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A dream saved my nephew

I occasionally have prophetic dreams. Recently I dreamed that something terrible had happened to my nine-year-old nephew. In my dream my mother told me he had just died. I woke up really distressed and knew it was a warning dream.

I told my mother so we could pray, which we did until I felt the prayers were answered. I heard later that day that my nephew had been playing by a river where there were lots of families and loads of other children.

He had got caught in something in the river, and was being dragged along. He would have almost certainly died, but my sister managed to somehow wade in and dislodge him. She believes she was given supernatural strength; there was no way she would have naturally had strength to dislodge him and pull him out of the water.

He was verging on turning blue, but he was OK. I told her about the dream and how we were praying for her boy. I always take notice of my dreams, as God speaks clearly through them.

Hannah, by email

Divine appointment with a taxi driver

Six months ago I took a taxi from Peckham, London back to my home. The taxi driver was a Muslim, married to a Greek Orthodox lady. We ended up talking about faith during the hour journey home. I told him I was a Christian and what Jesus means to me. At the end of the conversation, he dropped me off, and told me I needed to read the Quran.

A few days ago I went to see a Veronese painting I love, which is in the chapel of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. I left to go home, via taxi again. While I was waiting, I felt I had to let two taxis go. I then felt the Lord tell me to start walking towards South Kensington.

I had something to eat, and then was about to start my journey home again, but felt the Lord tell me to go into a flower shop and buy some flowers. When I had done all that, I knew it was time to go home. I hailed a taxi across the road, and got in. As I got in, the driver said: “You are the lady I picked up before! Your name is Abigail.” It was the same taxi driver. We had another talk, and this time it felt different. I offered to pray for him, and asked God to tell me the words to say. I believe God arranged for me to meet that driver again. 

Abigail, by email

Holy Spirit saved my baby’s life

I got a phone call from a social worker in October 2022 to say there was a two-day-old baby boy who was healthy and needed foster caring. I thought about it for a few minutes, and then said I would take him. I picked him up the next day; he was a tiny, perfect little babe. When I’d had him home for a week, I noticed that every time I changed his nappy, the poo would be in the front of his nappy.

He would scream, as if he was in pain when I changed him. I thought it wasn’t normal, but we were still getting used to one another, and I know newborns can poo once a day, or once in ten days. What did concern me was the poo at the front of the nappy, and the screaming when I changed him. It didn’t make sense. 

One day I woke up with the feeling that something was wrong. I prayed and felt the Holy Spirit say I needed to check his anus. It seemed a crazy thought, but I am learning to obey! So when I changed his nappy, I checked, and saw he did not have an anus.

He had been defecating through his penis. Having been told by the social worker I had a healthy baby, I didn’t think to check. I messaged a paediatrician friend, and she said we needed to go straight to hospital. I let the social workers know, and we went to the hospital. One of my good friends was the attending doctor, which was a real comfort.

She called the surgeon, who examined him. This was in the evening of his eleventh day of life, and I was told they needed to operate asap to give him a stoma, which I needed to approve. He had an emergency operation the following morning. As he was wheeled into theatre, I saw the head anaesthetist who was also a friend; I broke down in her arms. I was so grateful for the kindness of God – bringing me friends to support me through the diagnosis and surgery. 

When I had first got the phone call telling me about the boy, I had remembered one of my best friends, Sam, had a freezer full of breast milk, which she wanted to donate. I have fostered nine other babies in temporary safe care, and I haven’t given any of them breast milk, but I just felt Holy Spirit encourage me to ask Sam whether she would donate some of the milk to my baby boy – and she said yes.

After the operation, the head surgeon came in and said: “I see he has been on expressed breast milk. Firstly, he is a miracle baby. We have never seen a baby with this condition so old surviving; his colon could have ruptured at any time, and then got septicaemia and he would have died. Secondly, it would have been a very different story had he been on formula.” The Holy Spirit knew he needed breast milk and I am so grateful I listened to the promptings. We have a long journey ahead, but he is growing beautifully and we are very positive for the future. 

Sue, via email

Hope after son’s accident

In April last year our seven-year-old son Nathanael was knocked over by a car and sustained life-threatening head injuries. We spent three months in Addenbrooke’s hospital, three months in a neuro-rehabilitation centre in Surrey and have now been home for three months. Our lives were shattered in a split second and, although this year has been devastatingly difficult, God has brought Nathanael through against all the odds.

We have a long way to go on his recovery but I believe God will restore his speech and mobility and one day he will stand up and give testimony to glorify God. This week I believe we have seen the first fruits of what God is doing through this trauma – we met the East Anglian Air Ambulance who were so key in saving his life.

They were astounded at Nathanael’s recovery and were more emotional than us. I know they were moved by God. One day I would like Nathanael’s journey to be published or even made into a film that can show God’s glory and power. 

Lindsay, by email


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