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Remembering grandparents

I have been reading my November magazine and Maxine Hallett’s article about her grandparents experience during the war rang true for what I know of my parents’ experience. They were married in August 1942. My father was a spitfire pilot and they only had a long weekend to be together after the wedding before my father had to return to the fighting. My mother didn’t see him again for four years and remained living with her parents.

Thankfully my father was one of the minority of pilots who made it home but, like Maxine’s grandfather, he was a changed man. He had been given free cigarettes while serving and was a chain smoker upon his return. The men of his generation who saw active service experienced such loss and trauma that many, like my father, refused to speak about it until right at the end of his life.

My dad had a quiet faith, which he didn’t talk about, but he liked to attend the 8am Communion Service each week and watch the Remembrance Ceremony from the Cenotaph. As he was dying of cancer I asked him if there was any hymn he would like at his funeral. To my surprise he immediately answered: ‘All my hope on God is founded’.

Joy, by email


Well done!

Just want to drop a line to say I think you’re doing a great job! It’s been a tough old year for the magazine in terms of health and other challenges (but the happy news of Jemimah’s mar riage!). I sense a growing surge of support for the mag, which came clear to me when I heard that a friend, whom lives not on a huge income, messaged me to say that she subscribed after I shared a ‘please subscribe’ post on Insta. In all the years I’ve known her I don’t think she’s ever felt compelled to subscribe - so well done!

Amy, by email



I loved the article about Tammy Comer in the December issue – such a powerful story. I love John Mark’s Comer book, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry and have found it literally life-changing, so was really interested to read more about Tammy. What she learned through illness of knowing her worth in the God who loves her unconditionally, not based on status or achievements, is a game-changer.

Clare, by email


Magazine for all women of faith

I’m embarrassed to say that, having seen the October and November covers, I thought this was a magazine for Black women until a friend had me take a closer look at the content. I realise how this may sound, and I hope it doesn’t offend, but I am glad that the team behind Woman Alive is doing more to ensure that women of all ethnicities are represented in the magazine – for the benefit of all women of faith.

Elizabeth, by email


Positive testimony

I was moved by the story of the Bricker Family adopting a baby without legs [September issue], but I cannot really believe that when she arrived “she was two and a half inches long and weighed just four pounds”!* Such lovely photos of them, especially the wedding one.

It was good to have such a positive testimony, which lightened what can sometimes be a bit of an effort for someone in their 80s (like me) to work through! I sometimes wonder whether or not to renew my subscription, but then there is a gem like this!

Eileen, by email

*We apologise for this mistake – it was meant to be twelve and a half inches!

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