Your stories of God’s intervention


Word for the Sainsbury’s delivery guy

In July this year I opened my door to the Sainsbury’s delivery guy. I took the crates of groceries into the kitchen, and emptied the food. As I was taking the last crate back to the man, I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to ask if he was a Christian. So I asked him and he replied: “It’s really funny that you should ask me that; why did you ask me?” I said we are Christians and I had felt God prompt me to ask him. He said: “Wow, that is interesting because my mum’s just been talking to me about faith today. I was raised in the Christian faith, and I don’t have anything against it, but no, I am not a believer.” 

I said I felt the Lord was calling him back to him, and then I opened the door wider and pointed out the chalkboard we have in our hallway. I write Bible verses on it. On the board it said: “When troubling thoughts multiply within me, your consolations comfort my soul” (Psalm 94:19). He asked what it meant and I explained that when we are worried about something, or something is troubling us, sometimes that thought can lead to another thought and we start to become overwhelmed with our worries and our fears, but Jesus is able to bring us peace. His promises and his peace and love can comfort us and give us peace in a way that nothing else can. He asked where the verse was from so he could look it up. As he was going, I said: “Say hi to your mum for me, and tell her you are not going anywhere!” – meaning God’s not going to let him go. We both laughed. Afterwards I felt full of joy and it was a reminder to obey those prompts. God was obviously already speaking to him through his mum that same day, so what I said was another seed and a blessing. 

Holly, by email