Stories of God’s intervention


A series of dreams from God

In March last year my husband and I were suddenly and unexpectedly forced to move houses. We had no idea where we were going to live, but as we have spent our eleven years of marriage living on different continents, the unknown was not new to us. I felt the Lord telling me throughout the week to start packing, although we had no idea where to go. As always, the Lord provided a place in the final hours before we had to leave, and within 24 hours we were transplanted into a new neighbourhood.

Immediately, I began to have dreams, which is not uncommon to me in seasons of transition. They all followed a similar pattern: I was standing outside a church building, and the building was dark and eerie. Outside the building there were hurting people, some had been beaten up, some hit by cars, some demon possessed. I ran around to the victims trying to help. Realising I could not do it by myself, I would run into the church and shout for help. “Come out! We need help out here!” But no one came. I would go into the church to find everyone sitting in the pews, eyes straight ahead in a trance, with the physical appearance of zombies. I would shake them urgently, saying: “Wake up! I need your help!” But they remained singing songs in a lifeless, dazed stupor. I ran back out to the hurting people, trying to help, when suddenly an ambulance appeared. Out popped a woman with brown curly hair, bright blue eyes and a toothy grin. “I am here to help!” she said, as she began performing triage with her band of nurses. Her name was Rebecca.

After weeks of similar dreams, I met up with the wife of a vicar in the area who was connected to me through a mutual friend. My husband and I had been praying about a body of believers to join in this new area. She began to tell me about her church, and to my shock, she described her church as “a church full of zombies”. She, her husband and a band of youthful apostles following them had moved to the area a few years prior, feeling called to this particular church. They saw their job as waking up the dead who were attending the church lifelessly. I got goose bumps and told her about my dream regarding the zombies, explaining our heart’s drive for reaching the lost and those outside the church. In a throw-away comment she said: “Man, Rebecca is going to love you!” I had not mentioned Rebecca from my dream. I asked her to tell me more about this mystery woman. Turns out she is a fierce, missional warrior on staff at their church who is passionate about reaching the lost. I asked her if she fit the description of the woman in my dream. “You’ve met her already?” my new friend asked. In wonder, I remarked: “Sort of, yes” and explained the Rebecca of my dreams.

Eight months later, we are active members of this church body. Rebecca is one of my dearest friends, and together we are working hard in the kingdom of God to reach those outside the church with the gospel.

Carley, via email


Holy Spirit inspiration with autistic child

I work with children with autism, and every week I pray: “Lord, show me what to do, please guide me.” There is one child who is non-verbal and on a particular occasion was hyper stimulated and unable to calm down. I prayed once again: “Holy Spirit, please show me what to do.” In the session we were listening to classical music, and I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to dance with him. It felt like the weirdest thing to do, but I obeyed, and, as I waltzed with the boy, he completely calmed down, relaxed into my arms and waltzed with me. He was completely calm for the rest of the session. I love how the Holy Spirit guides, and gives me keys to help the children I work with.

Sarah, via email


God opens wombs

I live in Armenia with my family. We have a foundation that is helping a community in a town called Spitak. In May 2021 I stopped in a food court on the way to Spitak, and got talking to a Yezidi man who worked there. He said his wife had not been able to get pregnant for three years, and they were very sad. I said I was a Christian and would pray for them. In November 2021 I went back to the food court with a friend. The Yezidi man came running towards us, saying: “Guess what, my wife is four months pregnant.” I said: “Yes, we prayed for you!” He replied: “I know.” Even though he does not believe in Jesus, he bought us two massive cakes and said: “Thank you for praying, your God made my wife pregnant.”

Guzal, via email


Kitten from God

My children have been praying for a pet. I had told them that when Kezia, (our youngest) reached the age of four, we could get a pet. Lo and behold, on her fourth birthday, my children found a stray kitten by our front door; it looked ragged and nearly dead. They picked it up and asked if they could keep it. I said no, as it was so dirty and I thought it would not survive. But in the end we put the kitten in a little bed in the hall overnight. The next morning my husband and I decided they could keep it, as we knew how much they wanted a kitten. My children were so excited, saying: “We prayed for a kitten for Kezia’s fourth birthday, and God provided a stray kitten who needed a home!” God hears the prayers of little children!

Sarah, by email


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