Signs & Wonders in everyday life - Your stories of God’s intervention

God brings healing through words of knowledge 

I went to Mexico to the Youth With A Mission base with my friend to visit her son, Judah, at the beginning of this year. We asked the Lord to use us there to minister to the students and staff. In a meeting, the base leader gave us the microphone to share what was on our hearts. Straight away I got some words of knowledge for healing. I had a word that someone had something wrong with their shoulder, so I said it out loud and a guy put his hand up. We prayed for him, and God healed him. Then I had a word that someone had abnormal bleeding and that it had been upsetting them. We asked them to come and speak with us afterwards. 

My friend had a word that someone was being harassed by a suicidal spirit, but again told them to speak with us afterwards. We prayed for some people, but then had to leave, so we didn’t get to speak with them. The next day Judah said two friends came to speak to him and one was the person with the abnormal bleeding. She said as soon as we prayed about it over the microphone, it completely stopped. She was about to go to the doctor as she was really worried. Another person then contacted Judah about the suicidal tendencies and we arranged to minister to them over Zoom. 

It was a short trip but God was able to use us as we made ourselves available to him. He just wants to bless his people with words of knowledge and healing. He is so good!


My dad’s tumours healed

In late September 2023, my dad was diagnosed with t-cell lymphoma, which is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer you can have. My uncle told me at the time of diagnosis to expect him to live for weeks, not months. On 5 November my husband and I arrived in Nairobi to visit him. He was in hospital looking really thin. He hadn’t eaten for about a week. He looked like he was dying. The doctor said it was hit or miss whether he would pull through. My husband and I spent the day in hospital praying for him. We rebuked the sickness and the cancer cells, telling them to be cursed and die and go under the feet of Jesus. I was also rebuking the spirit of death, telling it to leave. We spent the day worshipping in his hospital room and reading the Bible. My Dad barely responded; he mostly slept. The next day we went back into the hospital and he was sitting up being fed by the nurse! That was the first time he had eaten in a week. My husband and I arrived back in the UK four days later, and my sister went out to Kenya to look after my dad. The day my sister arrived, dad was at home, doing well. He continued to do well, putting on weight. I went back out to see him a month later. I was sitting with my sister and my dad, and said: “It looks like that big tumour on dad’s neck has gone.” My sister took him to the oncologist, who confirmed that three of the tumours that had been visible – one on his neck and two under his armpits – had completely gone, and his blood tests were showing normal. He had five months’ extra time, so happy at home, enjoying his garden with my sister there most of the time. Then in April this year a tumour popped up, he went into a coma and died on the 4 April. I am able to thank God as his healing, although short, was an incredible testimony to all those who knew my dad, who himself only became a Christian about two years ago. He died aged 89.


We planted a church in a barren place

In 2000 our pastor said he felt my husband, Clive and I were ready to be sent out to pioneer and pastor a church. We started asking God where he wanted us. Our pastor said: “Drive around, see where God wants you to be.” Our son, Daniel was nine months old at the time and we put him in his car seat, and spent Saturdays driving around Cape Town to see where God wanted us to plant a church. We could have picked an area where we were already leading a Bible study, but we felt that we needed to follow our pastor’s instruction. We wanted to be in a place where there was no visibility of a church. One Saturday we found ourselves at a big intersection, where there was a large bread factory. We pulled over, as we had done at every other potential area we had visited. On this particular day, there was nothing there. It looked like there had been an informal settlement, but it was now totally barren and abandoned. There were some small shacks for people who were almost homeless. I said to the Lord: “Please don’t let this be the place!” 

It was a very hot and windy day in September in South Africa. Clive got out of the car to pray while I stayed in the car with Daniel. Because it was such a hot day, I had my window rolled down and I was sitting there asking: “Lord is this the place?” Suddenly I saw a man walking towards me in the wind; he was trying to walk on the pavement, but he was drunk so kept losing his footing. He came close to the car, and before I could roll it up, he put his face into the open window. The smell of methylated spirits filled the air. He just said to me: “Are you coming to start a church here?” I tried to ignore him, but he poked me on my shoulder and again asked me: “Are you coming to start a church here?” I turned to look at him, and I answered “Yes”’. He said: “If you are looking for someone to help you with electricity, there is a church lady there (he pointed to a small house) and she will give you electricity.” He then swore, saying, “This *$*% place needs a church!” and walked on. 

Meanwhile, God had been speaking to Clive, saying this was the place! He came back to the car, and was nervous, wondering how to tell me. He said: “Honey, I think is the place!” I replied: “I know! A guy just came to ask me if we were starting a church here!” “Let’s speak to him,” Clive said. He got in the car and we drove around, but we couldn’t find the man. A drunk man does not walk fast, but we could not find him. I am convinced he was an angel.

We had our first service that November in one of the high schools. About 60 people came. One lady had a badly swollen foot, Clive prayed for her and her foot was visibly healed. That started the many miracles, signs and wonders we have seen. The blind healed and the lame walk in what the world would say is a ‘God-forsaken’ place. We have now been in Delft (a township on the outskirts of Cape Town) for 23 years, and God has brought hope to a hopeless place. 


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