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WA July 2022 - Mockup

  • 9781789743562_1

    An unnamed Biblical woman reminds us never to cling onto something small when God says to give it up, he has so much more in store


    Despite the Bible never giving her name, Ros Clarke explains why she is inspired by the incredible faith of the widow of Zarephath, who used her last oil and flour to make bread for Elijah. 

  • pp23_April2022_BibleStudy_Alamy.

    Jezebel – how evil was she really?


    Elaine Storkey unpacks Jezebel’s background, revealing that idolatry was her major downfall

  • 9781529372595

    If you thought Jesus only surrounded himself with men… think again


    Following the success of their documentary Jesus’ Female Disciples: the New Evidence, Helen Bond and Joan Taylor have written a book with an in depth look at the stories of the women in Jesus’ life.

  • March2022_BibleStudy

    Bible Study on Lent: Jesus’ example in the wilderness


    Elaine Storkey on how Lent reminds us to recognise the power of evil and to take sin seriously

  • Feb2022 Maxine

    You are never alone


    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, romance is in the air. It is everywhere around us – in advertisements, retail shops and in the eyes of every couple passing by on the street. While this is beautiful to see, it can make some people feel alone and abandoned.

  • pp23-25_Feb2022_BibleStudy_sixteen-miles-out-Uc6kiKdW2_g-unsplash

    Hagar: Trafficking and sex slavery


    Elaine Storkey looks at the story of this biblical character and highlights what we can learn from her life

  • pp23-25_Jan2022_BibleStudy_pexels-dziana-hasanbekava-7626581

    Strange wisdom for 2022?


    Elaine Storkey gives us four lessons from the perplexing book of Ecclesiastes

  • pp26-27_Dec2021_Reflection_pexels-ketut-subiyanto-4545156 edit

    Laughing children, hot chocolate and a snoring dog on a lazy Sunday afternoon…


    Maxine Hallett reflects on her journey towards God, and the sanctuary she now calls home

  • pp17_Dec2021_InHealth_pexels-rodnae-productions-7020956

    You can thrive during menopause!


    Dr Olúṣẹ̀yẹ Àríkàwé rounds off our special three-part series on the menopause

  • pp23_Dec2021_BibleStudy_julian-hochgesang-BKACkJLu5Hc-unsplash edit

    Home is...a place to belong


    Elaine Storkey unpacks what the Bible says about the significance of our homes

  • ABG1M3

    ‘I have come to think that patriarchy is inherently violent’


    Veronica Zundel questions why the Bible is so full of strong, decisive women if we were created to be subservient under a complementarian system she claims was originally introduced to get women back into the home

  • F8NE56

    ‘Sadly, bullying seems to be part of our human journey’


    Kate Neal says the growth of social media seems to have created a society in which bullying is more prevalent than ever before, with devastating and even life-altering effects

  • pp22-23_Nov2021_BibleStudy_paige-cody-vMzYJBca33Q-unsplash

    ‘We play a significant role in far too many wars’


    Elaine Storkey reminds us of that we should seek the peace that Jesus gives, for all of us

  • pp22-24_BibleStudy_WAOct2021_Alamy_TA30BT

    Who interprets history?


    Elaine Storkey shows us why history is vital, through the story of Stephen

  • pp26-27_Devotional_WAOct2021_MaxineHallett

    Clues from the past


    Maxine Hallett grew up not going to church but, looking back at her family history, is inspired by her great grandfather

  • MicrosoftTeams-image

    As darkness threatens Afghanistan, how can we pray?


    Clare Blake explores how we can pray for the people of Afghanistan as they face a grim future under the Taliban, with special insight from an Afghan believer

  • W241T6

    Has Love Island been redeemed?


    Love Island may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but as the latest series finishes, Sarah Carter reflects on her belief that when women like Kaz and Liberty have each other’s backs, there’s no limit to what they can achieve

  • pp26-27_Sept2021_Devotional_pexels-karolina-grabowska-6957248

    ‘As God’s daughter I know that I am a work in progress’


     ‘As God’s daughter I know that I am a work in progress’’God has helped me embrace the identity of the person he knew from the moment he created me’Maxine Hallett shares how she found her identity in Christ, and how she prays her children will too

  • pp22-23_Sept2021_BibleStudy_priscilla-du-preez-dguEiIWli5M-unsplash

    'Christian identity is always linked with Jesus’ identity’


    Elaine Storkey explains that our security lies in our relationship with the God who made us and knows us

  • Struggling_Maxine.png

    Struggling with my faith


    Maxine Hallett shares honestly about her recent dark moods, which she has discovered are due to the menopause, and how they have made her feel far from God.

  • Community_WA.png

    Community and creation


    Margot R Hodson, director of theology and education at the John Ray Initiative, shares how their village grew community at the same time as caring for creation

  • SarahTeibo

    Praising through the pain


    Songwriter and worship leader Sarah Téibo shares candidly how hard it can be to worship in the most excruciating moments of life – and yet encourages us all to do so.

  • Elizabeth_Israel.png

    On the ground in Israel


    Elizabeth Atteih is based in Haifa, where her husband is pastor of their church. Here she describes what life was like during the latest escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine – and how she feels about the current cease fire.

  • Shame.png

    Shame and the Church


    Have you ever felt like you don’t quite fit in at church or that somehow you are inadequate? Dr Sally Nash has done research into people’s experiences of shame within churches. She shares her findings here with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues.

  • Minor_Prophets_book.png

    What the minor prophets can teach us about suffering


    Where do you turn to when you’re struggling? Chances are that you don’t turn to the books of the minor prophets in the Bible, but author Debbie Duncan shared with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues why these books are full of gems that are helpful for life in the 21st century.

  • Angel_WA.png

    ‘Angels appear to me’


    Minister Charlynne Boddie has had numerous angelic encounters. Here is a snippet of the story she shared with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues.

  • Wilderness_forest_WA.png

    Finding hope in the wilderness


    There has been a lot of talk about hope in recent days. We remain hopeful that lockdown will continue to ease in the way the government has outlined. We are hopeful that we can visit friends and family – and even stay with them. We hope that we will soon be able to sing alongside our church family again.

  • WA_Blog_-_Jesus_came_to_me_in_a_dream.jpg

    'Jesus appeared to me in a dream'


    Like Joseph in the Bible, Naomi Chamroo grew up having dreams that confused both her and her family. She tells Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues how an encounter with God gave her the answers she was searching for

  • Doll_with_Cleo_Ifedayo.jpg

    ‘I’m not a mum but I’ll be celebrating mother’s day this year’


    A traumatic baby loss meant Woman Alive editor Tola-Doll Fisher avoided Mother’s Day for years. Here’s why she wants this year to be different

  • Laura_IWD_WA.png

    IWD 2021: Thank you to our women of faith


    When my synagogue put out its first call for Covid volunteers, incredibly now a full year ago, over 600 replied, and 75% of them were women. I for one was not remotely surprised.

  • Clare_IWD_WA.png

    God in the mess


    Meet Clare and Lydia. Two women of faith who support young people coming out of homelessness, leaving behind care, traumatic childhoods or abusive relationships.

  • pexels-anna-shvets-5257534.jpg

    Learning to celebrate in a time of lament


    We are in difficult times but we can choose to focus on God’s goodness as we celebrate each other this month in International Women’s Day and Mothering Sunday

  • pexels-shamia-casiano-944773.jpg

    Do we need a #MeToo movement for women in The Church?


    Woman Alive editor Tola-Doll Fisher shares her personal experience of abuse in the Church and says we need to ask some hard questions about our culture

  • fuu-j-IlXFEL_nBcM-unsplash.jpg

    A different kind of love story


    This Valentine's Day, Woman Alive editor Tola-Doll Fisher wonders why we only attribute 1 Corinthians 13 to marriage ceremonies...

  • annika-gordon-EUnVJFET3Q0-unsplash.jpg

    How has COVID-19 affected our attitude towards Ash Wednesday?


    Writer Florence Gildea encourages us to use this time to reflect on God's blessing of humanity

  • Rachel_Mann_-_Lent_Course_book.jpg

    Can Elton John really help us think about Lent?


    Rachel Mann's latest book is a Lent course based on the Elton John film, Rocketman

  • adedotun-adegborioye-pVSjlshmGs8-unsplash.jpg

    Violence against Christians in Nigeria is spiralling out of control


    In 2017 Amina was part of a group kidnapped by Muslim terrorists and held hostage for eight months. Five years before, the terrorists came to her home and slaughtered her husband. Premier reporter Tola Mbakwe spoke with Amina about her experience

  • pexels-motional-studio-1081685.jpg

    Let God help you redefine 'Blue Monday'


    As Christians, we should look to change the narrative of what is said to be the most depressing day of the year

  • pexels-anastasia-shuraeva-6235443.jpg

    Will a lockdown Christmas bring us closer to God?


    COVID-19 has forced many of us to scale down our Christmas plans but writer Sheila Jacobs says that may turn out to be a blessing

  • makeshift_barriers.jpg

    Feelings of sin and guilt can separate us from God


    Maxine Hallett reflects on the doubts and insecurities than can so often push us away from the God who loves us

  • pexels-edu-carvalho-2050991.jpg

    ‘I hope the COVID-19 vaccine might help me get my freedom back’


    With news of a more serious wave of the COVID-19 virus, a Home Help for Age UK is relieved that her neighbour and friend is now further protected

  • daniel-schludi-mAGZNECMcUg-unsplash.jpg

    COVID-19 vaccine available in GP surgeries


    A Christian GP comments on the recent news that the COVID-19 vaccine is being made available to patients from GP surgeries in more than 100 locations in England

  • pexels-kat-jayne-568024.jpg

    My children were sexually abused


    Debi Ray Rivers is founder of SCARS, a ministry seeking to educate adults about sex abuse in an attempt to prevent it happening to children. She herself was the product of rape and was abused as a child, so it was heart-breaking when she discovered a family member had been abusing her daughters. She shared the story with Premier radio presenter, Maria Rodrigues

  • 16days-2020-in-focus-en.png

    Women around the world are bracing for a hard Christmas


    As countries implemented lockdown measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, violence against women, especially domestic violence, intensified this year. The UN is calling on activists and civil society groups to wear the colour orange to raise awareness of the many women in vulnerable positions around the world

  • ben-white-4K2lIP0zc_k-unsplash.jpg

    Finding God in broken dreams


    Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues spoke to author Rachel Wright about the way God has taught her important lessons through the difficult path she has walked parenting a child with disabilities

  • annie-spratt-QUHiX6x_yDE-unsplash.jpg

    ‘Everyone looks forward to Christmas except me’


    Author Sheila Jacobs explains why Christmas has never been her favourite time of year

  • What does Christmas mean to Jesus?


    A new book on advent offers a unique take on the Christmas season

  • Joni.jpg

    There are more important things in life than walking


    Joni Eareckson Tada shares how she learned to be thankful for God’s sovereignty

  • LLTQ_Updated_Cover.jpg

    The Queen we don’t see on TV's 'The Crown'


    Faith is a key component to the Queen’s remarkable longevity, explains lifestyle researcher Bryan Kozlowski in this excerpt from his new book, Long Live the Queen! 23 Rules for Living from Britain’s Longest-Reigning Monarch

  • It is not well with my soul


    What truths can you turn to when the world is crumbling around you?

  • pavel-anoshin-m-fvIeA9WZU-unsplash.jpg

    Dilemma over my dying dog


    Premier radio presenter Selene Jordan explains the wrestle she had with her beloved pet

  • Treasure_in_Dark_Places_-_Liz_Carter.jpg

    A prayer for a life in ruins


    Sometimes we wonder where God is when shadows seem too deep. But author Liz Carter says it's sometimes in the darkest corners we find unexpected treasure

  • solen-feyissa-uVd1Z6Go74M-unsplash.jpg

    A lesson from baby loss


    Woman Alive editor Tola-Doll Fisher explains how God invited her to bless pregnant women rather than envying them following the death of her own daughter

  • What has God called you to do in this season?


    Iona Rossely, once a speed skier hurtling through life at an incredible pace, shares how slowing down to listen to God has become her new mission

  • Mission_400x.png

    Engaging millennials in mission


    Compassion’s Jared Brown shares what he learned from 100 young people about their heart for others

  • pexels-bedis-elacheche-891118.jpg

    Would you give up everything to follow Jesus?


    Sheila Jacobs reflects on what this call meant for the first disciples and whether she would have done the same

  • brigitte-tohm-EAay7Aj4jbc-unsplash.jpg

    ‘Nearing death doesn’t make my life any less valuable’


    Carrie-Jade Williams continues to share the lessons she has learned since being diagnosed with a terminal degenerative illness while in her twenties

  • pexels-pixabay-267748.jpg

    Friday reflections – Living in the now


    Writer Sheila Jacobs shares the lessons she has learned from Ignatian prayer

  • pexels-visionpic-net-344102.jpg

    ‘My terminal illness is helping me to plant seeds of faith’


    Many of us have talked about 2020 being “cancelled” because of COVID-19. But Carrie-Jade Williams knows her time is limited so she is using it to live a full, Christ-centred life

  • WA_Blog_31_Aug_2020.jpg

    ‘God has always been with me, even when I did not recognise him’


    A reverend with a penchant for painting shares how this therapeutic practice allowed her to confront her struggles with faith

  • priscilla-du-preez-_EXjK18DOUE-unsplash.jpg

    ‘Either God heals me or he calls me home, and both are miracles.’


    A terminally ill woman in her 20s shares the surprising reactions to her diagnosis from her church community

  • anthony-tran-vXymirxr5ac-unsplash.jpg

    Is Jesus still enough?


    Many people have said that they drew closer to God during lockdown but for others, it has exposed profound isolation

  • pexels-deden-dicky-ramdhani-3751769.jpg

    ‘I’ve got five years left to live’


    A woman in her 20s recalls the moment her doctor told her she had a degenerative disease

  • ian-schneider-TamMbr4okv4-unsplash.jpg

    God may surprise you


    Writer and Editor Sheila Jacobs was recovering from a debilitating illness when she finally stepped into the calling on her life. Could now be the time for you to step into yours?

  • bbh-singapore-Z2MCFqEQiMw-unsplash.jpg

    Six things you need to know about life with God


    In August we start a new series on the life lessons from ordinary women of faith. Rosalie is in her 70s, here are six key things she wants to share with you

  • Lisa_Bevere.jpg

    What are you sowing in this season?


    Lisa Bevere shares what God has been saying to her during lockdown, why her new book Strong is so relevant for these times and why she rejects the message she has consistently heard – that she is ‘too strong’

  • p26-27_LEAH_SHARIBU.jpg

    A prayer for freedom


    Today is Leah Sharibu’s birthday. CSW is inviting us to pray for her release on this special day when this teenager remains far from family and friends

  • nadim-merrikh-MBCWO39JVsI-unsplash.jpg

    “When this is over, I’m going to dance”


    Kiri Kankhwende suffers from a chronic condition which affects her immune system. Here she explains the unexpected healing she has experienced during lockdown

  • woman-in-front-of-her-computer-3059745.jpg

    ‘I’m using my time on furlough to finish my novel’


    Once over the shock, an anonymous reader says being furloughed could be a blessing in disguise

  • nathan-mcdine-CBmas4R0MN4-unsplash.jpg

    For many people with disabilities, isolation is nothing new


    Wheelchair user Fiona Gosden says the current universal experience in lockdown is what disabled people have always known

  • GlennaMarshall2.jpg

    God’s presence is what he promises… and it’s more than enough


    Glenna Marshall explains to Claire Musters that, even through immense suffering, she has learned that God’s presence is the only answer to our heart’s longings

  • photo-of-child-praying-2927676.jpg

    Our silence betrays Nigeria’s massacred Christians


    Charity Open Doors report on why we should be praying for our sisters and brothers overseas

  • matt-hoffman-vL300WiTaMs-unsplash.jpg

    A prayer for unborn children


    Reader Angie Jones is supporting the call to prayer by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

  • grayscale-photography-of-people-worshiping-2774570.jpg

    We need to pray for our nation


    Pastor John of Strengthen the Faithful felt God guide him to write the Wartime Miracles Leaflet and circulate it around thousands of churches and prayer groups. It calls for Christians to earnestly intercede with Almighty God for our nation, in the knowledge of how he so clearly answered similar prayers of faith during the Second World War

  • Foundations_portrait.jpg

    ‘The foundations on which we have built our lives are crumbling'


    In this personal essay, Angie Jones says at the heart of the current pandemic, is a cry for us all to come back to God

  • jonas-lee-o6elTKWZ5bI-unsplash.jpg

    The day Whatsapp caught fire


    As the arrival of Coronavirus sparks a blaze across social media, journalist Mary Joseph describes how SAT-7’s voice is being heard above the clamour while the country’s churches are silenced

  • Lizzie_Portrait_3_BW.jpg

    There are always empty seats in Church on Mothering Sunday


    Today, most if not all churches in the UK will be empty. But Lizzie Lowrie reminds us that even before the Corona Virus pandemic, many avoid church every year on Mothering Sunday

  • priscilla-du-preez-yxxAd5H95b8-unsplash.jpg

    God vs COVID-19


    Woman Alive contributor Maxine Hallett wonders where we find God when the world seems in turmoil amongst the Corona Virus pandemic

  • Plugging_crop.png

    Plugging into the power


    Penelope Wilcock shows us how women were empowered in Luke’s Gospel, and encourages us to seek the power of the Holy Spirit in our own lives

  • 28-31_190202_SHW_Session_3-45.jpg

    Trusting God – in the good and bad times


    Nancy Goudie tells us about the incredible ministry she and her husband set up, and how she learned to truly trust God

  • Katia_Adams.jpg

    “The God I’ve encountered is different to what you’re making him sound like now”


    ?Katia Adams spoke to Claire Musters about a childhood begun in Iran, seeing the radical faith of her parents and grandparents outworked, feeling called to be a leader – and why she had to wrestle with the gender debate for herself.

  • Joni_Earkson_Tada.jpg

    Sing your way through suffering


    When we sing to the Lord, it can bring healing of a different kind says Joni Eareakson Tada

  • Bible_Feasting.jpg

    Bible feasting


    God’s Word is food for the soul and he has prepared a feast for us, says Sandy Mayle ...

  • Pen_Wilcock.jpg

    Bouquets and barbed wire


    Life doesn’t always work out how we planned, but we can trust God to lead us through, says Penelope Wilcock

  • Mark_Waterfield.jpg

    Why we gather together


    Meeting together as the Church on Sunday is more than singing a few songs, listening to a sermon and sharing coffee afterwards, says Mark Waterfield

  • Tracey_Williamson_Fatherhood_of_God.jpg

    The Fatherhood of God


    God wants a real relationship with each one of us, says Tracy Williamson, who shares how her relationship with God has changed

  • Creative_Prayer.jpg

    Creative ways to pray


    Sometimes we struggle to find the words to express our hopes, fears or failings in prayer. Here are seven creative ideas to help us draw near to the one who is always ready to meet with us

  • Conference_Plug.jpg

    Book now for our 2019 conference!


    How the psalms can help us pray through all life's experiences

  • Veronica.jpg

    The truth about Christmas


    It goes so much deeper than a baby born in a manger, says Veronica Zundel

  • Elaine_Storkey.jpg

    The faith of Martha


    There’s more to her story than being preoccupied with routine, says Elaine Storkey.

  • Christmas_Prayer.jpg

    A prayer for Christmas


    Majestic Lord, creator of the stars. You set them all in place, ordaining that one would direct the Magi to Bethlehem to welcome, and worship, your son Jesus. May I seek Jesus with the same fervour, and worship at ...

  • 12_ways_to_study.jpg

    12 ways to study the Bible


    Sometimes trying something new is the key to unlocking God’s Word ...

  • Holy_Holidays.jpg

    Six tips for a holy holiday


    Jo Swinney says holidays are an opportunity to refresh our body, mind and spirit

  • Jo_Swinney_web1.jpg

    How I learnt to see myself as God sees me


    What do you believe about yourself? Jo Swinney shares what helped her to leave behind a poor self-image

  • Keeping_your_face_to_the_Son.jpg

    Keep your face to the Son


    Joni Eareckson Tada recalls spring days on the family farm and the lesson of the tomato seed

  • Bible_Study.jpg

    What the women of the Bible can teach us today


    Elaine Storkey begins a new series of studies focusing on women in the Bible and the challenges they faced.

  • How_to_finish_well.jpg

    How to finish well


    Confronting the idea of our own mortality or losing those we love is something most people avoid, but in doing so we relinquish control of what happens to us in our final moments and we miss out on a great opportunity, says Ann Clifford.

  • Bible_Study.jpg

    Facing the year ahead


    Have you suffered a difficult year – or years? Anne Le Tissier draws lessons and encouragement from the life of David

  • Hannah_Dunnett.jpg

    I'm just a mum who paints


    Hannah Dunnett’s watercolour paintings combined with Scripture are sold throughout the UK. She talks to Sandie Shirley about how it all began ...

  • Sparrow_Image.jpg

    Do you reflect the kindness of God?


    This heart-warming story challenges us to consider how we treat others, says Anne Le Tissier ...

  • Kintsugi.jpg

    Joni Eareckson Tada


    The Japanese art form that teaches us about God's grace

  • Thy_Kingdom_Come.jpg

    Thy Kingdom Come


    Inspiring stories from women who took part last year

  • Pete_Greig.jpg

    What I've learned about prayer


    Pete Greig talks to Claire Musters about the struggles, the miracles and the lessons he's learned about talking with God ...

  • Lyndall_Bywater.jpg

    When God says, "Not Yet"


    Lyndall Bywater shares her journey of faith and how she coped with waiting for one of her prayers to be answered ...

  • Under_Pressure.jpg

    How do you react under pressure?


    Anne Le Tissier explores the life of King David and draws out some lessons on how handle stress in a godly way ...

  • Bible_Art.jpg

    Bible art


    Find a new way of engaging with scripture using creativity. Deborah Gregg shows us what she has been doing ...

  • Draw_closer.jpg

    Draw closer to God


    Liz Jennings explores ways to tap into your creativity and allow God to speak to you ...

  • Sarah_Bessey.jpg

    My season of searching


    Sarah Bessey loved Jesus, but left church disillusioned. She tells Amy Boucher Pye about the struggles she faced – and how she came to return ...

  • Mouse.jpg

    A mouse and a lobster


    Two very different creatures, but God used them both to encourage Jennifer Rees Larcombe ...

  • Anne_Le_Tissier.jpg

    Not too late with God


    Instead of allowing failure or wrong choices to hold us back. Anne Le Tissier shows how God can offer us second chances ...

  • Liz_Warom_copy.jpg

    Treasure hunters


    Susan Baxter overcame her shyness and discovered she could share her faith through the Treasure Hunt Ministry. Here she explains ...

  • Jill_Rattle.jpg

    Winter in your soul?


    Jill Rattle explores the winter season of our souls and has tips on getting through when your faith is weak ...

  • Having_children.jpg

    Will I have children?


    Nicola Jackson shares how faith has helped her through the disappointment of failed attempts at having a baby ...

  • Lucy_Mills.jpg

    Seeking guidance


    In our preoccupation with making the 'right' decisions to know what to do next, Lucy Mills suggests the ways that God wants to lead us forward

  • Jennifer_Rees_Larcombe.jpg

    My real healing


    Jennifer Rees Larcombe reflects on the emotional healing that took place six years before her physical healing miracle in 1990 ...

  • My_Dreams.jpg

    My dream came true


    When Lyn wrote out her future hopes, God took them literally ...

  • Sharon_Grenham-Toze.jpg

    God will never let go


    Prison chaplain and radio presenter Sharon Grenham-Toze reveals how she discovered that God holds on to us through all situations

  • What_weve_learned.jpg

    Now faith is real


    Kasey Van Norman reveals how God used her life-threatening physical illness to challenge her faith and make it more real than she had even known before

  • Dont_Give_up_on_Church.jpg

    Don't give up on church


    Whatever our experiences of church, Amy Boucher-Pye explains why church is God's vessel on earth and we should not give up on it.

  • Walking_St_James.jpg

    Walk way of St James


    Stephanie Pena shares her experience of when she and her family followed an ancient pilgrim way

  • Soldiers_shutterstock_68816542.jpg

    Andrew's homecoming


    A touching short story by Fran Bovington

  • Confidence.jpg

    The confidence gap


    Nicola Hulks on your confidence ... and God's plans

  • Bible_study.jpg

    February 2013 Into the Word


    God is always ready to forgive and enable us to move on, says Anne Le Tissier

  • Give_thanks.jpg

    January 2013 Living Faith


    Discover why being thankful can be a blessing – and how you can nurture a thankful heart

  • My_story.jpg

    May 2012 My Story


    How a brush with death gave a pregnant nurse a fresh outlook