Prayer and Reflection


In a recent conversation with my son, we talked about what makes a home. He said it’s about family and feeling safe. His words struck a chord with me and reminded me of the importance of creating a warm and happy home. The idea is supported in Ecclesiastes 3:12: “I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.”

Beyond some of our four walls lie gardens, which can be extensions of our homes – and reflect the changing seasons. With love and attention, we can create our own little oasis, even in the most urban areas. I often admire windowsills adorned with potted plants. Putting in a little bit of effort can go a long way. 

Have you ever felt a strong pull towards a particular place, only to discover that you have a deep connection to it? That’s exactly what happened to me when I found out about my Cornish heritage. We visited my family’s ancestral home. The visit stirred my heart; the garden had Himalayan magnolias wreathed in green lichen alongside bright pink rhododendrons, an uplifting visual treat. Something special also caught my eye inside the house – a framed verse hung on the wall: “The Lord is my helper.” It brought to mind that no matter where we go or whom we meet, God is with us. Our trust and belief in God give us a true sense of ‘home’. It is a sanctuary where we can be ourselves and feel secure. Sadly, home is a privilege that not everyone has, and Jesus teaches us that by helping others, we live in alignment with God. Everyone deserves a home.

Our homes are not just a collection of belongings but also a reflection of our experiences. Home is more than just a physical dwelling; it’s a canvas on which we paint our life’s journey. It’s where we create cherished memories and cultivate our true selves. Proverbs 24 3-4 says: “By wisdom, a house is built, and through understanding, it is established; through knowledge, its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” I believe the greatest one of those treasures is faith.

Loving Father, may our

hearts be filled with faith, 

so we may be blessed with

the wisdom that radiates

true happiness. 

We humbly ask for your

mercy and blessings to

show us how to live.

Show us how to let go

of past hurt and pain.

May peace find its way into our lives and dwell deeply within us,

so we may be blessed with your protection and safety. 

Keep temptation far from us

and strengthen all who

strive to live in peace. 

Bless us, oh Lord, with guidance to fulfil your holy

will and embrace the

teachings of Christ.

Through your loving grace, grant us peace.