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OK look, I don’t do camping. In the wake of my divorce, when I was signing up to everything and anything in an attempt at permanent distraction, a friend and I joined the long waiting list to get tickets for Glastonbury. My friend, familiar with Reading and other such tent-dwelling music fests, was super excited and I pretended I was too. Truth is, I wasn’t anywhere near disappointed when we didn’t get tickets. Who wants to spend three days in almost predictably cold and damp campsites with overflowing toilets and crowds revelling in alcohol and mud? Urgh, I’m visibly shuddering just thinking about it!

Princess that I am, when I finally did decide to attempt an overnight festival, it was to Coachella in sunny California with VIP status. We glamped in tents with private showers that were hosed down every hour. Now that’s what I call camping!

A few of our contributors have written about a mix of Christian and mainstream festivals in this issue and it’s worth noting Sinead McLeod’s point that a study of festivals showed its primary appeal was in its unity; something we could definitely all use at the moment.

WA May 2024 - Cover

So whether you head off to Spring Harvest, Glastonbury, Greenbelt or indeed Coachella – or whether you are simply enjoying time with friends and family - may you experience true unity this summer as you fellowship with not just fellow Christians but your fellow human beings; all of whom have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

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