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  • Alok Sharma saying more needs to happen before the end

    ‘Time is running out at COP26’


    Alice Corrie, technical and communications officer for Climate Stewards, spent this week at the climate summit – and is more convinced than ever that much of the change needed will have to come from us

  • pp34_Nov2021_LifeLessons_Ginny_2

    Married for the first time at 65


    Trained opera singer, Ginny Miller, 72, had a dramatic encounter with God when she was 19. She lived by faith in a Christian community, and worked in pastoral care and counselling, before meeting her husband

  • FF105P-2

    On World Mental Health Day: ‘We must be careful not to offer a false hope of: “Come to Jesus and all of your problems will disappear”’


    Natalie Williams reminds us that there is hope in Christ and practical help for those who need it – highlighting those with mental health issues who are living in poverty

  • 2CEEF7N-2

    Sexual soul ties are real - and dangerous


    The time of year when singles rush to couple up ahead of winter – known as ‘cuffing’ – is upon us. However, Candy-Ellie Graham warns us that it isn’t worth cuddling up to just anyone

  • AH2K9N

    ‘Poetry speaks into my pain’


    As we celebrate National Poetry Day, poet Liz Carter explains how reading and writing poetry has helped her in the darkest moments of her chronic illness

  • pp14-15_5Things_WAOct2021_nathan-dumlao-fs_l0Xqlc90-unsplash

    Five things I have learned about… processing the past


    Seasoned author Cathy Madavan suggests that, whatever our history, we can learn from it and move on

  • pp10-13_InProfile_WAOct2021_Windrush_Alamy_2CB3MK8

    What it means to be black British


    TV and radio personality Diane Louise Jordan talked to Jeannette McCarthy about her new project The Making of Black Britain

  • pp33-35_InHealth_WAOct2021_pexels-rodnae-productions-6539885

    ‘You can’t stop the menopause, but you can improve the experience’


    During World Menopause Month, Dr Olúṣẹ̀yẹ Àríkàwé kicks off our three-part series on the menopause, explaining how we can prepare physically, psychologically and spiritually

  • pp37-39_MyFaith_WAOct2021_lauraskitchencakery

    Reaching out to women in prostitution


    From childhood loss to founding the Beloved charity reaching out to those in prostitution, Rosie Hopley shares her life’s journey through deep lows and great joy

  • pp49-50_MyLife_WAOct2021_Jo_Fothergill_head_shot,_website.JPG

    ’I wrestled with feeling like God had abandoned me’


    Jo Fothergill spoke to Jeanette McCarthy about her experience of living with depression, and how her faith has sustained her

  • christiann-koepke-2gExZO8zK58-unsplash

    3 ways to curb your spending


    As the cost of living rises, and the spending limit for contactless card payments is set to change to £100, Robyn Wright from Christians Against Poverty urges us not to get sucked into the trap of spending without thinking

  • Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

    Britney’s engaged! Here are 5 tips for all engaged couples…


    With the news that Britney Spears is set to tie the knot again, Claire Musters gives advice to those heading down the aisle this year

  • Cynthia rail

    Five ways to prepare your wardrobe for autumn-winter 2021


    With London Fashion Week finally underway, fashionista and YouTube influencer Cynthia Ajayi encourages us to get prepared for the coming season

  • 2GJ3P1T

    Will Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague hold Pretty Little Thing to account?


    Lauren Windle believes Molly-Mae’s new job raises questions for Christians who love fashion

  • Cherry Dakin

    An anxious return


    As many secondary school students have been returning to school this week, Cherry Dakin from tastelife shares her own story and how she is trying to combat the rise of eating disorders among young people today

  • friends-1149841_1920

    Pen Farthing: new Noah or new level of selfish?


    Some animal lovers were delighted when Pen Farthing chartered a private plane to rescue 94 dogs and 74 cats from Afghanistan, but Rachel Pearce questions whether prioritising animals over humans is hugely heroic or incredibly selfish

  • pp15_Sept2021_5Thin gs_pexels-guilherme-almeida-1858175

    Five things I have learned about… being yourself


    Seasoned author Cathy Madavan explains how she has come to accept who she is – and how we can do the same

  • PG341X

    How can we help GCSE students on results day?


    The GCSE results are in and, against all odds, it looks as though our young people have excelled themselves. Dr Kate Middleton offers practical tips to get their endorphins going and remind them of the bigger picture, whether they have passed or failed

  • Rachel Jones

    Why don’t we talk about periods?


    Rachel Jones believes that this is a subject that has been neglected by Christians for far too long 

  • Gaming

    Gaming: It’s not a battle you need to win


    We can celebrate the positives that gaming holds for young people 

  • IMG_5911

    Enjoy the journey


    You may be wondering what pilgrimage and the end of lockdown have in common. Having recently walked from Winchester to Canterbury, Penelope Swithinbank offers up three Ps – possessions, purpose and people – to help us link the two

  • Sarah Yardley

    Navigating change


    As the final lockdown restrictions are about to lifted, Sarah Yardley shares with us some of the lessons she has learned through many life-altering changes

  • Marie GCD

    Helping future leaders


    Marie Aitken shares the heart behind her exciting new initiative, Girl Can Daily, and explains how it can help encourage young women and give them the confidence to step into leadership

  • Jen-Baker-Main_article_image.jpg

    Moving on from past mistakes


    Have you ever looked back over your life and wondered how it could have been different? Jen Baker’s new book, Unwavering, encourages us to reflect on the choices we make to move from making fear-based decisions to faith-based living. Premier’s Maria Rodrigues chatted with her about her own journey with this.

  • Friends_400x300.png

    The one who sticks close by


    On National Best Friends Day, 8 June, Claire Musters encourages us to think about those closest to us

  • Care_for_the_earth.png

    Why take care of the earth?


    Avery Foley, from Answers in Genesis, explains that when God is the focus of our lives, we should naturally want to care for the earth he created.

  • Ruth_Valerio.png

    Learning to live more responsibly


    Environmentalist and theologian Ruth Valerio speaks to Jemimah Wright about the moment she recognised God’s call to care for the whole of creation – and how it changed the course of her life

  • Keren_DW.png

    Gleaming in the dark


    On ME Awareness Day (12 May), Keren Dibbens-Wyatt bravely shares an insight into what life is like for someone with myalgic encephalomyelitits (ME), as well as revealing the hidden creative treasures she has found in her stationary life.

  • Dying_matters_WA.png

    My final love offering


    At the start of Dying Matters Awareness Week, Ann Clifford shares the importance of preparing for death well – and how she made her own preparations this year.

  • life_lessons.png

    Loved through childlessness


    Marie Goode, 71, has spent 47 years as a missionary alongside her husband Steve. Here she shares why they still trust in God’s goodness, even though he hasn’t given them the one thing they truly desire

  • Push_.png

    Taking up the challenge


    Despite being a self-confessed hater of exercise, when a friend said she was doing Tearfund’s 21 for 21 challenge Rev Kate Wharton decided to join in too

  • Lauren_film_WA.png

    Telling the truth about love


    Rom-com fan Lauren Windle reviews I’m Not in Love.

  • Josie_CCD_WA.png

    New Christian Creative Directory launched


    World Creativity and Innovation Day on 21 April brings the launch of the UK-wide Christian Creative Directory

  • Harry & Meghan

    'The Queen’s faith should determine how she reacts to the Meghan and Harry interview'


    Millions of people are thought to have tuned in to watch the interview with Oprah last night. Here's why Lauren Windle thinks a response should come from the Royal Family themselves and not their PR team

  • Sanita.png

    ‘You never know what God has planned for your life’


    Santia Deck is the highest-paid female American footballer in history. Here she tells Jeanette McCarthy about the highs and lows of her career, her battles with self-image and how her faith in God and the support of the women in her life have inspired her to help the next generation

  • The_Bachelor.jpg

    Should Christians be watching dating shows?


    Forced intimacy, casual sex and “love at first sight” – is this how God wants us to find love? Dating and relationships writer Lauren Windle explores...

  • Meghan_and_Harry_baby_announcement.jpg

    Why Harry and Meghan’s baby news gives us all hope


    As a news reader, Premier's Tola Mbakwe has been used to hearing and reporting on bad news almost every day during COVID-19. Here's why she thinks we should all be celebrating the latest from the royal family

  • Bridgerton-Simon-Daphne.jpg

    What Christians can learn from Bridgerton about sex


    Bridgerton has just been named the biggest Netflix series of all time and Woman Alive editor Doll Fisher says it's not just about corsets and gossip

  • pexels-anastasia-shuraeva-4079283.jpg

    Are women leaving it too late to have children?


    Woman Alive’s singles columnist says the statistics around women prioritising work over motherhood do not tell the whole story...

  • Housewife.png

    ‘Let’s value the roles of the housewife and mother again’


    Tola-Doll Fisher talks to Alena Kate Pettitt about why she has chosen to be a stay-at-home housewife and the negativity that sometimes surrounds this choice in modern society

  • pexels-kelly-lacy-2949992.jpg

    Where do you live?


    Star Trek fans will love this analogy from writer Sheila Jacobs as she grapples with some real life parallels

  • chayene-rafaela-invemvSFXAM-unsplash.jpg

    You can’t have growth without pain


    Using the example of a baby teething, Dammy Olatoye shares a life lesson on the strength to endure

  • Podcasts, Pigeon Poo and Prayer


    Woman Alive editor Doll shares her morning routine and how that sets her up for the day

  • WASept_2020_COVER.jpg

    Style it up


    For years, Alex Agboke searched for a personal style to reflect her identity. Now God has inspired her to help others find theirs

  • pexels-christina-morillo-1181667.jpg

    What to do when you’ve lost your job


    From furlough to redundancy, the pandemic has left many feeling anxious about the future. If you've recently found yourself out of work, here is what you can do next

  • Susan_Wright.jpg

    God gives clear signs to those who need them


    Susan Wright, 75, is the mother of five children and grandmother to nine. She became a Christian in her 20s then married John, now 86, in 1974. She has battled dyslexia and low self-esteem, but has held onto God’s faithfulness through the trials of life, including her husband having cancer twice, two years of unemployment – and even him being sent to prison

  • Will_bigger.png

    Why you need a will


    We are all living in a period of uncertainty, however, having a will is important, regardless of what stage of life we are in, to leave a legacy for our nearest and dearest

  • kevin-lanceplaine-perqSx9B8fY-unsplash_(1).jpg

    What are the new rules for weddings?


    The wedding ban has been lifted but the threat of COVID-19 means there are still restrictions. Michaela Hyde, executive director of Marriage Foundation explains what you need to know

  • Little_Women.jpg

    A nostalgic, feel-good, coming-of-age story


    Little Women has its heroine grasping hold of her career, and also finding love – but let’s be wary of its ‘have it all’ message

  • daria-nepriakhina-_XR5rkprHQU-unsplash.jpg

    The comparison trap


    Author Helen Roberts talks about the heightened thief of comparison now that we’re all spending much more time online

  • lena-volkova-osMNIBPQzcI-unsplash.jpg

    What, no cheese? A vegan guide to building up your immune system


    With many fresh food counters closing and self-isolation becoming the norm, some of us will be facing an involuntary vegetarian or even vegan diet. But it’s not all bad! Here are 3 plant-based staples you can try today to support your immune system...

  • For_the_world.jpg

    'Can anything good be drawn from this chaos?'


    As most of us find ourselves grounded and in lockdown, reports of less air pollution and the return of wildlife point to positive environmental change.

  • Anne_Welsh.jpg

    Breaking the pain barrier


    God helped Anne Welsh rise above chronic pain to become a renowned motivational speaker, campaigner, high-powered business woman, influencer and author

  • DSC_3814.jpg



    Heather Riley reviews the British comedy-drama about the 1970 Miss World competition held in London

  • Life_Less_Ordinary_Dorothy_Wigan.jpg

    Restoring the years the locusts had eaten


    Have you ever felt too old to do something new? If so, Dorothy Wigan’s story may just challenge and inspire you. After a tough start in life, she recently published a series of short stories at the age of 79.

  • Mealtimes.jpg

    Mealtimes of grace


    One way to counter the busyness of our days is to create some breathing spaces or Sabbath-moments when we can stop and recalibrate. Mealtimes offer just such an opportunity, says Kate Waterman

  • Spanish_Retreat.jpg

    Spanish retreat


    Mike and Julie Jowett not only want to provide a space for people to rest and take time out of their busy lives, but also to build bridges between the Spanish people and the migrant community ...

  • Family_Gap.jpg

    Our family gap year


    Mary and Geoff Ferguson’s 10-month trip covering thousands of miles with their five children proved to be a faith adventure, as Mary explains to Clare Blake

  • Ellie_Philpott.jpg

    'I discovered I am not as powerless as I thought'


    Ellie Philpott is an author and runs her own natural soap and cosmetic company. She lives in the Elham Valley with her husband, a crazy poodle and several hives of honeybees

  • Wintershall.jpg

    The Wintershall story


    The story behind the world-famous Wintershall plays

  • Gender.jpg

    We’re more than our gender


    Once upon a time, girls wore pink and played with dolls, boys wore blue and had construction toys, but not anymore. Rachel Turner considers the move towards a more gender-neutral world and what it means for our children

  • Facebook_Pen_Wilcock.png

    At the turn of the year


    What do you need to take up or lay down this year? asks Penelope Wilcock

  • The_decision_that_1.jpg

    The decisions that changed my life


    After a devastating loss, Faye Smith found solace in a holiday of a lifetime and discovered the joy of open-air swimming

  • Hope-When-it-Hurts.gif

    There’s more to our suffering than meets the eye


    Meet Kristen Wetherell and Sarah Walton, the authors of Hope When it Hurts, the winning book in our 2018 Readers’ Choice Award.

  • Rev_Kate_Bottley.jpg

    What Christmas means to me


    Rev Kate Bottley is a priest in Nottinghamshire and passionate about bringing stories of faith and belief to the widest audience possible. She currently presents Good Morning Sunday on Radio 2 and is a regular on Songs of Praise. Rev Kate is also supporting The Children Society’s Christmas campaign.

  • Koinonia.jpg

    Beyond the lifestyle craze


    The popular Danish custom of hygge would have been very familiar to the early church, says Kate Waterman, who suggests we rediscover Koinonia this Christimas

  • Pen_Wilcock.jpg

    Let the light in


    The darkness of winter brings both challenges and opportunities, says Penelope Wilcock

  • Pen_Wilcock.jpg

    Set your house in order


    Providence is good, but we also need to ensure we have time to laugh and enjoy life, says Penelope Wilcock

  • Working_Holiday.jpg

    My working holiday


    With World Environment Day on 5 June and Volunteers’ Week from 1–7 June, it’s the perfect month to share Fiona Thomson’s diary of a holiday in the Scottish Highlands, which combined both environmental work and volunteering

  • Join_the_party.jpg

    Join the party!


    In the ancient agricultural calendar, May heralds the beginning of the season of growth and life. Kate Waterman explains how the natural world encourages us to delight in rest and play

  • Women_Online.jpg

    The Christian woman’s guide to life online


    Media professional Michelle Vandepol answers some frequently asked questions

  • Teashop.jpg

    Never say never - a teashop story


    In January 1994, we ran a short feature about the teashop at Lee Abbey in Devon, which had recently been given a star rating in the Egon Ronay guide, Just a Bite. It was managed by Mollie Foster. Now, 24 years later, Mollie shares her story and explains how God has led her back to the teashop …

  • Man_Alive.jpg

    What do you do?


    It is not always an easy question to answer, says Andrew Graystone

  • Ruth_Valerio.jpg

    The way I live ought to be normal for all Christians


    Ruth Valerio talks to Catherine Larner about living out her principles, what the Bible says about caring for the environment and her new role with Tearfund

  • Home_at_Last.jpg

    Home at last!


    Jo Swinney considers what turns a house into a home

  • Liz_Earle.jpg

    Liz Earle


    Beauty entrepreneur Liz Earle speaks about healthy living, giving back and celebrating Easter

  • Sacred_Pause.jpg

    A rhythm of rest


    Make this the year you discover God’s gift of Sabbath. Suzanne Green talks to Shelly Miller about introducing a rhythm of rest in our lives

  • Yolanda_Ibbett.jpg

    Seeing faith in work


    Having struggled with their wealth as Christians, Yolanda Ibbett talks about how she and her husband brought their work and faith together in their multi-million pound enterprise ...

  • Wish_you_were_here.jpg

    Wish you were here


    Jackie Parsons shares some inspiration about how to slow down when we're on our holidays and give God a chance to speak to us ...

  • Fruitful.jpg

    How to be fruitful


    The team at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) present a liberating approach to being fruitful in evangelism and discipleship

  • Catherine_Butcher.jpg

    Live life abundantly


    Catherine Butcher considers how we can live our lives fruitfully ...

  • Liz_Warom.jpg

    Live a bigger life


    Catherine Larner interviews beauty entrepreneur Liz Warom about being a Christian in the world of business and encouraging and empowering women

  • Learn_to_love_Christmas.jpg

    Love Christmas again


    Suzanne Green explores why many of us - especially women - groan at the thought of Christmas, and what we can do to love Christmas again

  • Father_Christmas.jpg

    Father Christmas real?


    How do we explain Father Christmas to our children as Christian parents? Trisha Foote explains how her family tackled the issue

  • 5_Things_to_do.jpg

    Godly habits at work


    Find out five simple things that you could do to help you live out your faith at work

  • Church_Attendance.jpg

    Church and belonging


    Elaine Storkey explains why she believes that belonging to a local church is essential to our Christian lives

  • Rev_Eileen_Heaney.jpg

    Policewoman to vicar


    Find out how Eileen Heaney made the transition from policewoman to a new vocation as a vicar

  • Ukraine.jpg

    Life in Ukraine


    A young mother describes how life has changed in Ukraine since the conflict with Russia

  • Entertaining.jpg

    Entertaining Angels


    Amy Boucher-Pye suggests ways that we can practise hospitality without the pressure of 'doing it right'

  • The_Reason.jpg

    Should we celebrate?


    Trisha Foote takes our cynicisms about Christmas and reminds us that there are still good reasons to celebrate

  • Appy_phone.jpg

    Because I'm 'Appy


    Bex Lewis explains what an 'app' is and how we can make use of them in our everyday lives

  • Holiday_Blues.jpg

    Beat the holiday blues


    Sue Williams discusses ways in which single people don't have to holiday alone

  • Easy_Like_Sunday.jpg

    Sundays not so easy!


    Allison Robinson talks about the pressures of being mum, teacher and pastor's wife on a Sunday

  • Urgent_important.jpg

    Urgent vs Important


    Michele Morrison dicusses how to keep our focus on God to discern what is important rather than just urgent

  • Christine_Holmes.jpg

    Embrace new life


    Christine Holmes speaks of how she moved on in her life to embrace change after her husband died of cancer

  • Fellinghams.jpg

    South African Adventure


    Claire Musters interviews Nathan and Lou Fellingham about the six months they spent in South Africa working with PJ Smyth and GodFirst church

  • Birthday_Cakes.jpg

    Ways to celebrate


    10 tips on embracing pivotal points in our lives

  • Blogging.jpg

    Dear Diary


    Three women who blog about the joy of online journalling

  • ethical_fashion_2.jpg

    Ethical fashion


    Ali Herbert meets the two women behind luxury fashion brand Beulah London

  • Perfect_Summer.jpg

    Our perfect summer


    Three women tell Suzanne Green how they spend their summer holiday

  • Our_Life_Now.jpg

    The good life


    Ellie Philpott explains how she and her family began to pursue a more organic lifestyle

  • Wedding_planner.jpg

    The wedding planner


    Holly Poulter talks about how her faith and business work hand in hand – and the key factors in a great wedding day

  • Good_life.jpg

    March 2013 Good Life


    Two busy working mums explain how they live and work for Jesus in the office

  • Paul_Kerensa.jpg

    December 2012 Man Alive


    Let's not be too hasty in dividing the sacred and the secular this Christmas, says comedy writer Paul Kerensa

  • Living_simply.jpg

    September 2012 Living Simply


    Discover how frugality can be the key ingredient of a peaceful and more liberated life

  • Beach.jpg

    July 2012 New Directions


    How an ex-British Airways crew member discovered a talent she didn't know she had

  • Momey_feature_25.jpg

    June 2012 Good Life


    Ideas to help you to be generous, even when money's tight

  • Good_life.jpg

    March 2012 Good life


    One family's experiences on their homegrown adventure

  • 8a.jpg

    January 2012 Your Life


    Could you be doing something a bit different in 2012?

  • knowhow.jpg

    December 2011 Know-how


    How to find that “peace that passes all understanding” this Christmas

  • divas.jpg

    November 2011 Reaching Women Today


    How Divine Divas is bringing a diverse group of women together in Yorkshire

  • conley.jpg

    October 2011 Woman to Woman


    Rosemary Conley talks about her life, diet and fitness business and faith

  • WEB_SHOTS_1.jpg

    September 2011 Your Faith


    Is it time you pulled in for a spiritual check-up?

  • love_story.jpg

    August 2011 Relationships


    The choir chaperone who found love in Africa

  • granny.jpg

    July 2011 Your Family


    Grandmothers and granddaughters on the importance of praying for future generations

  • special_feature.jpg

    June 2011 Special feature


    A carer gives an insight into the challenges she faces

  • your_concerns.jpg

    May 2011 Your Concerns


    Having teenagers in the family can be a challenge! Some parents share their experiences

  • into_the_word.jpg

    April 2011 Into the Word


    The promise of eternal life is a real promise for today, says Anne Le Tissier

  • Women_at_work.jpg

    March 2011 Women at Work


    Meet three women working for a fairer world

  • WEB_SHOTS_1.jpg

    February 2011 Living the Faith


    Author Philip Yancey talks to Ali Herbert about suffering, grace and prayer

  • your_looks.jpg

    January 2011 Your Looks


    Image consultant Jane Fardon comes offers advice on how we can look our best everyday

  • DADDY.jpg

    December 2010 Make a Difference


    Meet three women who deliver special hope at Christmas

  • Persecution.gif

    November 2010 Your Concerns


    In many parts of the world, Christians pay a high price for their faith. Two women share their stories

  • Lifelines.gif

    October 2010 Your Relationships


    Five ways to learn to love someone you struggle to get on with

  • Your_health.gif

    September 2010 Your Health


    A woman with terminal illness explains why her life is richer than before

  • Relationships.gif

    August 2010 Relationships


    Does twittering, blogging, Facebooking and e-mailing really help us to connect?

  • Your_health.gif

    July 2010 Your health


    Are you taking care of your body? One woman's mission to encourage us into good habits

  • 50th-Birthday.gif

    June 2010 Your life


    Why getting older can be good news

  • Death-of-parents.gif

    May 2010 Your Life


    Jenny Hawke (daughter of Eddie and Barbara Askew) writes movingly about the effect of her parents' deaths on her

  • Feet.gif

    April 2010 Your relationships


    Sex is a wonderful gift. Make it a priority in your marriage

  • Relationships.gif

    March 2010 Your relationships


    Grieving with your children - when they are grown up, it's no longer possible simply to kiss their hurts better

  • Cedria-Clifton.gif

    Feb 2010 Your life


    Sometimes just making one change in our lives can open up a whole new world

  • Heart.gif

    January 2010 Your future


    Don't let fear hold you back, say "yes" to your heart

  • Your-Well-being.gif

    Dec 09 Your well-being


    All the joy . . . and none of the stress. Tips to ensure you enjoy the holy season

  • Real-Relationships.gif

    Nov 09 Real relationships


    How do you meet eligible Christian men? Three women share their online dating experiences

  • Real-Relationships.gif

    Oct 09 Real relationships


    Is this how it's supposed to be? Katharine Hill advises a struggling young wife

  • Your-relationships.gif

    Your relationships - WA Sept 09 - Parenting teenagers


    How do we tackle our teenagers?

  • Your-Life.gif

    Aug 09 Your Life


    Meet two women who have discovered that age is no barrier to starting something new.

  • Your-Church.gif

    July 09 Your Church


    They want more than a cup of tea! The challenge of the Saga generation

  • Your-Relationships.gif

    June 2009 Your relationships


    "We're living apart together" The challenge of long distance marriages

  • Your-Faith.gif

    May 2009 Your faith


    Embrace solitude - it draws us closer to God and helps us to accept and love ourselves

  • Your-Life.gif

    Your Life April 2009


    Let's get swishing - the new, fun way to boost your wardrobe

  • Your-Life.gif

    March 2009 Your life


    From social events to craft groups, here's how different women are making new friends

  • Your-Life.gif

    09 February Your life


    What's your spiritual challenge?

  • Your_Life.gif

    Jan 09 Your life


    Meet the women who chose a different kind of holiday

  • Your-relationships.gif

    Dec 08 Your relationships


    When your husband is a Jehovah's Witness, your home is a spiritual battleground

  • Your-life.gif

    Your life Nov 08


    Don't let your spending get out of control

  • Trends.gif

    Oct 08 Trend report


    Why Britain's fascination with the paranormal is good news for the Church

  • Lifestyle.gif

    Lifestyle Sept 08


    How to keep your children safe on the internet

  • Your–Faith.gif

    Aug 08 Your faith


    How to find true happiness. Here's 8 secrets we need to share

  • Lifestyle.gif

    July 08 Lifestyle


    Be creative with what you have and transform your home

  • Lifestyle.gif

    Lifestyle July 2008


    The Swiss family holiday run by Scripture Union has something for everyone

  • Relationships.gif

    Relationships May 08


    Happiness and heartbreak for couples seeking to adopt a child

  • Your-Life.gif

    Your Life April 08


    Make life better! Go green and live the good life

  • Relationships.gif

    Relationships Mar 08


    Caring for someone with dementia is a heartbreaking experience. Three women share their stories

  • Your-Faith.gif

    Your faith Jan 08


    Memories of Lindisfarne

  • Jan 08 Lifestyle


    Three women, single for different reasons, share their stories

  • Lifestyle.gif

    Lifestyle Dec 07


    Don't let it cost the earth, here's 7 ways to a greener Christmas

  • Lifestyle.gif

    Lifestyle Nov 07


    Dreaming of a happy retirement? You need to start planning now!

  • Lifestyle.gif

    Oct 07 Lifestyle


    Give your wardrobe an ethical makeover

  • Lifestyle.jpg

    Sept 07 lifestyle


    Why money can make or break your marriage

  • Lifestyle.gif

    Aug 07 Lifestyle


    Discover the benefits of frugal living

  • Lifestyle.gif

    July2007 lifestyle


    Visit the zoo with a message

  • leaf.gif

    June 07 Lifestyle


    Go the extra green mile - we've got lots of ideas!

  • wendybray.gif

    May 07 Lifestyle


    After surviving cancer twice, Wendy Bray is keen to move on with her life

  • Bobbie-Housten.gif

    April 07 Lifestyle


    Colour your world with Bobbie Houston

  • Lifestyle.gif

    March 07 Lifestyle


    Should we be tithing our money?

  • p30-exercise.gif

    February 07 Lifestyle


    Give yourself a health MOT

  • Mont-Orgueil.gif

    Jan 07 lifestyle


    The perfect island getaway is just a short flight away. . .

  • Dec_Lifestyle.gif

    Dec 06 Lifestyle


    A little creativity and flexibility is all you need to make your Christmas special

  • Chris-and-Gail-Lawther.gif

    Nov 06 Lifestyle


    Living and working together - three couples give the lowdown

  • Lifestyle.gif

    October 06 Lifestyle


    Breast cancer taught me to live for today

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    Sept 06 lifestyle


    The family home which offers quiet day retreats

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    August 2006 Inside a marriage


    When the children have left home, it's time to rekindle your marriage

  • Woman Alive : June 2006 : Abundant Life


    Single or married - make sure you live life to the full