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  • Joy Vee blog starling

    Helping our kids to see God in the everyday


    As we finally start meeting for coffee, going for walks and even having people in our homes, Joy Vee asks the Church to reach out to her teenage children.

  • Emma_Waring.png

    We need to talk about sex in church!


    When many Christian couples get married they are ill-equipped to navigate sexual intimacy. Premier’s Maria Rodrigues spoke with psychosexual nurse therapist Emma Waring, who longs to see churches talking more openly about the struggles couples face in the bedroom

  • Single_mum.png

    'I was rejected from church as a single mum'


    Shovorne Adams was judged for being a single mum at 17. But God never left her alone, providing love, protection and hope for her future

  • Shame.png

    Shame and the Church


    Have you ever felt like you don’t quite fit in at church or that somehow you are inadequate? Dr Sally Nash has done research into people’s experiences of shame within churches. She shares her findings here with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues.

  • pexels-shamia-casiano-944773.jpg

    Do we need a #MeToo movement for women in The Church?


    Woman Alive editor Tola-Doll Fisher shares her personal experience of abuse in the Church and says we need to ask some hard questions about our culture

  • Church_failing.png

    The Church is failing single people


    Lauren Windle, a 30-something Londoner, has spent the last year interviewing people on their dating experiences in Church and has written Notes on Love based on her findings. It is a much-needed upgrade from a long line of handbooks telling people “How to wait patiently for your Boaz” or “You’re single because you’re not ready”. Lauren tells Tola-Doll Fisher she wrote it not as a guide, but as an invitation to explore a relationship status that she says has been sorely blown out of proportion

  • Single_friendly.png

    ‘Single people are vital to the future of the Church’


    Beth Collingridge from Single Friendly Church says that we need to value and include single people much more

  • sebastian-coman-photography-nQqNjfOVvrs-unsplash.jpg

    Do UK churches only cater for the middle-class?


    Natalie Williams has authored two books on the role she believes churches ought to play in combatting poverty and injustice. When she became a Christian, she says she had to learn new ways of behaving, and not just when it came to following the Gospel. She spoke to Premier Radio presenter, Maria Rodrigues