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No sex before marriage

I read your blog article ‘Is no sex before marriage out of date or more important than ever?’ The traditional biblical view of waiting until marriage before having sex raises the status of marriage – which is a good thing.

I believe that God instigated marriage as a protection for women and children. Single mothers and their offspring are much more likely to suffer poverty and poor housing conditions. Often the men who made them pregnant refuse to accept any responsibility or pay for any of their needs. It is so much better to have a caring husband to drive you to hospital when the baby is on its way, and to look after you and your children. Wealthy single mothers may be able to spend their way out of the practical difficulties such as childcare and housing, but for most women the so-called ‘women’s lib’ sexual revolution has just caused hardship and struggle for unmarried mothers. God intended pregnant women and their children to be loved and cherished by a husband.

Ann, by email


Loving my free subscription!

I got my first Woman Alive magazine in the post just before Christmas and am loving it! This is the first of my three free magazines, which I won from a book review (and was featured in the issue) and that makes it even more delightful. I will definitely become a regular subscriber.

Teresa, via Facebook


Sitting with a cuppa

I read the print version of the magazine as I, like a number of others, like to sit in a comfortable chair with a cuppa and take in some thoughts written by women for women with healthy amounts of honesty, humility and relative to the world we live in. I’ve looked at the online articles but for me, as an older reader, I don’t connect with things as well online. I also find some articles more in depth and some light, but I like the variety that is available, despite being limited to one theme. That does take some work and talent – so well done!

Carol, via Facebook


No stigma in singleness

I’m writing to express my utter dismay at the phrase “stigma of singleness” in reference to Christa Smith’s new book, on page 7 of the January edition of Woman Alive.

I am over 70, have never married and – praise God – haven’t for one moment considered my singleness as a ‘stigma’. I am appalled by such a negative phrase.

Pat, via email


Appreciating Elaine Storkey

I just wanted to say how much I’ve appreciated Elaine Storkey’s articles in the December and January issues. Over Christmas I have had time to sit and read both issues and I really appreciated her down-to-earth, wise, encouraging and insightful thoughts on Bible passages. Having just moved house, the one on home was particularly timely for me.

Amy, via Facebook


Church cult

I read with interest your blog (at on being part of a church cult. Though not necessarily my experience, much of what you said was not unfamiliar. Thank you for having the courage and honesty to share your story; I’m sure it will resonate with and inspire many.

Yemi, by email


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