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mum and teenage son

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My teenage son came back to God!

I have three children, and my middle son had some difficult teenage years. He had been quite bold in his faith before secondary school but at high school was ridiculed for his faith by two teachers – one was the religious studies teacher! He was also bullied and went from being a top student to having his grades drop drastically. He got into drinking and vaping, and that led to drug taking. He was very angry and the situation put lots of strain on our family relationships.

During lockdown we realised he was very depressed, but we now thank God that he was at home with us, as we could actually see what was going on. He was suicidal and still taking drugs (we found out there was a county lines dealer in our village). Amazingly we got some professional help for him – he had a weekly session with a psychotherapist via Zoom. I set about praying for him and in May 2021 I fasted for 21 days (I had never fasted more than four days in my life before!) as I was so desperate for his breakthrough. It was an incredible time, but nothing seemed to change with my son. I held onto prophetic words and declared scripture over him, and many others were praying for him. After lockdown he went back to sixth form at a new Christian school.

Three members of staff made it their business to support him, which was amazing. At the end of lower sixth we began to see change in him. He was no longer depressed, and beginning to be more open to God. Just as we thought everything was going well, he had a setback as he was going into Upper Sixth in September 2021. I was so discouraged, but that December I went to a church conference and took my son with me. Right at the beginning of the service, someone had a word of knowledge that there was someone there whose name had become like a ‘bad label’ and a ‘black mark’. That described my son’s school years – so many suspensions and getting into trouble a lot. I suggested he go forward for prayer and he did.

The service carried on and at the end of the service the pastor invited people forward to give their life to Jesus. To my absolute surprise my son was standing up with tears rolling down his cheeks! He stood at the front transfixed for about 15 minutes with his arms raised. He said later that he was experiencing the love of God pouring into him in a way he had never encountered before. He said it was better than any feeling or drug he had had before. He went back to school as a born again Christian and everyone was so shocked! After school he did a discipleship school in Mexico with Youth With a Mission and he has since been praying for the sick and preaching the gospel! It is a complete miracle and answer to prayer!

Kirstie, via email

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