A message from Doll


With my cousin Sammy who has been present during some of the most challenging times of my life

In this issue we focus on celebrating women, which might seem a bit strange since that’s what we aim to do every month. However, in March we observe Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day, so we’ve created a special edition cover. We asked each person who features in this issue to send us a photo of the woman who has made the most significant difference in their life.

These are the faces you see on this month’s cover. For some of us it’s our mums, for others it’s sisters, friends or even colleagues. Who is the most important woman in your life and what will you do in March to let them know how much they mean to you?

When I was 13, my mum sent me kicking and screaming to an all-girl’s school. I was clever, but also far more interested in boys than books so she knew that environment would keep me focused during the important secondary school years. Inevitably, I loved my time there (why are mums always right?!) and ended up going back to deliver the ‘prize giving speech’ in 2020. However, I haven’t found friendships with women easy in adulthood. For me, the workplace has often looked much like an extension of a televised version of American high school, with all its cliques and bullies. 

It has taken me a while to feel the sisterhood around the women in my life and one of those cherished groups is the Woman Alive team. So I want to take time to thank my immediate team: Jemimah Wright, Claire Musters, Lauren Windle, Sarah Ellen Brown and Ese Odetah and the wonderful women at Premier who make my life easier – and much brighter. Special shout out to Sarah Johnson, who has introduced me to my new favourite sweets. My dentist won’t thank her, but I do!

Tola-Doll Fisher

Editor + Creative Director