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Premier Woman Alive is a lifestyle platform that aims to support Christian women in the often tumultuous journey of faith. 

Through our print magazine, daily opinion posts and socials, we present ideas, inspiration and advice to help draw you close to God and to live out what you believe. 

  • Real-life stories and testimonies 
  • Book Club with new releases you won’t want to put down
  • Bible teaching from renowned philosopher and theologian Elaine Storkey
  • Deep dives into cultural commentary and how we are affected as women of faith 

Connected across the world 

My story of being a doula was featured in an issue of Premier Woman Alive. A few days after it came out, I got a message from an expectant mum near me in Cape Town. Her mother, who lives in the UK, had read the magazine. She saw that I was in Cape Town and connected me to her daughter, who was looking for a Christian doula for her third baby. I love how these connections are made, so thank you for the article!  

Sue, by email  

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Regular contributors feel like old friends 

I want to give a big shout out to your regular writers: Elaine Storkey for her excellent Bible studies, which are scholarly yet accessible; to Cathy Madavan for her down-to-earth godly wisdom and to Veronica Zundel for her thought-provoking pieces. Reading these articles each month is like meeting up with old friends and it does my heart good! 

Jackie, by email  

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Tackling important issues 

I just wanted to thank you for tackling the topics so many are facing today. You are touching people’s lives in a really significant way by covering these important issues. 

Claire, by email 

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