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‘I received a prophetic word about my future husband’

In 2019 when I was finishing university I went to a prophetic event at church. Someone praying for me had a picture of me on a beach in Devon. It didn’t mean anything to me at the time as I had never been to Devon and never heard of the beach, but I just thanked him. As I was leaving the event, another person came up to me, and said: “We are not supposed to prophesy about marriage and things, but I feel God is saying to you, ‘I have the perfect partner for you, don’t settle.’” The next week I got an email from a Christian organisation, asking me to volunteer at one of their summer house parties in a place called West Buckland. I decided to go as I had a free summer. I found out that West Buckland is in Devon, and we had a beach day on the exact beach that I had been told about in the prophetic conference. It was on that very beach that I met my now husband! We married in 2022. If God can do that for me he can do it for others – he loves to speak to his children!


Ask and you shall receive

I am not an accomplished musician but studied piano when I was young and love worshipping God while playing. For seven years I rented a little house with a worn, brown baby grand piano that belonged to my missionary friends. I would spend beautiful hours playing and singing to the Lord on that piano. When I met my long-awaited husband four years ago and realised this answer to my prayers would mean moving across the country away from all my family and friends, the first thing I told him was: “I would need a piano.” 

Fast forward 2,000 miles away and three years of marriage. Although my sweet husband dearly wanted me to have a piano, we knew the floors in the old house we bought would have to be replaced before we could move one in. I saved a spot in the living room and left it empty, in hope. Last October, after many months of planning, saving and DIY kitchen and main floor renovating, the floors were nearly done and I was exhausted.

Because I’d scheduled it before realising how long our projects would last, I had to take a week off for a women’s retreat on the other side of the country. I was a stranger to the group, and the first evening two mature ladies asked me forthrightly why the Lord had brought me there. Perhaps they could tell I was weary in body and soul. Although my marriage was a joy, my father’s recent death, missing my large family and building a whole new life in a liberal part of the country had taken a toll. 

Their prayers over me turned to prophecy, and they began speaking of God’s call on me for music. I had not played since moving, and my heart felt starved for devotional worship. How I wanted to sing freely! I told them of my hope for a piano. Excited by the confirmation, they promised to pray for one – of the most excellent quality. 

In November the floors were finished, my mother visited for Thanksgiving and I prayed for God to find me the right piano. I began checking online and we went to a used piano shop. My new friend from the retreat, herself a professional musician, would text and ask for updates on the piano search, offering suggestions as she could. But my heart began to fall. I’d had no idea how expensive a good piano is! I’d wanted something like I’d had before, a humble, small, brown piano with a sweet tone. It had seemed simple, but I was discovering differently.

Then one evening my mother mentioned our search to my Messianic rabbi’s wife. She told me she knew a woman in the congregation who was looking for someone to take a piano, as she had two. This woman’s house was on my very own street, just a few miles across the creek. What I encountered rendered me nearly speechless at the Lord’s extravagance and this sister’s generosity. It was time to downsize, she explained, as she showed me two beautiful grand pianos, one a black intermediate with a particularly rich lower range and the second a lovely rosewood with a sublime tone. She was an excellent pianist and once a professional opera singer. The instruments were impeccably cared for and well loved. For a year, at God’s prompting, she had been looking for the right person to give one to. She asked me which one I would like. Floored, I objected: “but this one is a valuable antique, and this other was your first lifetime purchase – it has been your heart piano for many years.” With moist, sincere eyes she answered: “Everything I have is the Lord’s.”

In my living room now sits a glossy black, six-foot grand piano. It is a lovelier instrument than I ever imagined owning and invites me (sometimes at inopportune moments) to sit down and enter into the presence of God. The giver makes a point of calling it “your piano”. Her only request: that my husband and I be ready to give to others as God has given freely to us. Several months ago, the Lord highlighted two areas of my life, one being music, and impressed on me 1 Timothy 4:14: “Do not neglect your gift.” I remind myself of this verse as I sit down to practice. Humbled, contrite and in awed gratefulness I see how God practically provides for us to pursue those things he has placed in us. Often there are long waits, prayer and plenty of faithful work to do. But his callings are our joys; what a good, kind God he is!


‘Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay!’

My husband and I are both self-employed. Heading towards December last year, we were not sure where the money was going to come from for Christmas as there were no jobs lined up. We had also recently got hold of another car, as our daughter had learned to drive, but didn’t know if we could afford to pay for it. But I know God is faithful, and he says to trust him and be faithful in the little things and he will take care of the big things. So we continued to tithe and trust him. We prayed, and at the last minute a job came through for my husband in Dubai that paid for the car outright, which is amazing. Next, we got an unexpected big tax rebate, and then out of the blue my husband got a photographic buy-out (money for the privilege of using his image for a further year). So we ended the year well, when it was looking really bad only a few weeks before. We are just so grateful for God’s goodness and kindness to us, and how he teaches us to trust him. He is our provider!


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