Prayer and reflection


On a recent holiday to Cornwall, we went out for a special meal. The glowing fairy lights, alongside colourful and interesting art, created a welcoming atmosphere. The food and service were both excellent. It made for a happy and memorable meal. Fast forward a few hours, and three of my four sons were sick.

We can’t be sure what caused the sickness, though a delicately cooked crab souffle was the most likely culprit. Thankfully after lots of rest, plenty of water, some ginger biscuits and TLC, the boys bounced back. The fresh sea air, birds soaring through the sky and beautiful countryside seemed to help too. Nature is sometimes the best medicine. 

After we returned, I thought back to our holiday and reflected that the experiences gained through travelling may alter how we relate to each other and ourselves for the better. Seeing new sights, meeting new people, encountering different cultures and hearing new sounds are all good for the soul.

Sometimes problems may occur, and difficulties greet us, as they did on that holiday. However, it’s good to remember that God encourages us to take joy and pleasure in recognising his goodness in our daily lives – whatever happens. Storms pass, our energy returns and moments of contemplation bring prayers of timely thanks. John 4:24 says: “God is spirit, and his worshippers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” This reminds me that each day is a gift from God and, when we are guided by his Spirit, every day can be an adventure too.

Lord God, heavenly Father,

we give thanks for your incredible creation.

Lead us to safe paths full of light and love.

May we be guided by your divine Spirit, in every moment of life’s wonderful journey.

Lord God, you breathe life

into all good things.

May we live by your celestial example, sharing humbly in hopeful expectation that 

together we may experience life’s fruitful gifts forevermore.