Reflection and prayer with Maxine Hallett


As a child, I had fond memories of the Silver Jubilee – huddled together around long tables scoffing our faces with pork pies, receiving a jubilee mug and coin (which I still have somewhere). As a teenager I became a rebel and would play the Sex Pistols’ ‘God save the Queen’ as loudly as possible, just to annoy my mother and the neighbours.

As a mother, I could relate to the Queen when she went through challenges with her own children. As an equestrian, I was full of admiration for this remarkable woman when I saw photos of her still riding her horses well into her 90s.

Most recently I delighted in the opportunity to host a huge Platinum Jubilee celebration at the local day centre, with all the seniors, young adults with learning disabilities and children from our local primary school. We came together as a community to share in our Queen’s magnificent reign.

Whether we are royalist or not, we have all grown up with the Queen. We will each have our own fond memories of this remarkable woman, as our Queen as well as a mother, sister and Christian. Those memories will stay with us and can be passed on to younger generations too.

Dear Lord, our heavenly Father, hold this nation in your hands as we mourn the loss of our Queen. Help us to stand together as one as we welcome and adjust to a new monarchy.

We pray for King Charles III, as he reels from the loss of his much-loved mother while supporting his family as they too come to terms with their loss. Guide him in his new role as king – may he look to you Lord for wisdom and direction.