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Discovering women of note

I have been reading Veronica’s articles on and off for many years, sometimes I agree and sometimes I don’t! However the articles have always given me food for thought and more often than not been a definite challenge.

I have just been reading her October column entitled: ‘Where are the Women?’ It reminded me of a book written by Dr Carla Sunberg called Uncommon Virtues (The Foundry Publishing). A description of the book reads: “Many have heard of the Cappadocian Fathers—that trio from the fourth century who shaped much of the way we think about our faith today. What some don’t realize is that these men were surrounded by several devout women who had a profound influence on their lives and their theology. Dr Carla Sunberg has uncovered the fragments of details that remain about seven revolutionary women, whom she calls the Cappadocian Mothers. In so doing, Sunberg introduces to us a group of saints who practiced some very Uncommon Virtues. You’ll be challenged and inspired by the stories of these incredible and courageous women who model a new way of following Christ.” I found it very interesting and was fascinated by the common thread between this work and Veronica’s column.

Mair, by email


I must devour it!

I just received my November issue this morning so I flicked through it, then I flicked through it again, then I put it down. I can’t read it, no really I can’t. I must leave it lying there, as if I start reading it I just won’t stop! This magazine gets better and better. Thank you so much for all the hard, prayer-filled work that you all do in bringing us a must-read magazine every month. I don’t think I can stay away from it much longer…time to devour it! Lovely to see Doll on page 3 again.

Evelyn, by email

From Doll: Thank you! Never thought I’d say this but I’m happy to be back as the “page 3 girl”!


Grateful for revived faith

Levanda has benefited hugely from receiving Woman Alive, not least because it revived her faith in God after many difficult years. Now in a nursing home, she feels she can’t do justice to it but wishes to thank you all most sincerely for producing such an interesting magazine. She is grateful for the ways it has helped and encouraged her over the years. Thank you for my own November copy, which I am looking forward to reading.

Feona, by email


Changed by war

I have just been reading my November magazine and Maxine Hallett’s article about her grandparents’ experience during the war rang true for what I know of my parents’ experience. They were married in August 1942. My father was a spitfire pilot and they only had a long weekend to be together after the wedding before my father had to return to the fighting. My mother didn’t see him again for four years and remained living with her parents.

Thankfully my father was one of the minority of pilots who made it home but, like Maxine’s grandfather, he was a changed man. He had been given free cigarettes while serving and was a chain smoker upon his return. The men of his generation who saw active service experienced such loss and trauma that many, like my father, refused to speak about it until right at the end of their lives.

My dad had a quiet faith, which he didn’t talk about, but he liked to attend the 8.00am Communion Service each week and watch the Remembrance Ceremony from the Cenotaph. As he was dying of cancer I asked him if there was any hymn he would like at his funeral. To my surprise he immediately answered: ‘All my hope on God is founded’.

Joy, by email



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