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Thank you for Talitha’s story

I appreciate the variety of articles in the magazine, but was particularly pleased to read the feature by Talitha Colchester (February 2022) in which she told her personal story of how she became drawn into the subculture of occultism, paganism and even witchcraft. I was so pleased that you printed it because it is a subject you could have shied away from, but it is a necessary one for us all to be aware of. Many of us have sons and daughters caught up in these deceptive webs. I was so glad to read of Talitha’s eventual conversion to Christ and the clear discernment that came with it that the root of these sinister deviations come from Satan. It was marvellous to read of her release and ongoing walk with the Lord. Thank you, Talitha, for sharing this much-needed story with as many as you can, and thank you, Woman Alive, for printing it.

Lizzie, by email


An inspiring magazine to share

I have been reading Woman Alive magazine for nearly a year now and always look forward to when it arrives. It is really uplifting, fresh, thoughtful and inspiring. The articles are fairly short, which means that in a busy day, I can pick it up and read one article with a cup of coffee. It is well illustrated with colourful photos, and has a variety of topics – although often on a particular theme to give an overall cohesion. I like the fact that often I know a friend for whom a particular article would be of special interest and I can pass it on to her as a thoughtful gift, which will also introduce her to the magazine.

Suzie, by email


Changing my routine

My normal routine at night has always been to pray, and then I climb into bed and read a novel. At Christmas I was gifted a subscription to Woman Alive, and now I read it at night instead of a novel. It has been such a joy to read, and it is so uplifting and encouraging to hear other people’s stories and testimonies. Thank you.

Val, by email


Parenting a competitive sport?

I really liked what Veronica Zundel had to say (in her March column: ‘When did parenting become a competitive sport?’). I especially liked how she expressed her opinion – it was so honest and somehow raw too. It was an unusual piece written on an unusual theme with a ‘tell it like it is’ approach, but using beautifully chosen words. 

Liz, by email


Encouraged by Suzie’s story

I read Suzie Kennedy’s story last night (March 2022 cover story) and was amazed at the abuse she had received throughout her childhood up to age 27. But through the loving hand of Jesus, she overcame this and today radiates joy and happiness in an unusual career as a Marilyn Monroe lookalike. Anyone who has suffered abuse, or gone through cancer as Suzie has, should read this to be inspired. I know I was.

Lizzie, via Facebook


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