A message from Doll


This issue we’ve dedicated some space to talking about money. And yes, we know you don’t want to talk about it; no one ever does. In the UK at least, it’s one of those taboo topics that makes people feel uncomfortable and we get that. But don’t worry, we’re not simply going to rehash the cost of living crisis headlines! We’ve asked some of our regular contributors to talk about money within their specialist areas and some of the content you’ll read focuses on the different ways we are affected by money – as well as how to help us through it. (See our Reader Special with a Christian financial advisor on page 38.) 

If you’re struggling and would like to talk with someone about it, please don’t suffer in silence. The confidential Premier Helpline is available on 0300 111 0101, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and there are organisations like CAP (Christians Against Poverty) that can help with debt counselling capuk.org and the Government scheme Breathing Space, which aims to give space to people struggling with debt problems, search for ‘Breathing Space’ at gov.uk 

Also, I want to personally thank you for finding the space in your finances to subscribe to Woman Alive! We hope you continue to enjoy the varied stories we share and the inspiration to support Christian women navigating what sometimes feels like a post-Christian world. 

Love and blessings,  

Tola Doll Fisher