Lent, Easter, Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day… what a busy month! Here at Woman Alive we celebrate women in every issue but this feels like a month where the Church and the world join together to celebrate a whole range of things that are important to Christian women.

To reflect this, this issue’s cover features the names of all the women who contributed to Woman Alive in the past year. 

I feel particularly blessed to be in conversation with women from all parts of the Church about their approaches to the topics so many of us deal with. Recordings for the Woman Alive podcast this season have included conversations on tithing and debt, home schooling, mental health and menopause. And there’s so much more to come because no topic that is important to you will be left untouched!  

WA March 2024 - Cover

With this being the first official month out of winter, we anticipate you wanting to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors, so there’s plenty in this issue on leisure and lifestyle and different interpretations of what that means for our contributors. 

In editing I noticed many of our featured women are authors so I wanted to ask: are you part of the Woman Alive book club group on Facebook? If you love reading, head over to find out what fellow readers recommend and share your favourites.

And whether you’re reading this as a subscriber or not, we want to hear what you think of the magazine in our 2024 Reader Survey. You can fill in the printed version on page 33 or use the link on that page to complete it online instead.

Love and blessings,

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Season 3 of the podcast is here!

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