Giving birth with the help of the Holy Spirit

In 2015 I felt God tell me that I was going to have a girl, she was to be called Keziah Rose Grace and she was going to be born in Armenia (where we had just moved to). A year later I got pregnant, but had a miscarriage when the baby was nine weeks. I was confused, as I thought I had heard about Keziah. Then I felt the Lord say: “Are you going to act out of fear or faith?” I got pregnant again, and the whole journey was one of trusting him. 

Every time I went for a scan, I prayed: “Lord I trust you. You said this baby is going to be healthy.” The doctor asked if I wanted to know the sex of the baby and I said: “I know it’s a girl because God has spoken.’ She confirmed I was having a girl. I felt I needed to prepare spiritually for the birth, because I was giving birth abroad, which made me nervous. I’d had two other children; the first birth had been difficult and very long, needing medical intervention, but the second I loved. 

For my third birth I was connected to someone called Kierra Blaser, who teaches how to give birth with the help of the Holy Spirit (aheavenlywelcome.com). My husband and I did her course together, and I found the exercise ‘Holy Spirit relaxation’ particularly helpful. In it, you learn to relax your body with the Holy Spirit. The course also teaches you to ask Father, Son and Holy Spirit: “What type of birth do you want me to have?” and also ask where they will be in the delivery room. For me, Father God was at my head, with his hands on my shoulders, Jesus was there to catch the baby and Holy Spirit was around me. So when I went into the delivery room I knew Father, Son and Holy Spirit were surrounding me. 

I had also practised doing contractions with the Holy Spirit, so when they came I felt so much peace. All through the labour, I could feel contractions, but I had no pain. In the last hour the doctor broke my waters, the contractions intensified and I had to concentrate more. The last 20 minutes of pushing was a bit painful, but I felt my body was working – like at the gym – and I loved every minute of it. Fear and anxiety stops labour, and that is what I experienced with my first birth. I now know that it is possible to have a fear-free and peaceful birth. It may not be pain-free, as labour is hard work, but the Holy Spirit can help us through it.

Sarah, by email


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