A message from Doll


At a workshop I delivered recently for a women’s conference, I met someone who said she subscribed to Woman Alive years ago but stopped because, as she expressed: “It’s great but after a while it’s just the same thing over and over again.” She was surprised to see me at the helm and I hope, having heard my plans for the Woman Alive brand, that we will get an old reader back again.

But it made me think about how we keep things fresh for you, dear reader, and your responses to the 2024 Reader Survey are going to help us to do that. The deadline is coming up soon so if you’re reading this and haven’t yet completed it – and this is the only time I will tell you to put this magazine down! – head over to womanalive.co.uk/survey and let us know how we can make this community of Christian women even better.

Back to this issue: we have the first of a new section in the magazine that deliberately goes against the modern culture of snackable content. There’s a time and a place for snacks (and believe me I am the greatest advocate) but it is much healthier to sit down and take time to digest your content. Enter: WA PLUS. The antidote to TLDR articles (Too Long Didn’t Read), these slightly longer articles will go into more depth and hopefully leave you feeling metaphorically fuller for longer. 

WA April 2024 - Cover

Your WA PLUS this month is by The Engage Network, a collaboration of organisations including Christian Vision for Men, Marriage Foundation, Single Friendly Church, Care for the Family, Youth for Christ and others. Co-chair Annabel Wheeldon-Clarke explains here how the male/female imbalance in Church is everyone’s problem, not just those who are single and unmarried (read it here).  

Love and blessings,


Editor + Creative Director