I laughed out loud when I read Veronica Zundel’s column this issue. I admit, the Wordle game craze has passed me by, but I can relate to her frustration when Christians try to make ‘sanitary’ versions of mainstream products, events or ideas. Veronica’s article got me thinking about this magazine too. When I was brought in as editor two years ago, I was bombarded with suggestions for what the new magazine should look like and the ideas often came from mainstream women’s titles.

I’m guilty of this myself and have often explained an idea to my team using a non-Christian example. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, I do wonder why, as children of the Creator, we’re relying on second-hand ideas? I’ve often felt that Christians and Christian organisations should shine with a unique light so bright that non-Christians will want to be around, buy from and even work for them. I recognise that I’m an idealist and that this is probably not realistic. But I do wonder: why not?

Creative people always inspire me and I’m fascinated by how much creativity there seems to be in the world right now. Quite a few of this issue’s interviewees had to go forward with things that had no precedent, but experienced excitement in knowing that God had a plan and was leading the way. I hope this issue inspires you to spend time with the Holy Spirit and find out what creativity he might be imparting to you.

Issue favourites: I love walking – some of you will know that I did a three hour round walking commute during the first year of the pandemic, and I’ve recently taken up a weekly hike. Cathy Madavan’s piece on walking wisely sounds obvious but is actually quite profound! I was saddened to hear of the racism Nigerian Babi Dixon faced from a church in Coventry. She was told: “My congregation does not like people like you in church. Please don’t come back.” But her story is one of strength and, ultimately, is overwhelmingly encouraging.