September is the start of a new season; autumn is upon us and, while we are still enjoying the warmth of the sun, nights are drawing in, gardens are starting to lose their summer blooms and the dark, rich autumnal colours are slowly creeping in.


I have begun a new season too: a new relationship, after being single for over a decade. I now find myself navigating through unfamiliar territory, rekindling emotions that have been dormant for many years.

I am walking down a scary path into the unknown and excited to see where it will lead, thankful to have this opportunity of getting to know someone on a personal level, exploring life together.

One thing I know for certain is that I have nothing to fear, as God has turned this broken woman into a warrior; his daughter is fearless, holds her head high and is the best version of herself she has ever been.

So, for me, September is a month of dates in the diary, smiles and laughter. I am thankful to God for his guidance and wisdom, for his nurturing and patience, and helping me to see and become the daughter that he created. What are the things that he is inviting you to embrace in this new season?

Dear Lord, our heavenly Father, let us dance into this season with you, exploring new connections and new beginnings. Help us all to embrace the newness surrounding us, and feel hope and joy as we anticipate what lies ahead.

I pray, Lord, that you hold steadfast to those who may be feeling anxious about the uncertainty that the colder months ahead may bring.


When we share our whole lives with you we can hold on to the security and wisdom that only comes from you. You guide us and hold our hands when we feel unsure and unsteady. Lord, nothing can be greater than the love you have for us.

How amazing it is when we can share that love with others that we know well or have just met. We choose to follow your lead again today as you steer us through life, circumnavigating any storms or challenges, facing battles together and sharing in the laughter, tender moments and wonderment of this new season. Amen.