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A reminder of God’s presence

My August issue came at the perfect time as we found out that our little boy had tested positive for COVID-19, so we are all in isolation. Our son had heart surgery a few years ago. He is fine now but him getting COVID has really put me on edge. During a time when I am feeling stressed, the August issue has helped to bring my feet back to the ground and remind me that in times like this God is always there for me, no matter what. I love the book bingo, and I am going to try and get my son involved in it too. He is nine, so I may have to adapt some of them.

Amanda, via the Woman Alive Facebook page


Blessing for elderly aunt

I wanted you to know what a blessing Woman Alive has been for my elderly aunt. She is 93, lives in a care home and has had dementia for some years. I always look through your magazines with her when I visit and today she was so touched by one of the prayers that she kept reading it over and indicating how much it meant to her, though she can scarcely talk. She was so happy with the magazine that she asked if she could keep it and promptly squirrelled it away for safekeeping. She loved the pictures and article about the Down’s syndrome lady who got married, and was clearly moved by various headlines that she could read. Although she has lost much of her memory and abilities, she certainly hasn’t lost her faith and was clearly hugely blessed and encouraged by Woman Alive. So, thank you!

Gillian, by email


Long-term benefits

Firstly, congratulations for achieving a vibrant issue each month. Living in Spain, it’s a joy to see the Woman Alive envelope in my post box regularly. At first I thought a thinner version would mean less pages and not value for money, but not so. The depth and honesty that you and your writers display keep me very interested. (I have been a subscriber of Woman Alive for a number of years, and have benefitted from every issue and so have my friends.)

Cindy, by email


Caring for our world

I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed the June issue (passed to me by a friend). Called to care for creation put my thoughts into words. I hope the world wakes up. The beauty all around me brought back to me how vividly I felt God’s presence when we were able to visit and walk in Scotland last year. My eyes have certainly been opened to the beauty all around me since returning to the Lord two years ago.  Thanks for your great magazine, it is always enjoyable and informative. 

Jackie, by email


An exciting read

Thank you so much for the September issue, which I have just received. I found it fresh, exciting and interesting, despite it having a theme. 

Heidy, by email



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