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Modesty is important

I was astounded that readers complained after American pastor, Brian Sauvé kindly addressed ladies to consider how they dress (Comment piece: ‘Conviction is the Holy Spirit’s job not US pastor Brian Sauvé’s who just told women to put more clothes on’ at Jesus would probably be direct and say: “Woman, a modest and quiet spirit does not make you a doormat!” There was a time when a father who had seen life would have steered his daughter to wise dressing in a public domain. It is all in the New Testament. We are often horrified seeing the ways girls dress in the street. I think the Holy Spirit was speaking through the pastor – reflect on it. Every intimate encounter outside of marriage creates a sexual soul tie. Be very careful.

Valarie, by email


Love the reading time guide

I love the reading time key in Woman Alive. Sometimes you can look at an article, see the number of words and think: “I haven’t got time to read that!” But the little reading time elements: brush your teeth – two minutes, play your favourite song – five minutes, enjoy a cup of tea – seven minutes, makes you realise: “Oh, this is actually doable.” I love that because I end up reading the whole magazine. 

Suzie, by email


What an issue!

Just wanted to say that I thought the March issue of Woman Alive was an absolute corker and I loved the pictures of the team – fantastic job, all of you!

Clare, by email


A well-thought out publication

Normally I don’t have the time or budget for magazines, but I was recently gifted some copies of Woman Alive. Each addition had an overall theme with relatable and thought-provoking articles. Each piece also had a very clever reading time indication against it so you knew how much time you’d need to actually get a whole article read. That’s a genius idea in our time-poor world.

Member of the CHEER Trust*, by email (*ministry for those parenting alone)


Thank you for bringing all voices

The comment piece on the vaccine (‘I don’t want the vaccine and now I might lose my job – shouldn’t we be allowed to choose?’ at was a much-needed piece. I think a lot of people are silently going through that same situation, so sharing what these women are going through was a big move. It’s what journalists should be doing; giving a voice to the voiceless. So well done on going forward with it.

Maria, by email


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