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  • thumbnail_Porn ID blog

    It’s time the government started protecting children from porn


    CARE chief executive Nola Leach calls for age-check porn legislation

  • friends-1149841_1920

    Pen Farthing: new Noah or new level of selfish?


    Some animal lovers were delighted when Pen Farthing chartered a private plane to rescue 94 dogs and 74 cats from Afghanistan, but Rachel Pearce questions whether prioritising animals over humans is hugely heroic or incredibly selfish


    Misogyny, hate crimes and terrorism: terminology matters


    The language we use about violence against women matters, says Bekah Legg, who urges us to use our words carefully to combat a growing culture of misogyny and rape

  • IMG20210131131857 small

    Are you brave enough to take on the ‘Shack Challenge’?


    Global Care is looking for volunteers to take part in its ‘Shack Supper’ and ‘Shack Shelter’ challenges. Could you take on one…or both?

  • thumbnail_SallyTate

    Why we need more God-centred media for young people


    As the summer holidays are in full swing, and churches are welcoming back their congregations, Sally Tate introduces RaiseUp, a new initiative providing a wealth of resources

  • Natasha E

    Opening up spaces to talk


    The topic of gendered violence and gendered inequality is complex and emotive but one young woman, Natasha Eeles, has made it her mission to challenge and change it.

  • Lovely Chavan

    G7: we needed more actionable steps


    Lovely Chavan from the Young Christian Climate Network believes the G7 talked about many vital issues, but didn’t provide a clear explanation on what happens next

  • boat_in_truro_cathedral.jpg

    ‘World leaders must stop reiterating empty promises’


    Rachel Mander from the Young Christian Climate Network reflects on the recent G7 summit in Cornwall

  • Care_for_the_earth.png

    Why take care of the earth?


    Avery Foley, from Answers in Genesis, explains that when God is the focus of our lives, we should naturally want to care for the earth he created.

  • thumbnail_Lisa_Koons_George_Floyd_listing.jpg

    Pursuing racial justice


    On this, the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd, the US national prayer director for 24-7 Prayer, Lisa Koons, reflects on the racial justice movement born in the wake of his death and the teaching of Jesus about the pursuit of justice.

  • Elizabeth_Israel.png

    On the ground in Israel


    Elizabeth Atteih is based in Haifa, where her husband is pastor of their church. Here she describes what life was like during the latest escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine – and how she feels about the current cease fire.

  • Chine.png

    A momentous week


    Chine McDonald shares her thoughts on what the events of this week mean for the conversation about racial justice both in the UK and around the world.

  • pexels-lisa-fotios-3972931.jpg

    'Christians Must Hold Toxic Media Accountable when it comes to mental health'


    Piers Morgan, famous for controversial media commentary, shared his thoughts on Oprah’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry yesterday. Here's what Macaila Britton thinks

  • Harry & Meghan

    'The Queen’s faith should determine how she reacts to the Meghan and Harry interview'


    Millions of people are thought to have tuned in to watch the interview with Oprah last night. Here's why Lauren Windle thinks a response should come from the Royal Family themselves and not their PR team

  • Meghan_and_Harry_baby_announcement.jpg

    Why Harry and Meghan’s baby news gives us all hope


    As a news reader, Premier's Tola Mbakwe has been used to hearing and reporting on bad news almost every day during COVID-19. Here's why she thinks we should all be celebrating the latest from the royal family

  • adedotun-adegborioye-pVSjlshmGs8-unsplash.jpg

    Violence against Christians in Nigeria is spiralling out of control


    In 2017 Amina was part of a group kidnapped by Muslim terrorists and held hostage for eight months. Five years before, the terrorists came to her home and slaughtered her husband. Premier reporter Tola Mbakwe spoke with Amina about her experience