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We moved into a new place but couldn’t afford furniture

My husband and I moved into a new flat in the east of England in September last year. We had moved around a lot for our work and ministry and were looking forward to having all our things in one place for a time. The flat was meant to be fully furnished but when we moved in, a lot of basic things were missing and it wasn’t in very good condition.

We were both quite discouraged. We didn’t have enough money to buy any furniture and we wondered how we would manage living there. On the first night, we prayed for some provision for furniture. The next morning, my husband received a message from a friend on the other side of the world (who didn’t know that we were moving), asking if there were any items that he and his organisation could buy for us! We were so amazed.

We explained our situation and that we would love some furniture for the apartment. Through his generous provision, we were able to buy all the things we needed. It has made such a difference and we now have somewhere that feels like a home.

Georgina, by email

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