Stories of God’s intervention


Encouragement while buying a present

On a recent shopping trip with my husband, I was looking for a summer jacket for his birthday present and we ended up in Hacketts.

We found the perfect jacket; it was the last one in his size. I began chatting to the sales assistant as he kindly steamed the linen jacket. It transpired he was a believer and I began to ask the Lord for a word of encouragement for him.

The word I received was: “You will get back together with your wife.” His response was music to my ears. “You would not know this”, he said smiling from ear to ear, “but my wife and I were divorced and now we are in the process of getting back together now. Your words are a confirmation we will make it.”

Maggie, by email

The Uber driver

While entering an Uber one day, the Lord told me that the driver was Muslim and Indian. After a bit of chat I asked him: “Are you Muslim and do you come from India?” He sounded surprised and asked me how I knew.

I explained that as a Christian I could hear the voice of my God, Jesus. He spoke to me and I could speak back. All Christian believers have this precious gift. At the mention of the name of Jesus the Uber driver went ballistic. “Allah has no son” he yelled loudly, repeating the words with mounting fervour and volume.

I was concerned that the cab could crash. I turned to the Lord, and said: “Lord I am so sorry. I have upset this man. What shall I do?” Immediately he replied: “He has three daughters and one son and he is a great dad. Tell him I love the way he loves his children.”

I interrupted the cab driver as politely as I could and repeated what the Lord had told me about his children and family life. He went totally silent and didn’t speak for the rest of the journey.

I can only assume he was thinking! At the end of the trip he admitted he had three daughters and a son and was a ‘family man’. I offered him a copy of the Why Jesus booklet I always carry with me. To my astonishment, he took the booklet from my hand and set it on the seat beside him, face up. 

Maggie, by email

Miraculous pregnancy

When my husband and I got married 25 years ago, we longed to be parents. We tried for the first six years, but didn’t fall pregnant. We moved to the Netherlands, and doctors discovered I had polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

We started hormone treatment and I felt like a guinea pig most weeks. Hormone treatment did not work, and the next step was IVF. Despite the pain of the journey, we had a gift of faith that what we hoped for would actually happen. I wrote Ephesians 3:20 on the kitchen cupboard: “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.”

My husband and I had been on a mission ship and later went to visit friends from the ship in Italy. We went to church with them, they called us forward and prayed for us in Italian. I didn’t understand, but later they told me they had prayed that I would become pregnant.

That evening I started bleeding. I lost so much blood; I had never bled in that way. My friend said: “The Lord is healing and cleansing you, don’t worry.”

We went back to the Netherlands, and I started to be really sensitive to smell. My husband asked: “Do you think you might be pregnant?’ I said it was impossible, as I had just bled and we had stopped all the hormone treatments a year ago.

However, my husband brought a pregnancy test and it was positive. I didn’t believe it; in the end we brought three tests, and they were all positive. We were overjoyed and believed it was by the power of prayer.

We went back to our gynaecologist, who we hadn’t seen for a year. He was surprised to see us, and said: “Oh, you decided to go the IVF route?” We said: “No, this is natural!” He said: “I didn’t want to tell you this, but I would have given you a one in a million chance to get pregnant with your condition.

I cannot explain the fact you are pregnant; it is, medically speaking, impossible for you.” It was six weeks after our friends had prayed and, when I did the scan, it showed I was twelve weeks pregnant. It was supernatural. It had taken us nine painful years to get pregnant, but I can truly say we are grateful for the journey.

After our first daughter was born, we started the adoption process; God had done one miracle, so we didn’t expect him to do another, but then I got pregnant again with another daughter. Then we had another baby, a boy, and our fourth son we adopted. So the Lord has blessed four beautiful children to a woman who was barren.

Hendrika, by email

Job provision

My husband, Ruan, believes God told him he was supposed to go to university and study science, so he did a degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics at the age of 26. He also felt the Lord say: “If you follow this path, and honour me in this, I will give you so much favour for your journey.”

He was so blessed by God in his studying, and right before he graduated, he said to me: “My dream job would be to work full time in research.” We knew that was impossible straightaway; you can’t do full-time research unless you have worked in the industry for a number of years, or at least have a master’s degree.

Six months went by, Ruan got a job opportunity, and was about to sign the contract when he got a call from a friend from university.

He said: “Don’t sign your contract yet, I have a really cool position that just came up in my company, and I am going to put you forward for it.” So Ruan got a call from the owner of the start-up.

He said he had heard all about Ruan and wanted to recruit him for the role – which was as a full-time researcher!

I also had felt God encourage me to change my career. I wasn’t happy working as a chef. The Lord had spoken to me about HR and studying industrial psychology.

For six months I had gone through the process of applying to study, and looking for a different job. I realised at one point I was doing it all in my own strength and it felt like nothing was happening.

One morning I repented of doing everything in my own strength and said to God: “I realise I need You, so I am asking, can you provide a job, and, if possible, can you provide a job that is in line with what I want to study, and can my salary be higher than it is now?”

I gave it over to God, and chose to trust him. Prior to this I had sent my CV out to a load of companies and heard nothing back. Two days later I got an email from one of the companies.

They said they had just reviewed my CV, and that I was a perfect fit for the role they wanted to hire for. They were a recruitment company, so it was similar to HR work. I got the job, and it was everything I had asked for; it is literally such a perfect role and segue into working in HR.

Sometimes we just need to learn to take a step back, and say: “Lord, I have done everything I can do; I surrender and I trust you.”

Natalie, by email

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