Your stories of God’s intervention


Visiting Grandad

I got married this summer. A few weeks before our wedding, my friend Amy prayed for me at my hen party. As she prayed, she told me the name Daniel came to mind. As she spoke I knew straight away that the Lord was reminding me of my grandad Daniel.

Due to COVID and a recent heart surgery, my grandad had only met my fiancé once and I hadn’t seen him in nearly a year. I took Amy’s prayer as a prompt to go and visit him. So, the weekend before our wedding my fiancé and I drove to Wales to spend the day with my grandparents.

We had a great time. Later that week my grandad got food poisoning and was too weak to come to our wedding. I was so grateful to God for prompting me to visit him beforehand so that I wasn’t upset by his absence on the day. 

Mima, by email


Meeting an angel

It was 1963, and my two-year-old son had been ill for weeks with a lung abscess. Not responding to treatment, he just lay sleeping as I sat beside him praying. One day I saw a lady coming down the corridor; she was not in uniform. Each cubicle had a glass side, and when she reached my son’s cubicle she opened the door, put her head in, and said: “Your son will get better.” Seeing my look of surprise, she repeated with emphasis: “He will definitely get better,” and then she walked on, through the ward, and out of the door.

The next day on the bus to the hospital, I had run out of words to pray so I sat with my eyes closed, just resting in God’s presence.  His presence was so real, almost physical – at one point I even opened my eyes to see if someone had taken the empty seat beside me!

Arriving at the ward I saw at once my son’s bed was empty, but before I could feel any alarm a doctor and nurse hurried to reassure me. My son had been taken to theatre as they felt they could  wait no longer before aspirating his lung. However, on getting to theatre something that they had long hoped and strived for happened: my son began to cough!

He was carried out to me, no longer limp and sleeping, and he wrapped his little arms and legs round me like a limpet. It was the start of his road to recovery. I have often wondered whether I met with an angel?

Jennifer, by email


Treasure hunting

My ministry partner and I go evangelising on the streets every week in Harrogate. We have done it for about two years, simply chatting to people, asking them how they are, and offering prayer.

On this particular day I spent some time with the Lord before we went out, and I asked for some information on who he wanted us to speak to. The Lord gave me three things.

First of all I had a picture of a man with a greyish beard/stubble, the second thing was piercing blue eyes, and the third thing, which was really strange, I got a smell of potent male aftershave.

I wrote it all down, then I asked the Lord what he had for me to give to that particular person. I felt him remind me of the story of the prodigal son. I read it through and there was one particular verse that jumped out: “While he was still a long way off” (Luke 15:20). The Lord told me that this person needed to come home, his Father was pursuing him and the key to the lock was on the inside.

We went off as usual, prayed and took communion before we went into the streets of Harrogate. We were standing around by the cenotaph, asking the Holy Spirit where to go. We went over to an area where there were benches. I just started talking to a man on a bench. Then I felt the Lord say: “That is your man.” He had sunglasses on, but he did have greyish stubble on his face. I asked: “I don’t suppose you have aftershave on do you?” He said he did, and it was the exact same fragrance I had smelled earlier. I just thought: “Wow, Lord!” I then said: “I don’t suppose you have got really blue eyes have you?”

He took his glasses off and he had piercing blue eyes. So, I said: “I know this sounds weird, but I think God has written a love letter, and it is for you!” He told me a bit of his life, that he was divorced and from Australia. “I am actually really lost,” he said, and his eyes welled up. I told him it was no coincidence we were talking, that he had gone away to find himself but the Lord was finding him.

When he read the three things I had written down, his eyes welled up again. I read him the story of the prodigal son and he commented: “That’s me.” I said: “Yes, you have been lost, but now you are found!” We talked a bit more, and then he decided he wanted to commit his life to the Lord. Isn’t God amazing?! 

Laura, by email


Prayer changes things

I had a bad sporting injury about fifteen years ago, where I got whiplash. It left me with quite bad neck issues which would flare up every so often and leave me needing pain killers as the muscles were in spasm.

It was very unpredictable and would happen at the most inopportune and random times, like when I was getting out of bed or simply turning around.

Over the years, I have received lots of prayer for healing and had reached a point where I would say yes to prayer, but without much belief that I would be healed. Last year I had a very bad flare up; one of the worst I have ever had, and I was in bed for nearly four days. During this period, I was in so much pain, I needed help to sit up. The situation was made even more difficult because I had a young toddler.

Around this same time, I had a particular friend who got really angry with the fact that I was getting these flare ups and was praying for me with righteous anger. Since Christmas 2021, I have had no issues with my neck. In the past, I had months with no flare up but I still experienced aches and pains. Now I have no pain at all and I am believing that I have been healed!

Mia, by email

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