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God at work in a hospital car park

One afternoon, with my husband, I set out to visit my brother who was in hospital at the time. When I drove into the hospital car park my husband desperately needed the toilet, so I rather fearfully (my husband had Alzheimer’s disease) showed him where to go and where to stay to wait for me while I went and paid for the parking. 

At the machine it said “No change given” and I only had a £20 note. I dashed back to the car to leave a note to say that I had gone in search of change for the parking. A lady in a car then stopped me and said: “Would you like this ticket; it has an hour and three quarters left on it?” I could have kissed her.

I thanked God for his provision and then said: “But God, I didn’t even ask You!”, which reminded me of the verse: “Before they call I will answer” (Isaiah 65:24).

What a faithful, caring God is ours.

Judith, by email

The power of the name of Jesus

I was at a friend’s party last weekend and got chatting to a girl there who was studying at a local university. I’m in my 30s but for some reason get maternal around people in their late teens and felt really protective over this girl, who seemed a bit lost.

There was alcohol at the party and I wasn’t sure if she was taking drugs but she was quite jittery and had an unnerving restless energy that felt a bit dark. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I sensed she was involved in something with a potentially demonic energy.

She told me she was in a new relationship and how happy she felt finally being accepted for who she was. I said that I was glad she felt accepted and listened as she cooed over photos of the person she was dating. She disappeared towards the end of the night so I didn’t get to say goodbye and I left shortly afterwards. 

I felt a bit cold as I walked home with a friend but put it down to the cooler weather. However, when I arrived home, I could not stop shaking. I felt my body convulsing and it felt like an out-of-body experience. The shaking would not stop and I was so confused.

I had been drinking so I had a moment where I wondered if someone had spiked my drink. Then I started hyperventilating and struggling to breathe. My friend was panicking and saying: “What’s going on? Should I call an ambulance?” I could feel them place ice against my bare skin to shock me into breathing properly but I couldn’t stop shaking. 

At some point, I realised that this was not narcotics but something much deeper. I found myself shouting: “JESUS!” and then I screamed for about five seconds. My body then went limp and straight away I felt calm. I turned to my friend and said: “That was a spiritual attack.” I couldn’t explain how I knew but I sensed it had something to do with the girl at the party and I had my friends pray for me and for her.

A few weeks ago, during a nightmare, the Lord had told me to call on the name of Jesus and this experience reminded me of his infinite power. I hope this helps someone else too. It might sound scary but in 2 Timothy 1:7 it says: “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline” and there is nothing more powerful than the name of Jesus.

Doll, by email

Miraculous provision of clothes

Back in 1990 some local Christians decided to fill a lorry with aid and drive it over to the orphanages in Romania. I sometimes do silly things and when I heard of this I resolved to go through my three young daughters’ bedrooms while they were at school, and fill carrier bags with everything I could to give.

My husband was a missionary and we had very little money, but I got carried away and filled bag after bag then drove them to the collection point. Afterwards, I headed out to collect the girls from school.

Then it dawned on me; in my enthusiastic haste, I had actually emptied their bedrooms and given all their clothes away – bar their school uniforms. To say panic set in is to put it mildly. It was one of the worst moments of my life, as I now faced the shock of my girls and the astonishment of my husband. It was not going to be good. I turned in desperation to God and asked for forgiveness and help. I had about 45 minutes. 

I remembered a woman who had a business selling second-hand children’s clothes. I drove there and bought all I could afford, which was one girl’s tracksuit. As I was standing holding it, a friend came in and asked: “Hello, Beth, what are you doing here?” I said my girls’ needed some clothes and I was buying something. She then told me to go outside.

In the car park she opened her boot, which was full of black rubbish bags. She said they were moving house and would I like to take them? I thought she was asking me to take their rubbish to the rubbish dump. I hesitated and said I could possibly take one. She said: “No, Beth, take them all.” I wondered how I would get the bags to my boot but began to take them out.

She then said: “Rosalind has outgrown all these clothes and they would fit your girls. I brought them to give to this lady, but now I have met you I would like to give them to you.” I could hardly take in what she was saying as I was still in panic mode. There were about six bags. I thanked her and then we both drove to the school. 

When we finally arrived home I told the girls that Beth had given them some clothes. In great excitement they opened the bags to discover the most beautiful and best-quality clothes they had ever had. There was hardly room in their wardrobes and drawers to hold them.

It was incredible and neither they nor my husband ever missed or mentioned the old clothes! I have often meditated on this remarkable provision. Years later I blessed others with the clothes. What a wonderful God, who saw the enthusiastic silliness of one woman and amply rewarded her family. Never be afraid to give, for God can give back.

I have since proved God many times over in this respect but never been quite so crazy again! I am sure I will still be giving thanks to God for this miracle on my deathbed. 

Lizzie, by email


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