Sinead Mcleod’s reflection and prayer for February


Sometimes my self-will leads me towards stormy seas and I drift, losing a sense of direction, like a ship without sails: my one anchor is God. These testing times gather momentum when the minutiae and outside validation become prominent. Thankfully, as my faith and awareness have deepened, these moments are few and far between. 

Yesterday I volunteered to help serve food at a special lunch alongside some other women. It became clear that some people had been waiting longer than others, and a few appeared ‘hangry’! “We need some leadership”, one lady said. I smiled inwardly and acknowledged her point. However, between us, we did our best to allot the meals in an order where table by table, people could eat together simultaneously. The teamwork paid off, and happy faces lit up the room. 

Jesus blesses us with the freedom of choice. He does not seek to control us; instead, we are encouraged to live by the will of God. Proverbs 11:14 says: “For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisors.” Interconnectedness is the antidote to loneliness and a compass towards hope. God’s perpetual light leads us away from conflict, and his love, I believe, is linked with service. My mum used to say, especially in challenging times: “God is love.” Led by God’s love, life is inextricably more beautiful, we are more connected – and empty distractions become obsolete.

Lord, may the peace of your love

and gracious Spirit guide us to

live harmoniously with wisdom

and patience.

Bless us, oh Lord, with kindness

and compassion.

May our earthly divisions of war and hunger be cast away so that, with hope and strength, we may walk in your light and live fruitful lives in your name and by your majesty.

Lord God, lead us away from the wilderness of falsehoods.

May we surrender to your unconditional love and dance daily

in the brightness of ever-strengthening faith. 

Please guide us to trust in your permanence and eternal grace.