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God’s comfort after a broken heart

A couple of months ago, I was nursing a broken heart after having had a whirlwind situation with someone who unexpectedly abandoned me. The pain-point of this relationship was that he was not a man of his word, as he broke promises to me over and over again. One afternoon, I was praying and talking to God about my frustration and confusion with what happened, and as I was walking down a leaf-trodden path, I felt the presence of Jesus with me so strongly. It’s as if he was literally walking next to me. He then whispered to me: “Bethany, you are beautiful and fully loved. I see you and I know you and will never abandon you.  I am a man of my word, and all of my promises over your life are ‘Yes’ and ‘Amen’.”  It was a perfectly timed redemptive moment that reminded me of God’s bigger story over my life and what/who really matters. For that, I am thankful and rest secure in his peace, knowing that I can fully trust him to hold my heart and my future. 

Bethany, by email

Stopping for the one

Just before midnight at the beginning of 2023, I was walking along the almost empty concourse at Düsseldorf central station. My whole being was crying for sleep as I had just left the train from the airport. After a 6:30am start in London, the last thing I wanted to do was to spend more time awake. But as I caught sight of a man in a wheelchair, I felt the stirring of the Holy Spirit to join in with what he wanted to do. So I headed towards the guy, who by now had stopped outside McDonalds and was stretching out his empty cup in hope. 

It is amazing how in many of these moments in my life the heart of the person seeking help just bursts open and I become a witness to their struggle and pain. Janush, a Polish man who looked prematurely aged and withered, had come to Germany over 25 years ago. He worked hard, helped family back in Poland and some Poles in Germany. But he lost his sister and his mother and now nobody was interested in his current plight. Due to the hard labour, his knee was worn out and he had to have a surgery but caught a bad infection and could not go back to work. He did not feel he had a life back in Poland. With his crippled body he was waiting for some bureaucratic process to make decisions and help his welfare. As I listened and watched, his eyes were brimming with tears and his shoulders looked loaded with the weight of pain and shame.

As I looked down at his right knee, it did look much bigger than the other. I asked him: “Do you have pain right now?” He said “Ja,” accompanied by a deep breath. I went on: “On a scale of one to ten – ten being the worst pain you could imagine – how painful is your knee right now?” At that he looked up and said: “20.” 

I just said: “Thank you for sharing all this. I need to go home, but I felt God’s love for you and believe he wants to touch you tonight. Can I bless your knee?” Janush was ready straight away so I prayed briefly. I felt heat in my hand, asked God to overwhelm Janush with his love and release complete healing over him. When I sensed a release, I asked him: “So, how do you feel now?” He stretched his leg forward and back a few times and I could see his eyes of unbelief but no words were coming out. So I just checked: “No pain?” 

His head nodded. “Did you feel the heat?” He nodded again. Wow! I was so grateful! Then God’s love started pouring out of my mouth, as I explained: “What you have just witnessed is God’s love for you. You may feel like you are invisible and nobody cares but God sees you. He loves you. He’s created you for a purpose and your life is precious to him. You must fight for your life and let go of discouragement and depression.”

You should have seen the light that came in his eyes to replace his desperation. At this point I put small change in his cup and wished him goodnight. He rolled his chair to get some food from the 24/7 shop and I headed down a level to the tube. 

What a Father we have. And he wants to be seen in every broken heart. Will you stop to give him glory? 

Kalina, by email

Angel feathers

I am a nurse and have had several situations where the Lord has spoken to me audibly and shown me things. Once I was lost, and he audibly directed me. One day a few years back I was at a conference, and I asked the Lord: “What are we doing at this conference?” Immediately the realm of the kingdom opened up and the Lord showed me in an open vision exactly what the pastor was going to talk about. As I looked to my left, about four metres from me was a very big angel. He was almost two stories high. He was so beautiful, powerful and impressive. As I was standing looking at him, I realised there was a feather lying in my hand. It was like a hexagon, except two of the sides were longer than the other, so that the bottom side was narrower. The feather was like the see-through butterflies that you get, it had gold around the edges and something that looked like veins with silver glitter on the inside. It was absolutely beautiful and fitted nicely in the palm of my hand. I looked at this feather, and asked the Lord: “Why am I looking at this feather?” I felt him say: “I want you to know what it looks like.” I was very grateful for it as it was an amazing moment of intimacy with the Lord, and very special. 

The conference was a powerful time, with God confirming his word. Then, a few years later, I had a patient come to my clinic who is also a Christian, and involved in writing Christian books for children. She shared with me that she was writing a book about angels, but she didn’t know what a feather from an angel’s wing looked like. Because of my experience with the Lord, I could explain in detail what it looked like. God is always speaking – we just need to quiet ourselves to listen. 

Erica, by email

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