comedy-drama about the 1970 Miss World competition held in London

  • Plugging_crop.png

    Plugging into the power


    Penelope Wilcock shows us how women were empowered in Luke’s Gospel, and encourages us to seek the power of the Holy Spirit in our own lives

  • Hazel_s_Gift.jpg

    Hazel’s gift


    To mark World Down Syndrome Day, which is held on 21 March, we hear how Alison Morley’s world fell apart when she found out her second child had Down’s syndrome. Then her prejudice and fear turned to love, as Hazel taught her precious life lessons

  • Altitude_crop.png

    God in the mountains


    Woman Alive Editor Doll Fisher spoke to Lara and Will, who have been running catered ski chalets in Meribel for 20 years. This is their second year running Chalet Altitude, the home for their outreach and mission organisation Altitude Mission

  • Emma vs Emma – Autumn de Wilde gives a modern-day heroine for a modern-day audience


    The newest adaptation of Jane Austen's fourth novel comes out today, WA Editor Doll Fisher considers how it fits in with modern day romance.

  • 28-31_190202_SHW_Session_3-45.jpg

    Trusting God – in the good and bad times


    Nancy Goudie tells us about the incredible ministry she and her husband set up, and how she learned to truly trust God

  • 23-24_Tash_singing_-_CREDIT_Alex_Asprey.jpg

    A community choir creates confidence


    Alastair McIver chats with professional singer Natasha Hendry who is using her talent to benefit others

  • Lou_Fellingham.jpg

    “We can trust God with our future”


    Maria Rodrigues spoke with international singer, songwriter and worship leader Lou Fellingham during Worship Week on the Woman to Woman show

  • Jen_Baker.jpg

    Longing for intimacy


    Jen Baker shares candidly about her own journey towards intimacy with God, which is the subject of her new book Face to Face

  • Beth_Resch.jpg

    A church for young people


    Beth Resch spoke to Premier’s Woman to Woman presenter Maria Rodrigues about hearing God’s call for her life, and how the various roles she’s had within the Church of England are helping her impact young people’s lives

  • Katia_Adams.jpg

    “The God I’ve encountered is different to what you’re making him sound like now”


    ?Katia Adams spoke to Claire Musters about a childhood begun in Iran, seeing the radical faith of her parents and grandparents outworked, feeling called to be a leader – and why she had to wrestle with the gender debate for herself.

  • Joni_Earkson_Tada.jpg

    Sing your way through suffering


    When we sing to the Lord, it can bring healing of a different kind says Joni Eareakson Tada

  • Life_Less_Ordinary_Dorothy_Wigan.jpg

    Restoring the years the locusts had eaten


    Have you ever felt too old to do something new? If so, Dorothy Wigan’s story may just challenge and inspire you. After a tough start in life, she recently published a series of short stories at the age of 79.



    Singer Abby Eaton seemed to have it all. She loved making music, her husband Chris was writing songs for big-name artists and the couple had a lovely home. But when they had a baby Abby found herself struggling with postnatal depression and tackling the taboo that often surrounds mental illness. She talks about her daily battle with anxiety and the joy of creating new music.

  • Pat_Gaffney.jpg

    Make peace not war


    Peace activist and campaigner Pat Gaffney talks to Premier’s Woman to Woman presenter, Maria Rodrigues about challenging Britain’s involvement in the arms trade, being jailed for non-violent protests and how we all have a role to play as peacemakers

  • SWNS-11357532.jpg

    Kingdom vs Chaos


    Alistair McIver investigates how two women and the church are supporting the fightback against anti-social behaviour in the country’s most violent street
    Everyone seems to want their 15 minutes of fame, these days. And when you, your work, or your location finally make it into the headlines of a national newspaper, that would appear to be ‘mission accomplished.’

  • Bible_Feasting.jpg

    Bible feasting


    God’s Word is food for the soul and he has prepared a feast for us, says Sandy Mayle ...

  • Mealtimes.jpg

    Mealtimes of grace


    One way to counter the busyness of our days is to create some breathing spaces or Sabbath-moments when we can stop and recalibrate. Mealtimes offer just such an opportunity, says Kate Waterman

  • Nurture_hope.jpg

    Nurture hope


    Hope lights up the darkness and there are simple things we can all do to make hope a reality in our lives, says Joanne Cox-Darling

  • Pen_W.jpg

    Hold tight – or let go


    In a letter sent from Portugal to Sir Francis Walsingham, in 1587, Sir Francis Drake memorably wrote, “There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end, until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory.”

  • Keep_the_faith.jpg

    Helping children keep the faith


    Your children may be leaving home, but you can still encourage their relationship with God, says Rachel Turner

  • Kate_Bottley.jpg

    Rev Kate Bottley interview


    She’s much in demand, but Rev Kate Bottley is determined to keep her feet on the ground, as she explains to Andrew Graystone

  • Church_Programme.jpg

    Church programme


    Children’s worker Fiona Platt explains how Seedfield Methodist Junior Church in Bury re-energised their meetings and inspired the rest of their church community

  • Pen_Wilcock.jpg

    Bouquets and barbed wire


    Life doesn’t always work out how we planned, but we can trust God to lead us through, says Penelope Wilcock

  • Spanish_Retreat.jpg

    Spanish retreat


    Mike and Julie Jowett not only want to provide a space for people to rest and take time out of their busy lives, but also to build bridges between the Spanish people and the migrant community ...

  • Black_Dog.jpg

    My husband's depression affected us both


    We’ve often heard from people living with depression, but what is it like for those who love and care for them? Catriona Futter shares her experience of trying to support her husband

  • Family_Gap.jpg

    Our family gap year


    Mary and Geoff Ferguson’s 10-month trip covering thousands of miles with their five children proved to be a faith adventure, as Mary explains to Clare Blake

  • Kathering_Jenkins.jpg

    Being a mother has inspired me


    Katherine Jenkins talks to Lorraine Wylie about being a mum and her latest, very personal, album

  • Mark_Waterfield.jpg

    Why we gather together


    Meeting together as the Church on Sunday is more than singing a few songs, listening to a sermon and sharing coffee afterwards, says Mark Waterfield

  • Tracey_Williamson_Fatherhood_of_God.jpg

    The Fatherhood of God


    God wants a real relationship with each one of us, says Tracy Williamson, who shares how her relationship with God has changed

  • Ellie_Philpott.jpg

    'I discovered I am not as powerless as I thought'


    Ellie Philpott is an author and runs her own natural soap and cosmetic company. She lives in the Elham Valley with her husband, a crazy poodle and several hives of honeybees

  • Creative_Prayer.jpg

    Creative ways to pray


    Sometimes we struggle to find the words to express our hopes, fears or failings in prayer. Here are seven creative ideas to help us draw near to the one who is always ready to meet with us

  • Dianne_Parsons.jpg

    Sharing my struggles has enabled me to help others


    Low self-esteem, ill health and a struggling faith are some of the challenges Dianne Parsons has had to face. She shares some of the lessons she has learned with Catherine Larner

  • Famiy_Rift.jpg

    'We don't talk any more'


    Advice for those struggling with broken relationships

  • Conference_Plug.jpg

    Book now for our 2019 conference!


    How the psalms can help us pray through all life's experiences

  • Wintershall.jpg

    The Wintershall story


    The story behind the world-famous Wintershall plays

  • Evangelism.jpg

    First steps in evangelism


    Many people feel uncomfortable or even afraid at the thought of sharing Jesus, but it needn’t be that way. Simply take it one step at a time, says Eve Paterson, coordinator of the Great Commission at the Evangelical Alliance

  • Singled_Out.jpg

    Survival tips


    The real-life diary of HopefulGirl, navigating life as a 40-something single woman in the Church

  • Pen_Wilcock.jpg

    Make a spring resolution


    This is a good time to ask some serious questions, says Penelope Wilcock

  • Woman_Change_A.jpg

    Women who change their world


    Three inspirational stories to celebrate International Women’s Day (8 March)

  • Amy_Orr-Ewing.jpg

    Amy Orr-Ewing


    My passion for evangelism and young people, and what the Church needs to focus on now

  • Man_Alive_Valentine.jpg

    A fine romance


    Nick Page is a romantic, but has little time for Valentine’s Day…

  • Chocolate.jpg

    How chocolate is changing women’s lives


    Chocolate and coffee are surely two of life’s pleasures, and by choosing to buy Fairtrade products, what tastes good can do good too, as Emily McCoy explains

  • Gender.jpg

    We’re more than our gender


    Once upon a time, girls wore pink and played with dolls, boys wore blue and had construction toys, but not anymore. Rachel Turner considers the move towards a more gender-neutral world and what it means for our children

  • Reluctant_Rev.jpg

    The reluctant Reverend


    The role of Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury comes with both challenges and privileges, as Rev Dr Isabelle Hamley explains to Jo Swinney

  • Facebook_Pen_Wilcock.png

    At the turn of the year


    What do you need to take up or lay down this year? asks Penelope Wilcock

  • The_decision_that_1.jpg

    The decisions that changed my life


    After a devastating loss, Faye Smith found solace in a holiday of a lifetime and discovered the joy of open-air swimming

  • Hope-When-it-Hurts.gif

    There’s more to our suffering than meets the eye


    Meet Kristen Wetherell and Sarah Walton, the authors of Hope When it Hurts, the winning book in our 2018 Readers’ Choice Award.

  • Veronica.jpg

    The truth about Christmas


    It goes so much deeper than a baby born in a manger, says Veronica Zundel

  • Elaine_Storkey.jpg

    The faith of Martha


    There’s more to her story than being preoccupied with routine, says Elaine Storkey.

  • Christmas_Hurts.jpg

    When Christmas hurts


    For many people Christmas can be a difficult time of year. Gillian Phillips reflects on her own experience and how the true message of Christmas offers hope and healing

  • Rev_Kate_Bottley.jpg

    What Christmas means to me


    Rev Kate Bottley is a priest in Nottinghamshire and passionate about bringing stories of faith and belief to the widest audience possible. She currently presents Good Morning Sunday on Radio 2 and is a regular on Songs of Praise. Rev Kate is also supporting The Children Society’s Christmas campaign.

  • Christmas_Prayer.jpg

    A prayer for Christmas


    Majestic Lord, creator of the stars. You set them all in place, ordaining that one would direct the Magi to Bethlehem to welcome, and worship, your son Jesus. May I seek Jesus with the same fervour, and worship at ...

  • Bake_it_Christingle.jpg

    Bake it…


    Rev Kate Bottley is hoping to inspire some festive fundraising for The Children’s Society with her special Christingle cake, made from orange vanilla sponge, marmalade and fondant icing.

  • Koinonia.jpg

    Beyond the lifestyle craze


    The popular Danish custom of hygge would have been very familiar to the early church, says Kate Waterman, who suggests we rediscover Koinonia this Christimas

  • Christmas_Shopping.jpg

    How your Christmas shopping can change lives


    Wondering what to buy friends and family this Christmas? Why not choose a gift that will make a real difference to someone in need?

  • Pen_Wilcock.jpg

    Let the light in


    The darkness of winter brings both challenges and opportunities, says Penelope Wilcock

  • Domestic_abuse.jpg

    Why our churches need to tackle domestic abuse


    A new report is encouraging churches to recognise that domestic abuse happens within their congregations and to be equipped to help those affected. Dr Rebecca Barnes reports

  • Contentment_A.jpg

    How to be content in all situations


    St Paul learned the secret of contentment and we can too, says Liz Carter

  • Facebook_Cover_November_Version_2.png

    It’s Okay not to be Okay


    Bestselling author, speaker and Bible teacher Sheila Walsh says that when she discovered “I’m not good enough and I’m good with that,” everything started to change

  • Pen_Wilcock.jpg

    Set your house in order


    Providence is good, but we also need to ensure we have time to laugh and enjoy life, says Penelope Wilcock

  • 12_ways_to_study.jpg

    12 ways to study the Bible


    Sometimes trying something new is the key to unlocking God’s Word ...

  • Tania_Bright_Interview.jpg

    'Multi-tasking energises me'


    With her varied career, community involvement and family responsibilities, Tania Bright’s life is never dull. She talks to Jo Swinney about her journey to faith and how she manages her exceptionally busy life ...

  • Student_Outreach_A.jpg

    A time to leave, a time to arrive


    How can we support young people who are leaving home for the first time to start their studies at university? Fiona Lloyd has some suggestions

  • Little_Things.jpg

    Little things mean a lot


    From craft lessons to a clothing exchange and stories that bring faith alive, meet three women who had a simple idea, a willing heart and courage to step out in faith

  • Paula_Gooder_Interview.jpg

    'I want people to discover the good news of Jesus'


    New Testament scholar Paula Gooder talks to Catherine Larner about the importance of good theology, encouraging women and her latest book on a key figure in the early church

  • Facebook_Cover_September_pic.png

    Our show is changing attitudes to Christians


    A former soap star is hosting the first live Christian women's show available on Turkey's national satellite TV platform ...

  • Blueberry_friands.jpg

    Delicious blueberry friands for you to make


    Planning an afternoon tea party or a picnic? These little almond cakes studded with blueberries are easy to make and a tasty treat

  • Marriage_feature.jpg

    Our mess has become our mission


    Mark and Christine Daniel tell Sharon Barnard how their marriage was brought back from the brink of disaster – and why they are excited about Toucan, a new app designed to help couples transform their relationships

  • Amanda_Root.jpg

    'I'm so much happier now'


    Actress Amanda Root talks to Alastair McIver about her career and how she is using her creative gifts to help victims of trauma

  • Holy_Holidays.jpg

    Six tips for a holy holiday


    Jo Swinney says holidays are an opportunity to refresh our body, mind and spirit

  • Too_Lovely.jpg

    Can you be just too lovely?


    Being kind and serving others are foundational to Christian living, but we can take it too far, warns Sarah Phillips

  • Philippa_Hannah.jpg

    'I would love people to find hope in what I'm doing'


    Philippa Hanna tells Catherine Larner how finding faith transformed her life and her music

  • Working_Holiday.jpg

    My working holiday


    With World Environment Day on 5 June and Volunteers’ Week from 1–7 June, it’s the perfect month to share Fiona Thomson’s diary of a holiday in the Scottish Highlands, which combined both environmental work and volunteering

  • Invisible_Women.jpg

    The invisible women


    Losing your husband is devastating, but imagine if you lost your home, your income and the respect of your neighbours as well. Suzanne Green looks at the plight of widows around the world

  • Michele_Assad.jpg

    'Courage is a muscle – I am much more confident now'


    Former CIA counterterrorism expert Michele Rigby Assad talks to Catherine Larner about seeking God’s plan for her life and encouraging women to fulfil their potential

  • Join_the_party.jpg

    Join the party!


    In the ancient agricultural calendar, May heralds the beginning of the season of growth and life. Kate Waterman explains how the natural world encourages us to delight in rest and play

  • Lavender.jpg

    The joy of lavender


    Easy to grow and with many uses around the home, lavender is a wonderful addition to your garden, says Sarah Linklett

  • Singled_out.jpg

    Singled Out


    The real-life diary of HopefulGirl, navigating life as a 40-something single woman in the church

  • Jo_Swinney_web1.jpg

    How I learnt to see myself as God sees me


    What do you believe about yourself? Jo Swinney shares what helped her to leave behind a poor self-image

  • Keeping_your_face_to_the_Son.jpg

    Keep your face to the Son


    Joni Eareckson Tada recalls spring days on the family farm and the lesson of the tomato seed

  • Women_Online.jpg

    The Christian woman’s guide to life online


    Media professional Michelle Vandepol answers some frequently asked questions

  • Life-limiting_illness.jpg

    Living with a life-limiting illness


    Ruth van den Broek was diagnosed with the degenerative disease cystic fibrosis (CF) as a baby and grew up knowing she would not live to a ripe old age. Now in the ‘twilight years’ of her late twenties, she tells Sharon Barnard why she is able to look to the future with hope

  • Chosen_by_Women.jpg

    Chosen by women like you


    Looking for some different resources and ideas to refresh your women’s meeting, home group or Bible study? Sharon Barnard gets recommendations from women involved in a variety of study groups

  • Bible_Study.jpg

    What the women of the Bible can teach us today


    Elaine Storkey begins a new series of studies focusing on women in the Bible and the challenges they faced.

  • Bishop_Libby.jpg

    I can only be who I am


    Bishop Libby Lane talks to Catherine Larner about being a pioneer, making prayer a priority and the opportunities her role brings

  • Season_of_stirrings.jpg

    Welcome the season of stirrings


    Kate Waterman looks at how to make the most of spring.

  • How_to_finish_well.jpg

    How to finish well


    Confronting the idea of our own mortality or losing those we love is something most people avoid, but in doing so we relinquish control of what happens to us in our final moments and we miss out on a great opportunity, says Ann Clifford.

  • Baroness_Berridge.jpg

    Called to make an impact


    How one peer is championing international human rights justice from the corridors of Westminster. Alastair McIver talks to Baroness Elizabeth Berridge

  • Monastic_tradition_-_Pen_Wilcock.jpg

    Be a force for good


    Penelope Wilcock suggests we take inspiration from monastic traditions and learn to speak and listen wisely

  • Mission_Doorstep.jpg

    Mission on your doorstep


    Could you give an hour a week to chat online and encourage someone who is lonely or facing difficulties? Matt Rich introduces the ministry of Chatnow

  • Jeremy_Vine.jpg

    'I think things always get better'


    Jeremy Vine talks to Catherine Larner about the changing face of news, how people communicate and staying positive in a time of uncertainty

  • Bible_Study.jpg

    Facing the year ahead


    Have you suffered a difficult year – or years? Anne Le Tissier draws lessons and encouragement from the life of David

  • Pic_1_Laura_6_things_I_am_learning.jpg

    Six things I am learning


    In September Laura Treneer was appointed Chief Executive of Woman Alive’s parent company, the charity CPO (Christian Publishing & Outreach), where she has been Innovation Director for the last three years. Her husband is pastor of a large Baptist church in Brighton where they live with their family.

  • Ideas_for_churches.jpg

    5 ways to share the joy of Christmas


    The good news of Jesus is for everyone, and what better time than Christmas to find creative ways to share it with our friends and neighbours. Sharon Barnard discovers some inspiring ideas from churches up and down the UK

  • Remembrance.jpg

    Remembrance Day blessing


    Fiona Thomson reports on a small church with big ideas for reaching out into their community

  • Connect_Fireside.jpg

    Connect with the seasons


    Build rest into your life by following the ancient seasonal rhythms of the year, says Kate Waterman ...

  • Christy_Wimber.jpg

    'I have to make the presence of God my priority'


    Author, speaker and pastor Christy Wimber talks to Catherine Larner about stepping down as leader of her local church, sharing her story in her new book and the big challenge facing the Church today

  • Emma_Rigby.jpg

    My faith takes first place now


    Actress Emma Rigby talks to Alastair McIver about life in Hollywood, rediscovering her faith and resetting her priorities.

  • Teashop.jpg

    Never say never - a teashop story


    In January 1994, we ran a short feature about the teashop at Lee Abbey in Devon, which had recently been given a star rating in the Egon Ronay guide, Just a Bite. It was managed by Mollie Foster. Now, 24 years later, Mollie shares her story and explains how God has led her back to the teashop …

  • Hannah_Dunnett.jpg

    I'm just a mum who paints


    Hannah Dunnett’s watercolour paintings combined with Scripture are sold throughout the UK. She talks to Sandie Shirley about how it all began ...

  • Constance_Coltman.jpg

    Daughters of dissent


    The United Reformed Church is celebrating the centenary of its first ordained female minister. Karen Carter tells her story, and meets some of the women following in her footsteps in pioneering ministry ...

  • Broken-hearted.jpg

    Restoring the broken-hearted


    Clare Blake discovers a ministry helping those devastated by divorce or relationship breakdown

  • Sparrow_Image.jpg

    Do you reflect the kindness of God?


    This heart-warming story challenges us to consider how we treat others, says Anne Le Tissier ...

  • Bobbie_Houston.jpg

    Hold the dream


    Co-founder and global pastor of Hillsong Church Bobbie Houston talks to Catherine Larner about the importance of women’s ministry, facing criticism and staying the course

  • Kintsugi.jpg

    Joni Eareckson Tada


    The Japanese art form that teaches us about God's grace

  • Whats_Your_Ministry.jpg

    What's your ministry? Summer opportunities


    Meet the women using their holidays to reach out and support others

  • Marriage_feature.jpg

    To have and to hold – how to negotiate different spiritual needs in a marriage


    How can we keep in step spiritually?

  • Man_Alive.jpg

    What do you do?


    It is not always an easy question to answer, says Andrew Graystone

  • Disappointment.jpg

    How to deal with disappointment


    Claire Musters explains why we need to work through our disappointments and shares what has helped her through some testing times

  • Ruth_Valerio.jpg

    The way I live ought to be normal for all Christians


    Ruth Valerio talks to Catherine Larner about living out her principles, what the Bible says about caring for the environment and her new role with Tearfund

  • Social_Media.jpg

    What's your ministry?


    Meet the women using social media to reach out and support others

  • Healing_on_the_Streets.jpg

    Miracles in the city centre


    The exciting ministry that takes prayer to the streets

  • Home_at_Last.jpg

    Home at last!


    Jo Swinney considers what turns a house into a home

  • Companions.jpg

    Companions for the journey


    The ministry of walking each other home

  • Thy_Kingdom_Come.jpg

    Thy Kingdom Come


    Inspiring stories from women who took part last year

  • imageResized.jpg

    The Single File


    How to avoid getting into an abusive relationship

  • Liz_Earle.jpg

    Liz Earle


    Beauty entrepreneur Liz Earle speaks about healthy living, giving back and celebrating Easter

  • Baxter_Family.jpg

    Missing my mother


    Jenny Baxter was 16 years old when her mum died from cancer - she now encourages women to celebrate motherhood and support each other

  • Dec_5.jpg

    Easter craft


    Easter decorations for you to make

  • Ditigal_Detox.jpg

    Could you live without your smartphone?


    That's the challenge researcher Guy Brandon set himself and it proved to be enlightening ...

  • Pete_Greig.jpg

    What I've learned about prayer


    Pete Greig talks to Claire Musters about the struggles, the miracles and the lessons he's learned about talking with God ...

  • Sharing_Words_of_Life.jpg

    Sharing words of life and hope


    Vulnerable women are discovering the impact the Bible can have on their lives, thanks to a collaborative approach from a women's project and SGM Lifewords. Jeremy Williams reports ...

  • Jennifer_Rees_Larcombe.jpg

    What's robbing you of your peace?


    Jennifer Rees Larcombe identifies what robs us of peace as "morbids". She explains how to recognise them and send them packing!

  • Carrie_Grant.jpg

    Carrie Grant: "This is extreme parenting"


    Carrie and David Grant have four children with hidden disabilities. Carrie tells Catherine Francis about how they manage and how others can learn about people on the autistic spectrum

  • Food_addict.jpg

    I discovered I was a food addict


    Read Hilary Browne's story of compulsive overeating and how she broke free ...

  • Lyndall_Bywater.jpg

    When God says, "Not Yet"


    Lyndall Bywater shares her journey of faith and how she coped with waiting for one of her prayers to be answered ...

  • Under_Pressure.jpg

    How do you react under pressure?


    Anne Le Tissier explores the life of King David and draws out some lessons on how handle stress in a godly way ...

  • Sacred_Pause.jpg

    A rhythm of rest


    Make this the year you discover God’s gift of Sabbath. Suzanne Green talks to Shelly Miller about introducing a rhythm of rest in our lives

  • YolanDa_Brown.jpg

    All That Jazz!


    Award-winning saxophonist YolanDa Brown tells Russ Bravo how motherhood has impacted her faith and her music

  • Rob_Parsons.jpg

    Wonderful time of year?


    Rob Parsons shares a humorous but helpful look into how we can combat the stress of preparing for Christmas that can threaten to make it feel anything but "a wonderful time of year"

  • Martha.jpg

    Martha Collison speaks


    Martha tells Catherine Larner about life after "The Great British Bake Off" and the opportunities it has given her to work with Christian charities ...

  • My_Year_with_a_clothes_horse.jpg

    A horse changed my life


    Hazel Southam explains how a horse called Duke was able to bring her comfort and hope during the most stressful year of her life ...

  • Bin_the_Banana.jpg

    The Banana Trap


    Susan Williams considers the challenge of change and why we are so often resistant even when things are going wrong ...

  • Yolanda_Ibbett.jpg

    Seeing faith in work


    Having struggled with their wealth as Christians, Yolanda Ibbett talks about how she and her husband brought their work and faith together in their multi-million pound enterprise ...

  • Miriam_Dann.jpg

    Coping with no work


    Miriam Dann explains the sobering experience that being unemployed had on her and how she changed how she saw herself and others as a result ...

  • Second_chances.jpg

    Second chances


    Sharon Grenham-Thompson discusses the gift of second chances that involves us loving others and realising that no-one is beyond the reach of God ...

  • My_cancer_journey.jpg

    My cancer journey


    Su McClellan explains how running became part of her journey and how she now uses it to help cancer patients in the Middle East ...

  • Bible_Art.jpg

    Bible art


    Find a new way of engaging with scripture using creativity. Deborah Gregg shows us what she has been doing ...

  • Perfectionism.jpg

    What is perfectionism?


    Rev Will van der Hart discusses the basis of perfectionism showing it is a male as well as a female issue and how grace is the only antidote ....

  • Draw_closer.jpg

    Draw closer to God


    Liz Jennings explores ways to tap into your creativity and allow God to speak to you ...

  • Eve_Poole.jpg

    Change the world


    Dr Eve Poole on bringing "Kingdom values" to the business world – and how small decisions can make a big difference ...

  • Wish_you_were_here.jpg

    Wish you were here


    Jackie Parsons shares some inspiration about how to slow down when we're on our holidays and give God a chance to speak to us ...

  • To_do_list.jpg

    Taking on too much?


    Sue Williams discusses the difficulties of saying "No" as Christians but the importance of setting boundaries for everyone's best interests ...

  • Linus_Project.jpg

    Blankets to comfort


    Find out how you can put your sewing, knitting or crocheting skills to work to make comfort blankets for sick children. Lyn Alderson explains ...

  • Wig_Maker.jpg

    Women of courage


    When Therese Hughes MBE began looking for a wig to help a customer, she little knew it would lead to a change of career and an honour from the Queen ...

  • Sarah_Bessey.jpg

    My season of searching


    Sarah Bessey loved Jesus, but left church disillusioned. She tells Amy Boucher Pye about the struggles she faced – and how she came to return ...

  • Mouse.jpg

    A mouse and a lobster


    Two very different creatures, but God used them both to encourage Jennifer Rees Larcombe ...

  • Anne_Le_Tissier.jpg

    Not too late with God


    Instead of allowing failure or wrong choices to hold us back. Anne Le Tissier shows how God can offer us second chances ...

  • Fruitful.jpg

    How to be fruitful


    The team at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) present a liberating approach to being fruitful in evangelism and discipleship

  • Carol_Bostock.jpg

    Filled with shame


    Carol Bostock reports on her shame of weighing 26 stone, taking drastic surgical measures to lose weight and how she found real healing beyond this

  • Liz_Warom_copy.jpg

    Treasure hunters


    Susan Baxter overcame her shyness and discovered she could share her faith through the Treasure Hunt Ministry. Here she explains ...

  • Catherine_Butcher.jpg

    Live life abundantly


    Catherine Butcher considers how we can live our lives fruitfully ...

  • Liz_Warom.jpg

    Live a bigger life


    Catherine Larner interviews beauty entrepreneur Liz Warom about being a Christian in the world of business and encouraging and empowering women

  • Jill_Rattle.jpg

    Winter in your soul?


    Jill Rattle explores the winter season of our souls and has tips on getting through when your faith is weak ...

  • Having_children.jpg

    Will I have children?


    Nicola Jackson shares how faith has helped her through the disappointment of failed attempts at having a baby ...

  • Wendy_Mann.jpg

    What's your motivation?


    Wendy Mann explains how love needs to be the motivating force to help others and see their lives transformed, and how we can find this by connecting with God's love

  • Rejection.jpg

    Rejection hurts


    Suzanne Green shares what she has learned about keeping your self-esteem intact

  • Man_Alive.jpg

    On being human


    Russ Bravo discusses whether he is man enough for today's world. Or whether God has other ideas anyway .......

  • Diana_Louise_Jordan.jpg

    Being good enough


    Diane Louise Jordan chats about her life - parenting, faith and slowing down

  • Where_are_you_hiding.jpg

    Where are you hiding?


    Nicki Copeland reveals the many things we may hide behind to protect ourselves

  • Marriage_Weekend.jpg

    The marriage weekend


    Ginny and Thom Gangway attended a Time for Marriage course - Ginny shares their experiences ...

  • Sheridan_Voysey.jpg

    His identity was lost


    Sheridan tells Amy Boucher-Pye how he dealt with the disappointments and doubts in his life

  • Lets_Talk_About_Boys.jpg

    What about the boys?


    Helen Jaeger discusses how boys are being left behind in a world that has been concentrating on the girls

  • Renew_your_Mind.jpg

    Renew your mind


    Michele Morrison explores how we can change our thinking habits and achieve a 'holier' mind ...

  • Syrian_Refugees.jpg

    Plight of refugees


    Refugees worker Catherine Ashcroft tells Mandy Pilz why Europe's open door policy is not the answer ...

  • Learn_to_love_Christmas.jpg

    Love Christmas again


    Suzanne Green explores why many of us - especially women - groan at the thought of Christmas, and what we can do to love Christmas again

  • Father_Christmas.jpg

    Father Christmas real?


    How do we explain Father Christmas to our children as Christian parents? Trisha Foote explains how her family tackled the issue

  • The_party_that_changed_lives.jpg

    Christmas in Uganda


    Maureen Mwagale wanted to give Ugandan slum families a Christmas party - read about what happened at this surprising event and what it led to

  • More_Stess_Less_Living.jpg

    Manage stress better


    Learn from Kate Middleton (the other one!) why stress can be a particular problem for busy Christians and how we can learn to manage it well

  • 5_Things_to_do.jpg

    Godly habits at work


    Find out five simple things that you could do to help you live out your faith at work

  • Letter_from_Kenilworth.jpg

    A letter from Kenya


    Joyce Njoki Muriuki explains how she moved from being a frustrated farmer to being an adventurous one – with results that have transformed her community

  • Lucy_Mills.jpg

    Seeking guidance


    In our preoccupation with making the 'right' decisions to know what to do next, Lucy Mills suggests the ways that God wants to lead us forward

  • Veronica.jpg

    Mindful of God


    Veronica Zundel explains how she finds 'mindfulness' helpful both mentally and spiritually

  • Marion_Andrews.jpg

    Family matters


    Find out how Marion Andrews and her family have benefited from their multi-generational living arrangements and made it work

  • Joyce_Passmore.jpg

    Jesus was my lifeline


    Discover Joyce Passmore's story of how she clung to Jesus during her 15 years confined in a psychiatric hospital

  • Speak_Words_of_Life.jpg

    Encourage our children


    Katharine Hill explains the importance of encouragement to our children, particularly in what is said to them

  • Embrace_failure.jpg

    Be kind to ourselves


    Learn from Tania Bright how to embrace and move on from our failures

  • Should_we_really_treasure.jpg

    Little treasures?


    Feel challenged by parenting articles which tell you to treasure every moment? You're not alone, as Ruth Strange explains ...

  • Gemma_Hunt.jpg

    Life on kids' TV


    Hannah Hiles talks to CBeebies' Gemma Hunt about her work and what it's like being a role model

  • Church_Attendance.jpg

    Church and belonging


    Elaine Storkey explains why she believes that belonging to a local church is essential to our Christian lives

  • Healing_power.jpg

    Therapeutic Journalling


    Lyn Alderson explains how keeping a journal can help combat the stress and worries of our lives

  • Rev_Eileen_Heaney.jpg

    Policewoman to vicar


    Find out how Eileen Heaney made the transition from policewoman to a new vocation as a vicar

  • Daughters.jpg

    Helping our daughters


    As cultural pressure increases on our youth, Tanith Carey explores how parents can help their daughters to tackle these pressures

  • Jennifer_Rees_Larcombe.jpg

    My real healing


    Jennifer Rees Larcombe reflects on the emotional healing that took place six years before her physical healing miracle in 1990 ...

  • Ukraine.jpg

    Life in Ukraine


    A young mother describes how life has changed in Ukraine since the conflict with Russia

  • Martha.jpg

    Baking for God


    Martha Collison speaks to Ali Herbert about her faith and life after 'The Great British Bake Off'

  • Paul_Tonks_2.jpg

    Strain of caring


    Paul Tonks was overjoyed when his wife was healed, but then started to have difficulties of his own

  • Katharine_Welby.jpg

    Mental health stigma


    Katharine Welby-Roberts, daughter of the Archbishop of Canterbury, talks to Ali Herbert about coping with mental health issues

  • Giving.jpg

    Giving to everyone?


    We are bombarded by requests to give financially. Fiona Mearns from UK charity Stewardship offers some advice

  • Voice_to_Young_Mums.jpg

    Voice for young mums


    Photographer Jendella Benson is challenging young mum stereotypes ...

  • Renew_and_Reuse.jpg

    Renew and reuse


    An article on food waste shocked Jenny Dawson into action ...

  • My_Dreams.jpg

    My dream came true


    When Lyn wrote out her future hopes, God took them literally ...

  • Honey.jpg

    Ways to use honey


    Catherine Francis explains five different ways that we can make use of honey

  • Adoption.jpg

    Our wonderful children


    After years of infertility, Angela Moore celebrates Mothering Sunday this year with her six children ...

  • Dankielle_Strickland.jpg

    A "Beautiful Mess"


    Ali Herbert interviews Danielle Strickland about her childhood, coming to faith, and ministry among the disadvantaged

  • Sheridan_Voysey.jpg

    Sheridan Voysey speaks


    Sheridan Voysey shares some of the ups and downs of life and how we can all have a "resurrection year"

  • Self-esteem.jpg

    It's not about you


    Amanda Pilz discusses ways we are taught to build our confidence and self-esteem and shows us how it should be done

  • Grandchildren.jpg

    Grandchildren teach us


    Jackie Parsons shares how God has been teaching her through her grandchildren

  • Sharon_Grenham-Toze.jpg

    God will never let go


    Prison chaplain and radio presenter Sharon Grenham-Toze reveals how she discovered that God holds on to us through all situations

  • My_dreams.jpg

    Future hopes for women


    Amanda Jackson from Micah Challenge discusses her hopes and dreams for women across the world in the year ahead

  • Entertaining.jpg

    Entertaining Angels


    Amy Boucher-Pye suggests ways that we can practise hospitality without the pressure of 'doing it right'

  • Mary_Berry.jpg

    The "Bake Off" queen


    Mary Berry speaks about her passions in life - her love of baking and how she has balanced her career with her family life.

  • The_Reason.jpg

    Should we celebrate?


    Trisha Foote takes our cynicisms about Christmas and reminds us that there are still good reasons to celebrate

  • Ebola_surviver.jpg

    I survived Ebola


    Suzanne Green speaks to Nancy Writebol about how she contracted and survived the Ebola virus

  • What_weve_learned.jpg

    Now faith is real


    Kasey Van Norman reveals how God used her life-threatening physical illness to challenge her faith and make it more real than she had even known before

  • Dont_Give_up_on_Church.jpg

    Don't give up on church


    Whatever our experiences of church, Amy Boucher-Pye explains why church is God's vessel on earth and we should not give up on it.

  • Be_a_Peacemaker.jpg

    Be a Peacemaker


    In a month of remembering the impact of war and hostilities Penelope Wilcock discusses what we can do for peace

  • Philip_Yancey.jpg

    Reclaim the good news


    Philip Yancey encourages us to welcome the good news of our faith despite our struggles and doubts

  • Beating_Cancer.jpg

    Look Good Feel Better


    Marion Andrews reports on her work with a charity who help women battling cancer continue to look their best ...

  • Internet_Grooming.jpg

    Internet grooming


    A reader's experience of being groomed on the net shows it is not just the young who are being targeted ...

  • Appy_phone.jpg

    Because I'm 'Appy


    Bex Lewis explains what an 'app' is and how we can make use of them in our everyday lives

  • Holiday_Blues.jpg

    Beat the holiday blues


    Sue Williams discusses ways in which single people don't have to holiday alone

  • Be_Kind_to_Yourself.jpg

    Be kind to yourself


    Fun and frivolity are essential to our well-being – Penelope Wilcock explains why

  • Carol_Pembertopn.jpg

    The power of music


    Carol Pemberton, founder of Black Voices, talks about the increasing popularity of community singing

  • Easy_Like_Sunday.jpg

    Sundays not so easy!


    Allison Robinson talks about the pressures of being mum, teacher and pastor's wife on a Sunday

  • Veronica.jpg

    Friends Reunited


    Veronica Zundel discusses those people with who we just 'click', and why we should value our friends

  • Urgent_important.jpg

    Urgent vs Important


    Michele Morrison dicusses how to keep our focus on God to discern what is important rather than just urgent

  • Music_Bring_People.jpg

    Music uniting people


    Meet the woman who is changing lives by bringing music to a deprived area of Cardiff

  • Shelly_Ann.jpg

    Jamaica 'pocket rocket'


    Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is preparing for the Commonwealth Games and talks about her Christian faith

  • Rob_Parsons.jpg

    Joy of grandparenting


    Rob Parsons talks about the joys and challenges of this special relationship

  • Suzanne_Green.jpg

    Heavenly Supplies


    Read how an Essex church meets the need of the community for a local shop

  • Christine_Holmes.jpg

    Embrace new life


    Christine Holmes speaks of how she moved on in her life to embrace change after her husband died of cancer

  • Michelle_Guiness.jpg

    Women in leadership


    Michele Guinness discusses her latest book in relation to the issues facing women in leadership

  • Ruth_Flynn.jpg

    Taking God at his Word


    Ruth Flynn explains how the Bible helped her face and overcome her fear of water

  • Flower_Lady.jpg

    Meet the flower lady


    Trisha Gallagher shares her experience of distributing flowers that would otherwise be discarded

  • Walking_St_James.jpg

    Walk way of St James


    Stephanie Pena shares her experience of when she and her family followed an ancient pilgrim way

  • Lose_Weight.jpg

    Lose weight, feel great


    Liz Babbs looks to faith and lifestyle rather than faddy diets to achieve a fit and healthy body

  • Important_Friends.jpg

    Importance of friends


    Jackie Anderson discusses whether women put enough time and energy into maintaining relationships with girlfriends

  • Womens_World.jpg

    On the fringes of society


    Charlotte Walker reveals the tough challenges for Indian women with leprosy

  • Cup_of_Tea.jpg

    Let's have a cup of tea!


    It’s the simplest of invitations, but it can make a big difference to someone. Sharon Barnard explores practising hospitality ...

  • Inside_a_Marriage.jpg

    Inside a Marriage


    Pippa Gumbel talks about her marriage with Nicky and her own journey into the limelight

  • Les_Cotils.jpg

    Plan a morning retreat


    Angie Pollard on how she organised a quiet morning with God for a group of women – plus 12 easy steps to doing it yourself

  • Charity_pic.jpg

    Life after debt


    Patricia Green interviews Heather Keates and finds out how personal experience of debt inspired her to create the national charity Community Money Advice.

  • Hoarding.jpg

    Have a clear out!


    Lucy Mills challenges us to deal with the clutter that clogs up our hearts and minds, and suggests helpful ways we can do this ...

  • Fellinghams.jpg

    South African Adventure


    Claire Musters interviews Nathan and Lou Fellingham about the six months they spent in South Africa working with PJ Smyth and GodFirst church

  • Captivating Course


    Ellie Philpott joined a group of friends in attending the Captivating course written by John and Stasi Eldredge for women and found it an affirming and helpful experience.

  • A spiritual journal


    Amy Boucher-Pye discusses the practicalities and benefits of keeping a spiritual journal

  • Martin_Smith.jpg

    Finding my way


    It's a new phase now for songwriter and worship leader Martin Smith

  • Create_some_quite_space.jpg

    Create quiet space


    We loved these suggestions to bring meaning to our Christmas preparations

  • Nativity.jpg

    Christmas redeemed


    Simplicity is the way to go if we want to rescue the festival, says Penelope Wilcock

  • Liz_Kovar_with_Nvou_poster.jpg

    Praise not despair


    Liz Kovar is inspired by the courage of women in the Persecuted Church

  • Soldiers_shutterstock_68816542.jpg

    Andrew's homecoming


    A touching short story by Fran Bovington

  • World_Kindness_day.jpg

    Acts of kindness


    Suzanne Green on a simple and sometimes neglected Christian spiritual fruit: kindness

  • Birthday_Cakes.jpg

    Ways to celebrate


    10 tips on embracing pivotal points in our lives

  • Amy_Grant.jpg

    The rough edges


    Amy Grant on touring, tough times and her new album

  • Blogging.jpg

    Dear Diary


    Three women who blog about the joy of online journalling

  • Confidence.jpg

    The confidence gap


    Nicola Hulks on your confidence ... and God's plans

  • Muslim.jpg

    My name is Amira


    Debbie Meroff reports on the plight of many Muslim women living here in Britain

  • ethical_fashion_2.jpg

    Ethical fashion


    Ali Herbert meets the two women behind luxury fashion brand Beulah London

  • Joni.jpg

    The test of marriage


    Joni Eareckson Tada shares what she has learned from marriage's challenges

  • Perfect_Summer.jpg

    Our perfect summer


    Three women tell Suzanne Green how they spend their summer holiday

  • Milton_Jones.jpg

    Called to be funny


    King of the one-liners Milton Jones talks to Ali Herbert

  • Our_Life_Now.jpg

    The good life


    Ellie Philpott explains how she and her family began to pursue a more organic lifestyle

  • How_to_eat_for_energy.jpg

    How to eat for energy


    What we eat can transform our energy levels, says Emma Cockrell

  • Richard_Chartres.jpg

    Big city Bishop


    Bishop of London Richard Chartres on the challenges facing the Church in the UK

  • Wedding_planner.jpg

    The wedding planner


    Holly Poulter talks about how her faith and business work hand in hand – and the key factors in a great wedding day

  • Liz_Curtis_Higgs.jpg

    My story


    Speaker and author Liz Curtis Higgs on why she loves encouraging women

  • Mothers.jpg

    Caring for parents


    What shall we do with mother? Suzanne Green on the questions you need to ask when caring for elderly parents

  • MAD.jpg

    May 2013 Make a Difference


    Meet the Nottingham street pastor who is helping to provide a safe place for city revellers

  • Lifelines.jpg

    May 2013 Lifelines


    Steps you can take to keep your child safe on the internet

  • Jennifer_Rees_Larcombe.gif

    May 2013 Come and Join Us


    Woman Alive and Bible Reading Fellowship are once again hosting a special one day event at this year’s Christian Resources Exhibition in May

  • Jennifer_Rees_Larcombe.gif

    Come and Join Us


    Woman Alive and Bible Reading Fellowship are once again hosting a special one day event at this year’s Christian Resources Exhibition in May

  • In_conversations.jpg

    April 2013 In Conversation


    Lady Elizabeth Berridge, the youngest female peer in the House of Lords, talks to Andrew Boyd about being a role model and working for change

  • Joni.jpg

    April 2013 Abundant Life


    Many of us seek relief from illness or disability, but suffering can yield precious things, says Joni Eareckson Tada

  • Hopeful_Girl.jpg

    March 2013 Real Lives


    We ask our columnist Hopeful Girl about searching for Mr Right - and what the future might hold

  • Jennifer_Rees_Larcombe.gif

    March 2013 Make a Difference


    Book for our FREE worship and teaching event on 15 May with BRF

  • Good_life.jpg

    March 2013 Good Life


    Two busy working mums explain how they live and work for Jesus in the office

  • Uganda.jpg

    February 2013 Making a Difference


    Discover from Tearfund how the church in Uganda is transforming local communities

  • Bible_study.jpg

    February 2013 Into the Word


    God is always ready to forgive and enable us to move on, says Anne Le Tissier

  • Dinner_parties.jpg

    February 2013 Ideas to Inspire


    There’s no better way of getting to know people than over a meal. Michele Morrison shares her tips for bringing people together

  • Stormie.jpg

    January 2013 Woman to Woman


    Millions of people have been helped by Stormie Omartian’s The Power of Praying books. She reveals why books have been important for her too

  • Dementia.jpg

    January 2013 Living Well


    Many people fear dementia, but a retired GP diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in 2009, chooses to see it as an opportunity to serve God

  • Give_thanks.jpg

    January 2013 Living Faith


    Discover why being thankful can be a blessing – and how you can nurture a thankful heart

  • Paul_Kerensa.jpg

    December 2012 Man Alive


    Let's not be too hasty in dividing the sacred and the secular this Christmas, says comedy writer Paul Kerensa

  • 14_Angela.jpg

    December 2012 Interview


    Angela Piper talks about her new cookery book, celebrating Christmas and her alter ego Jennifer Aldridge from The Archers

  • 17.jpg

    December 2012 Ideas to Inspire


    Feeling frantic instead of festive? We have some great ideas to help you relax and keep Jesus at the centre of your celebrations

  • Tragedy_of_Suicide.jpg

    November 2012 The Tragedy of Suicide


    We talk to two women whose loved ones have taken their own lives

  • Jean_Martyn.jpg

    November 2012 New Directions


    Meet Jean Martyn, the unlikely star who shot to fame in the 2011 series of Britain’s Got Talent

  • Sheep_on_shelf.jpg

    November 2012 Ideas to Inspire


    How a fraught shopping trip and some creative knitting brought the real meaning of Christmas to Liverpool ONE

  • 22-24_Reaching_women_today.jpg

    October 2012 Reaching Women


    Meet Maria Rodrigues-Toth, the Premier radio presenter who wants to bring women together

  • 36-38_Make_a_difference.jpg

    October 2012 Make a Difference


    Jean Halfacre was rather unprepared for her teaching mission to Mozambique, but found God was able to use her

  • 40-41_Lifelines.jpg

    October 2012 Lifelines


    How 'tearing my hair out' became a literal truth for one primary school teacher

  • Living_simply.jpg

    September 2012 Living Simply


    Discover how frugality can be the key ingredient of a peaceful and more liberated life

  • Woman_Alive_talks_to.jpg

    September 2012 Interview


    Author, broadcaster and former nun Dr Lavinia Byrne talks about her exciting journeys

  • Inside_story.jpg

    September 2012 Inside Story


    Why anorexia, sometimes described as 'the good girl's drug', affects so many women and girls in our churches

  • Womens_ministry.jpg

    August 2012 Women's Ministry


    Meet five women who have been called to lead worship

  • Well-being.jpg

    August 2012 Wellbeing


    Should Christians seek counselling? Lucinda van der Hart talks to those involved

  • Snapshot.jpg

    August 2012 2012 Games


    Olympic Champion Christine Ohuruogu explains why she wants to encourage children

  • Beach.jpg

    July 2012 New Directions


    How an ex-British Airways crew member discovered a talent she didn't know she had

  • Boozer.jpg

    July 2012 Interview


    Best-selling author and speaker Michele Guinness reveals what she's up to over the summer

  • Rower.jpg

    July 2012 Inspiring Women


    Meet the rower who took on a tough challenge to highlight human trafficking

  • MAD_29.jpg

    June 2012 Make a Difference


    Not sure you can do much for God? Be inspired by three ordinary women who took a step of faith

  • Momey_feature_25.jpg

    June 2012 Good Life


    Ideas to help you to be generous, even when money's tight

  • Joni_31.jpg

    June 2012 Abundant Life


    Joni Eareckson Tada says the secret of contentment is to be flexible

  • Well_being.jpg

    May 2012 Wellbeing


    It's time to be your own best friend!

  • Reaching_women.jpg

    May 2012 Reaching Women


    Meet Carrie Longton, one of the founders of Mumsnet

  • My_story.jpg

    May 2012 My Story


    How a brush with death gave a pregnant nurse a fresh outlook

  • Rountable.jpg

    April 2012 Your Life


    Is love an essential ingredient for a happy marriage?

  • Women_of_the_world.jpg

    April 2012 Women of the World


    We report on the scandalous practice of female genital mutilation

  • Your_well-being.jpg

    April 2012 Feel Good


    The healing power of food

  • Open_diary.jpg

    March 2012 Open diary


    Adopting a Chinese baby - a mum tells her story

  • Ideas_to_inspire.jpg

    March 2012 Ideas to inspire


    Could you take up the challenge to be a Fair trader?

  • Good_life.jpg

    March 2012 Good life


    One family's experiences on their homegrown adventure

  • Lou_Fellingham.jpg

    February 2012 Interview


    Lou Fellingham on music, motherhood and God

  • Ideas_to_inspire.jpg

    February 2012 Ideas to inspire


    Tips for starting a women's ministry in your church

  • Behind_the_headlines.jpg

    February 2012 Behind the headlines


    How one woman has helped to restore hope to Seascale

  • 8a.jpg

    January 2012 Your Life


    Could you be doing something a bit different in 2012?

  • Nicky_Gumbel.jpg

    January 2012 Interview


    Meet Nicky Gumbel, the man behind the Alpha course

  • Mug.jpg

    January 2012 Body and Soul


    10 ways you can embrace winter

  • knowhow.jpg

    December 2011 Know-how


    How to find that “peace that passes all understanding” this Christmas

  • Nancy.jpg

    December 2011 Favourite Christmases


    Three well-known Christian women share their special memories

  • JoniKen.jpg

    December 2011 Abundant Life


    Joni wonders if Psalm 23 brought comfort to Mary

  • divas.jpg

    November 2011 Reaching Women Today


    How Divine Divas is bringing a diverse group of women together in Yorkshire

  • WEB_SHOTS_1.jpg

    November 2011 Lifelines


    Three women share what they've learnt through the experience of waiting

  • adventcal.jpg

    November 2011 Know-how


    Make your own Advent calendar this year and enjoy using it for years to come

  • conley.jpg

    October 2011 Woman to Woman


    Rosemary Conley talks about her life, diet and fitness business and faith

  • real_lives.jpg

    October 2011 Real Lives


    How Anna Rogers fared when she challenged herself to live on £1 a day

  • Aspergers.jpg

    October 2011 Inside Story


    Living with Asperger syndrome - a wife's story

  • WEB_SHOTS_1.jpg

    September 2011 Your Faith


    Is it time you pulled in for a spiritual check-up?


    September 2011 Snapshot


    Wendy Virgo shares 5 things she's learned on her spiritual journey

  • WEB_SHOTS_2.jpg

    September 2011 Ideas to Inspire


    Organise a breakfast party and make your friends' weekend

  • wellbeing.jpg

    August 2011 Your well-being


    A women's coach and mentor shows how to work through some common issues

  • love_story.jpg

    August 2011 Relationships


    The choir chaperone who found love in Africa

  • murder.jpg

    August 2011 First Person


    Margaret Noakes on the day that changed her family's life

  • granny.jpg

    July 2011 Your Family


    Grandmothers and granddaughters on the importance of praying for future generations

  • tents.jpg

    July 2011 Summer Events


    Christian festivals are not just for teenagers, hardy types or the super-spiritual

  • ritz.jpg

    July 2011 Reaching Women Today


    How high-flying businesswomen are empowering the poor across the world

  • women_at_work.jpg

    June 2011 Women at Work


    Broadcaster and Simeon Trust chaplain Debbie Thrower explains her new role

  • special_feature.jpg

    June 2011 Special feature


    A carer gives an insight into the challenges she faces

  • Make_a_diff.jpg

    June 2011 Make a difference


    Steph Cooke's family benefited. Discover how you can help other Olympic athletes' families

  • your_concerns.jpg

    May 2011 Your Concerns


    Having teenagers in the family can be a challenge! Some parents share their experiences

  • Women_at_work-1.jpg

    May 2011 Women at Work


    Kay Chaldecott, MD of Capital Shopping, talks about her career, family and faith

  • make_a_diff.jpg

    May 2011 Make a Difference


    How a Surrey church's community allotment scheme is bearing fruit

  • prayer_on_street.jpg

    April 2011 Make a Difference


    Meet two women who offer a prayer ministry in their community

  • into_the_word.jpg

    April 2011 Into the Word


    The promise of eternal life is a real promise for today, says Anne Le Tissier

  • joni.jpg

    April 2011 Abundant Life


    Joni Eareckson Tada shares what she is learning from her battle against cancer

  • Women_at_work.jpg

    March 2011 Women at Work


    Meet three women working for a fairer world

  • into_the_word.jpg

    March 2011 Into the Word


    Anne Le Tissier begins a new series exploring the promises of God

  • cause_for_concern.jpg

    March 2011 Cause for Concern


    The increasing sexualisation of our children is now a national conversation - special report

  • WEB_SHOTS_1.jpg

    February 2011 Living the Faith


    Author Philip Yancey talks to Ali Herbert about suffering, grace and prayer

  • widow.jpg

    February 2011 Act Now


    How to lovingly help a woman who is mourning the death of their spouse

  • love.jpg

    Feb 11 Real Lives


    Four women talk about love in all its guises

  • your_looks.jpg

    January 2011 Your Looks


    Image consultant Jane Fardon comes offers advice on how we can look our best everyday

  • kjb.jpg

    January 2011 Your Faith


    In this the 400th anniversary year of the King James Bible, we discover why it still has much to give us

  • hospitality.jpg

    January 2011 The Good Life


    Offering hospitality can be a real blessing, so why do many of us feel apprehensive about it?

  • DADDY.jpg

    December 2010 Make a Difference


    Meet three women who deliver special hope at Christmas

  • HELP.jpg

    December 2010 Lifelines


    Help! My children don't want to do church anymore!

  • Joni.jpg

    December 2010 Abundant Life


    Whatever we face in the year ahead, we can be sure God is working for our good, says Joni

  • Persecution.gif

    November 2010 Your Concerns


    In many parts of the world, Christians pay a high price for their faith. Two women share their stories

  • Chaplains.gif

    November 2010 Real Lives


    Four female chaplains talk about their special ministry - to soldiers, students, seafarers and shoppers

  • November 2010 Making a Difference


    How giving someone undivided quality attention can demonstrate Jesus' love

  • Lifelines.gif

    October 2010 Your Relationships


    Five ways to learn to love someone you struggle to get on with

  • Living-generously.gif

    October 2010 Your Life


    Tracy Spiers talks to three women who are generous in the way they lives their lives

  • October 2010 Your Faith


    Have we lost our sense of awe? asks Rev Andy Twilley

  • Your_health.gif

    September 2010 Your Health


    A woman with terminal illness explains why her life is richer than before

  • No-more-christian-nice-girl.gif

    September 2010 Your Faith


    Jesus didn't mean us to be doormats, say the authors of No More Christian Nice Girl!

  • September 2010 Women Like Us


    Ali Herbert speaks with three women breaking new ground within our churches

  • Your_life.gif

    August 2010 Your Life


    Amy Sparkes hears from three women who have embraced life in the country

  • Relationships.gif

    August 2010 Relationships


    Does twittering, blogging, Facebooking and e-mailing really help us to connect?

  • August 2010 Bible study


    Are you relying on your natural abilities, or are you truly empowered by Jesus?

  • July 2010 Your world


    Meet the women working to improve the lives of their families and communities

  • Your_health.gif

    July 2010 Your health


    Are you taking care of your body? One woman's mission to encourage us into good habits

  • Your_faith.gif

    July 2010 Your faith


    12 ways to deepen your relationship with God

  • June 2010 Your relationships


    My dad . . . two writers pay tribute to the first man in their lives

  • 50th-Birthday.gif

    June 2010 Your life


    Why getting older can be good news

  • Journalling.gif

    June 2010 Your faith


    Ready for an adventure in prayer? Start a prayer journal

  • Death-of-parents.gif

    May 2010 Your Life


    Jenny Hawke (daughter of Eddie and Barbara Askew) writes movingly about the effect of her parents' deaths on her

  • Helen-Hayne.gif

    May 2010 Your Health


    Christian singer-songwriter Helen Jayne talks about her fight back from ME

  • May 2010 Your Faith


    It's the Church's birthday, so let's celebrate Pentecost

  • Feet.gif

    April 2010 Your relationships


    Sex is a wonderful gift. Make it a priority in your marriage

  • April 2010 Your faith


    A young mum explores the spiritual disciplines

  • April 2010 Your body


    How to be godly without being dowdy

  • A-job-I-love.gif

    Your life


    Cheap really is cheerful at a new wedding planning business

  • Relationships.gif

    March 2010 Your relationships


    Grieving with your children - when they are grown up, it's no longer possible simply to kiss their hurts better

  • March 2010 Your faith


    Can you fund your calling? Key questions to ask yourself about your financial planning

  • Wedding.gif

    Feb 2010 Your relationships


    How to build a happy marriage that lasts

  • Cedria-Clifton.gif

    Feb 2010 Your life


    Sometimes just making one change in our lives can open up a whole new world

  • Feb 2010 Your faith


    Elizabeth Goldsmith talks about how she learned to trust in God's love

  • Heart.gif

    January 2010 Your future


    Don't let fear hold you back, say "yes" to your heart

  • Bible-study.gif

    January 2010 Your faith


    Why do so many of us feel unfulfilled and discouraged?

  • 2010 Jan Your relationships


    Be a good neighbour and build a sense of community where you live

  • Your-Well-being.gif

    Dec 09 Your well-being


    All the joy . . . and none of the stress. Tips to ensure you enjoy the holy season

  • Your-Relationships.gif

    Dec 09 Your relationships


    O come all ye inlaws! Christmas can accentuate strained relationships, but there are things you can do to smooth the way

  • Dec 09 Your faith


    Are we like the shepherds, Herod or the Magi in the way we come to worship Jesus, as the King of kings?

  • Real-Relationships.gif

    Nov 09 Real relationships


    How do you meet eligible Christian men? Three women share their online dating experiences

  • Nov 09 Real life


    Meet the World Disabled Waterski Champion, who fought her way back after a horrific accident

  • Real-Faith.gif

    Nov 09 Real faith


    Ideas to help you make time for friends and fun this Advent

  • Real-Relationships.gif

    Oct 09 Real relationships


    Is this how it's supposed to be? Katharine Hill advises a struggling young wife

  • Real-Life.gif

    Oct 09 Real life


    What I didn't expect about life in rural France! Michele Guinness talks about living her dream

  • Oct 09 Real faith


    What the Celtic Christians can teach us about celebrating life

  • Your-relationships.gif

    Your relationships - WA Sept 09 - Parenting teenagers


    How do we tackle our teenagers?

  • Your life - WA September 09 - In the garden


    Fruitfulness - from your garden to your life

  • Your-Faith.gif

    Your Faith - WA Sept 09 - Lisa Potts interview


    Lisa Potts on fame and working with young people

  • Your-Life.gif

    Aug 09 Your Life


    Meet two women who have discovered that age is no barrier to starting something new.

  • Aug 09 Your health


    Beat stress! Here's 20 ways to boost your serenity

  • Your-Faith.gif

    Aug 09 Your Faith


    From Buddhism to Christ, one woman's search for truth

  • Your-Life.gif

    July 09 Your life


    We got involved! From rebuilding lives to saving our heritage, there's an opportunity for all of us to make a difference

  • July 09 Your faith


    10 ways to breathe new life into your prayers

  • Your-Church.gif

    July 09 Your Church


    They want more than a cup of tea! The challenge of the Saga generation

  • Your-Relationships.gif

    June 2009 Your relationships


    "We're living apart together" The challenge of long distance marriages

  • June 2009 Your Influence


    Can we change the minds of our MPS and influence government policy? Yes we can!

  • Your-Faith.gif

    June 2009 Your faith


    Giving beyond what is comfortable. Meet the couples who have changed their money habits

  • May 2009 Your Relationships


    10 tried and tested ideas to make a difference where you work

  • Your-Life.gif

    May 2009 Your Life


    Must we give up on sex? Counsel for couples in the first of our new advice series answering your questions

  • Your-Faith.gif

    May 2009 Your faith


    Embrace solitude - it draws us closer to God and helps us to accept and love ourselves

  • Your relationships April 2009


    Somebody rubbing you up the wrong way? Here's how to respond

  • Your-Life.gif

    Your Life April 2009


    Let's get swishing - the new, fun way to boost your wardrobe

  • Your-Faith.gif

    Your faith April 2009


    Why did Jesus have to die? Explore the great truths of Easter

  • Your-Life.gif

    March 2009 Your life


    From social events to craft groups, here's how different women are making new friends

  • Your-Concerns.gif

    March 2009 Your concerns


    Fairtrade or farmer's market? Here's some guidelines for the ethical shopper

  • March 2009 Spiritual


    Four key tasks for a healthy garden - and a healthy soul!

  • Your-Life.gif

    09 February Your life


    What's your spiritual challenge?

  • Your-Faith.gif

    09 February Your faith


    How to tame your tongue!

  • Your_Life.gif

    Jan 09 Your life


    Meet the women who chose a different kind of holiday

  • Jan 09 Your faith


    Let the one who is outside of time give you hope for 2009

  • Your_Concerns.gif

    Jan 09 Your concerns


    Is the Church failing single people?

  • Your-relationships.gif

    Dec 08 Your relationships


    When your husband is a Jehovah's Witness, your home is a spiritual battleground

  • Your-Faith.gif

    Dec 08 Your faith


    Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Have you accepted his gift to you?

  • Dec 08 Your Christmas


    If you're struggling for a present idea. Here's a selection of gifts that change lives for under £10

  • Your-life.gif

    Your life Nov 08


    Don't let your spending get out of control

  • Your health Nov 08


    Creative ways to improve your fitness

  • Your-Faith.gif

    Your faith Nov 08


    Many of us love to dance, but would you dance in church?