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  • pexels-beka-ichkiti-9580577

    If you are considering a career in porn…don’t


    Former topless model Susie Flashman-Jarvis was mortified to discover that one in five Brits would consider a career in pornography. Having seen the devastating effects porn can have, her advice is to stay well away

  • Muslim Women Covered

    ‘We don’t know what is in store for women in Afghanistan’


    Christian Aid’s Ramani Leathard reflects on the complex nature of the situation in Afghanistan, and urges us to stand with the poor and vulnerable

  • Cynthia rail

    Five ways to prepare your wardrobe for autumn-winter 2021


    With London Fashion Week finally underway, fashionista and YouTube influencer Cynthia Ajayi encourages us to get prepared for the coming season

  • 2GJ3P1T

    Will Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague hold Pretty Little Thing to account?


    Lauren Windle believes Molly-Mae’s new job raises questions for Christians who love fashion

  • CA3PE0

    My prayer for Boris Johnson


    Following the news that the prime minister’s mother has passed away, Claire Musters reflects on her own experience of losing her mum and urges us all to do better at talking about grief

  • B5CJFD

    Who’s protecting our kids?


    Restored director Bekah Legg believes parents have a pivotal part to play in protecting young people from physical and online abuse

  • 2GJH9C3

    Coping with overnight fame: five prayers for Emma Raducanu


    Alastair McIver explores what lies ahead for British tennis champion Emma Raducanu

  • JEX2KN

    The Handmaid’s Tale: When fiction mirrors the ugly truth


    With the latest series of the hugely popular TV drama having recently drawn to a close, Veronica Zundel reflects on the horrors it reveals about worldviews regarding women

  • thumbnail_Brian and Christina on balcony

    Reflections from a 9/11 survivor: 'Just three hours had passed since the first plane hit. Three hours of sheer terror’


    Traumatised by the events of 9/11, Christina Ray Stanton has since developed a deeper relationship with God and a new desire to care for those in need

  • Peter Baker

    ‘Let’s stop treating suicide as a crime or sin’


    Having lost her son to suicide, Jill Baker marks World Suicide Prevention Day (10 September) by placing a lit candle in a window. She invites us to join her, and to reflect on the way we talk about suicide and support those around us who are struggling. She believes we can do better.

  • Cherry Dakin

    An anxious return


    As many secondary school students have been returning to school this week, Cherry Dakin from tastelife shares her own story and how she is trying to combat the rise of eating disorders among young people today

  • 2A3153P

    ‘There is hope for all our children’


    Youth Mental Health Day prompts cognitive behavioural therapist Clarie Miles to reflect on an overstretched youth mental health service

  • 2GFYD9M

    ‘No refugee should be alone,’ says Welcome Churches as fleeing Afghans arrive in the UK


    Emily Holden, joint CEO of Welcome Churches, believes the Church is uniquely placed to make refugees feel at home

  • thumbnail_Porn ID blog

    It’s time the government started protecting children from porn


    CARE chief executive Nola Leach calls for age-check porn legislation

  • friends-1149841_1920

    Pen Farthing: new Noah or new level of selfish?


    Some animal lovers were delighted when Pen Farthing chartered a private plane to rescue 94 dogs and 74 cats from Afghanistan, but Rachel Pearce questions whether prioritising animals over humans is hugely heroic or incredibly selfish

  • St Pauls CCA main

    ‘I knew I needed to take action’


    On Sunday 29 August, 13 Christians were arrested in the central hall of St Paul’s Cathedral. They were women and men of different ages, many of whom are ordained. Holly-Anna Petersen explains what happened in the run up to this moment, and why she felt it had to happen.

  • 2GG057W

    ‘Our hearts are utterly broken,’ says Afghan refugee foster carer


    Foster carer Alice* shares how it feels to come alongside Afghan refugees as they adapt to life in the UK, and urges us all to play our part in making them welcome

  • Claudia Lawrence

    Prayers for an answer as police investigate new Claudia Lawrence lead


    Could the police’s latest efforts to find out what happened to Claudia Lawrence be the answer to her mother’s prayers on International Day of the Disappeared?

  • 2ABHKM6

    Why women’s football is the place to be this season


    With the new women’s football season kicking off today, Lorna Farrell, chaplain at Queens Park Women’s Football Club, believes we each have a part to play in impacting the football world with the love of God

  • MicrosoftTeams-image

    As darkness threatens Afghanistan, how can we pray?


    Clare Blake explores how we can pray for the people of Afghanistan as they face a grim future under the Taliban, with special insight from an Afghan believer

  • W241T6

    Has Love Island been redeemed?


    Love Island may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but as the latest series finishes, Sarah Carter reflects on her belief that when women like Kaz and Liberty have each other’s backs, there’s no limit to what they can achieve

  • Stef-Reid-thumb

    ‘My faith gives everything context and meaning’


    Five-time world record holder Stef Reid says her Christian faith has made life more of an adventure. She is excited about competing in Tokyo, in what will be her fourth Paralympic Games

  • 2GE29XR

    ‘Pray for Haiti; a nation steeped in voodoo, corruption and poverty’


    Ingvild Snow shares her insights after the devastating earthquake in Haiti and suggests ways we can make a lasting difference for the Haitian people

  • Abi Shotade

    The dream that turned a widow’s grief into a heavenly story of hope


    As a young widow with children, Abi Shotade walked a painful journey of grief. She hopes the book she has written will help other families facing loss


    Misogyny, hate crimes and terrorism: terminology matters


    The language we use about violence against women matters, says Bekah Legg, who urges us to use our words carefully to combat a growing culture of misogyny and rape

  • Afghanistan blog

    The return of the burqa


    Clare Blake urges us to pray for the women of Afghanistan, whose freedom is about to be eroded and whose very lives may be at stake

  • IMG20210131131857 small

    Are you brave enough to take on the ‘Shack Challenge’?


    Global Care is looking for volunteers to take part in its ‘Shack Supper’ and ‘Shack Shelter’ challenges. Could you take on one…or both?

  • gregory-hayes-Jw2jKbhFDJI-unsplash

    Plymouth churches offer safe space after mass shooting


    Several churches in the Keyham area of Plymouth have opened to the public in the wake of a shooting that has left six people dead

  • R9587H

    Menopause: “No big deal” or a genuine disability?


    Kay Burley described the menopause as “tricky”, but for many women it is a life-changing and even career-ending process. New research shows that menopause-related tribunals have quadrupled in three years

  • PG341X

    How can we help GCSE students on results day?


    The GCSE results are in and, against all odds, it looks as though our young people have excelled themselves. Dr Kate Middleton offers practical tips to get their endorphins going and remind them of the bigger picture, whether they have passed or failed

  • Emily and Kate

    ‘Don’t rely on a diet of prayer and carrots; vaccines are a gift of God’

    2021-08-11T13:40:00+01:00By ,

    Following the news that all 16- to 17-year-olds are to be offered a COVID vaccine, mother and daughter Kate and Emily urge them to grab the opportunity – and not just for their own benefit

  • Melanie Currer

    ‘The future opened up before me like a chasm of uncertainty’


    A level students have achieved record results this year despite lockdown, but teacher Mel Currer reassures us that God has a plan, whatever that piece of paper says

  • Tokyo olympics

    7 lessons we can learn from the Olympics


    From Tom Daley’s knitting to Oksana Chusovitina competing at the age of 46 and Sydney McLaughlin running for God’s glory, there is plenty we can take away from the Tokyo Games

  • Zoe Coates

    We need to listen to people’s stories of loss, says Zoe Clark-Coates MBE


    Baby loss charity founder Zoe Clark-Coates MBE has commended Carrie Johnson for speaking out about her recent miscarriage as well as the joy of conceiving her ‘rainbow baby’

  • Jennie Pollock

    ‘We are not merely animals who should be “put out of our misery”’


    As yet another person plans to travel abroad in order to die, Christian Medical Fellowship’s Jennie Pollock suggests there is hope of a better way

  • Kathleen McAnear Smith

    Tuesday night at the Royal Surrey


    Kathleen McAnear Smith shares a snapshot of what it is like volunteering as part of a team who visit young people dealing with mental health crises – and provides helpful tips for anyone thinking of volunteering in their community

  • Kate MASF

    Don’t forget the boys


    Dr Kate Middleton urges us to consider the rise in eating disorders there have been among our young people

  • Simone Biles Alamy

    An important decision… for all of us


    As another athlete withdrew from the competition she had worked so hard to reach, we tackle the question some have been asking: did Simone Biles ‘play the mental health card’ in Tokyo?

  • thumbnail_SallyTate

    Why we need more God-centred media for young people


    As the summer holidays are in full swing, and churches are welcoming back their congregations, Sally Tate introduces RaiseUp, a new initiative providing a wealth of resources

  • Lucy R

    ‘I don’t know how to be your mum!’


    Given the response we had to the piece on young people’s mental health in May’s issue*, we know that many of you have experienced huge highs and lows over the last 18 months in your families. Here, author Lucy Rycroft gives a snapshot of the impact of COVID-19 on children’s and parents’ mental health, and claims it was no mistake that God picked you to parent your kids

  • Joy Vee blog starling

    Helping our kids to see God in the everyday


    As we finally start meeting for coffee, going for walks and even having people in our homes, Joy Vee asks the Church to reach out to her teenage children.

  • IMG_5911

    Enjoy the journey


    You may be wondering what pilgrimage and the end of lockdown have in common. Having recently walked from Winchester to Canterbury, Penelope Swithinbank offers up three Ps – possessions, purpose and people – to help us link the two

  • thumbnail_Katharine-8

    Finding ways to unwind together


    As schools begin to break up for the summer, Katharine Hill, UK director of Care for the Family, encourages parents to remember that they truly are the people best placed to help their children adjust.

  • Sarah Yardley

    Navigating change


    As the final lockdown restrictions are about to lifted, Sarah Yardley shares with us some of the lessons she has learned through many life-altering changes

  • Natasha E

    Opening up spaces to talk


    The topic of gendered violence and gendered inequality is complex and emotive but one young woman, Natasha Eeles, has made it her mission to challenge and change it.

  • christina-wocintechchat-com-9-ohfp-Dicg-unsplash_article_image

    Meeting Michelle Obama


    If you’ve ever faced challenges in your life then you will know that they either weaken you or make your stronger. For Karen Bryson her difficulties and disappointments have made her determined to give young people the best start in life. This autumn she is setting up a new Christian school, after having spent years running a tutoring service to provide extra support for children from all walks of life and financial situations.

  • 2A23TTA

    The menopause revolution


    We reflect on the new All-Party Parliamentary Group on Menopause and ask you to share your own stories about menopause

  • adam-mccoid-jUI2YxksEPM-unsplash

    A week of summer fun


    Current leader, Glenys Adams describes how Camps for Girls started, and what it is like to attend

  • Retreat

    Finding peace in everyday life


    Have you ever returned from a Christian conference, camp or retreat and wished you could hold on to the sense of joy or peace you experienced at it? Dr Gemma Simmonds is a sister with the Congregation of Jesus and she has written a book to help us bring retreat practices into daily life. She shared some of her own story with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues.

  • Ros sea

    Support seafarers


    Ros Downs encourages us all to pray for merchant seafarers and their families this Sea Sunday, 11 July, as well as consider how we can support them

  • Kate speaking

    Are we ready to come out of lockdown?


    Dr Kate Middleton from the Mind & Soul Foundation recognises that we are experiencing a mixed response to the lifting of restrictions – and offers some helpful advice to us all

  • TY Day

    Thank You Day!


    As previously mentioned, 4 July is National Thank You Day, and we encourage you all to reach out to those who have made the last 16 months that little bit easier.

  • Emma GGF

    Faith in their futures


    Emma Borquaye, the founder of Girl Got Faith, encourages us to help the teenagers in our lives have confidence in who God has made them to be

  • Winner carrying a tray full of tools she is using to repair a car

    Defying stereotypes


    Winner, a young woman from Togo, has fought against the odds to follow her dreams of becoming an aeronautical engineer

  • Rachel David

    Nine months of wearing the same dress every day


    Rachel David celebrates the experience, which she says has been liberating, has started some great conversations and raised over £9,000 for charity so far

  • Karen & Hannah

    ‘My daughter has been in a coma for nearly six months’


    Karen Young shares candidly about the excruciatingly difficult journey her family is currently on, and reflects on what she has learned about those moments when God says: “Not yet.”

  • Thank-You-Day-Social-Assets_Post-Instagram-1080x1080-Pass-It-On

    Let’s say thank you!


    4 July has been set aside as national Thank You Day – is there someone you would like to thank?

  • Wild swimming

    Wild swimming


    Jemimah Wright shares her own experience of this increasingly popular pastime, and encourages us all to give it a try

  • Rachel Poulton

    ​Caring for young refugees


    Rachel Poulton MBE and her family invite newly arrived, unaccompanied asylum-seeking children into their home. She explains why here

  • Emma Tanner

    Supporting vulnerable mums


    Founder of the Princess Project, Emma Tanner, looks back over the past ten years of the charity, and celebrates how God has used it to transform women’s lives.

  • Rachel

    Showcasing talent in lockdown


    Award-winning singer Rachel Walker Mason reflects on the huge success of the online talent show she created during lockdown in order to raise funds for a mental health charity.

  • Pattern church

    Facing Father’s Day as a single man


    We hear from Tom Morgan about what life is like as a single and childless church leader, especially on days like Father’s Day.

  • Marie GCD

    Helping future leaders


    Marie Aitken shares the heart behind her exciting new initiative, Girl Can Daily, and explains how it can help encourage young women and give them the confidence to step into leadership

  • Andy_Frost.png

    Showing our kids that following Jesus is a great adventure


    As we approach Father’s Day, Andy Frost thinks back to how his dad influenced his own Christian journey when he was younger. He also shares details of a great new resource to help fathers as they take their kids on an adventure of faith.

  • Lovely Chavan

    G7: we needed more actionable steps


    Lovely Chavan from the Young Christian Climate Network believes the G7 talked about many vital issues, but didn’t provide a clear explanation on what happens next

  • boat_in_truro_cathedral.jpg

    ‘World leaders must stop reiterating empty promises’


    Rachel Mander from the Young Christian Climate Network reflects on the recent G7 summit in Cornwall

  • loneliness.jpg

    Support for singles of all ages


    Whenever there is provision for singles in churches it is often targeted at young people. Rev Eleanor Jeans is author of a course called Securely Single, which aims to help those of any age live life to the full, whether singleness was something they chose or not. She shared about her own experiences of being single with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues.

  • Jen-Baker-Main_article_image.jpg

    Moving on from past mistakes


    Have you ever looked back over your life and wondered how it could have been different? Jen Baker’s new book, Unwavering, encourages us to reflect on the choices we make to move from making fear-based decisions to faith-based living. Premier’s Maria Rodrigues chatted with her about her own journey with this.

  • Carers_Week.png

    Carers need space for their own wellbeing


    During Carers Week, 7-13 June, carer and mental health awareness trainer, Anita Kelly shares candidly about the pressure of being a carer, the effect of the pandemic, and how important it is that carers feel valued and cared for themselves.

  • Becky_Murray.png

    'I was sexually assaulted on a mission trip'


    Director of charity One by One, Becky Murray describes how a terrifying incident almost stopped her realising her dream to help the poor and broken

  • Friends_400x300.png

    The one who sticks close by


    On National Best Friends Day, 8 June, Claire Musters encourages us to think about those closest to us

  • Care_for_the_earth.png

    Why take care of the earth?


    Avery Foley, from Answers in Genesis, explains that when God is the focus of our lives, we should naturally want to care for the earth he created.

  • Struggling_Maxine.png

    Struggling with my faith


    Maxine Hallett shares honestly about her recent dark moods, which she has discovered are due to the menopause, and how they have made her feel far from God.

  • Community_WA.png

    Community and creation


    Margot R Hodson, director of theology and education at the John Ray Initiative, shares how their village grew community at the same time as caring for creation

  • SarahTeibo

    Praising through the pain


    Songwriter and worship leader Sarah Téibo shares candidly how hard it can be to worship in the most excruciating moments of life – and yet encourages us all to do so.

  • Natalie_Mills.png

    Time for an overhaul


    Natalie Mills, advocacy manager for Home for Good believes the young people currently in the care system deserve better.

  • 2019-08-devoted-780x439-1.jpg

    From free school meals to CEO


    The new chief executive of Jubilee+, Natalie Williams, talks to us about imposter syndrome, and why taking up the role feels like a prophetic statement.

  • Emma_Waring.png

    We need to talk about sex in church!


    When many Christian couples get married they are ill-equipped to navigate sexual intimacy. Premier’s Maria Rodrigues spoke with psychosexual nurse therapist Emma Waring, who longs to see churches talking more openly about the struggles couples face in the bedroom

  • thumbnail_Lisa_Koons_George_Floyd_listing.jpg

    Pursuing racial justice


    On this, the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd, the US national prayer director for 24-7 Prayer, Lisa Koons, reflects on the racial justice movement born in the wake of his death and the teaching of Jesus about the pursuit of justice.

  • Elizabeth_Israel.png

    On the ground in Israel


    Elizabeth Atteih is based in Haifa, where her husband is pastor of their church. Here she describes what life was like during the latest escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine – and how she feels about the current cease fire.

  • Ruth_200.png

    Look after yourself!


    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the demands and responsibilities in your life? Ruth Rice was a very capable, busy woman, but then one day her life started to unravel. She shared with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues what happened.

  • Sarah_Bessey.png

    Is it time to pray differently?


    Have you always prayed the same way? Author Sarah Bessey believes we can learn something from Christians who pray differently to us.

  • Next_gen_WA.png

    Equipping the next generation


    Alastair McIver reports on how a Christian-run hospital is pioneering a new ‘respect’ agenda in Bangladesh

  • IMG_2233

    Caring for the vulnerable


    During Foster Care Fortnight, we hear from Hannah Hylton about her family’s journey into fostering

  • Katharine_Hill.png

    Lessons on wellbeing from lockdown


    Care for the Family’s Katharine Hill gives us some simple, practical ways that we can boost our emotional wellbeing.

  • Abbie_tastelife.png

    A message of hope


    Since the pandemic, the number of eating disorders has risen dramatically. Abbie Young works for tastelife, a charity that offers help to those suffering from food-related issues and their carers. Here she shares about her own struggle with anorexia and why the charity is looking for volunteers right now.

  • Regans.png

    ‘I thought my wife would be better off without me’


    Premier’s Maria Rodrigues spoke to Patrick and Diane Regan about the physical and mental health challenges he faced, and how they affected Diane too.

  • thumbnail_Rachael_Newham.jpg

    Holding grief and joy together


    The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (10–16 May) is nature. Here, Rachael Newham bravely shares her story, as well as the part nature has played in her recovery – and how she thinks we all need to give ourselves time and space in this season.

  • Keren_DW.png

    Gleaming in the dark


    On ME Awareness Day (12 May), Keren Dibbens-Wyatt bravely shares an insight into what life is like for someone with myalgic encephalomyelitits (ME), as well as revealing the hidden creative treasures she has found in her stationary life.

  • Georgie_200.png

    ‘If I perish, I perish’


    On International Nurses Day (12 May), intensive care nurse Georgie Coster honours the incredible sacrifice our nurses have made for us in this most challenging of years.

  • Michaela_Hyde.png

    Why ‘Naked Marriage’?


    It is UK National Marriage Week (10–16 May). Here, its coordinator, Michaela Hyde, explains the idea behind this year’s theme.

  • thumbnail_Steve_and_Claire_Musters.jpg

    Healing after an affair


    During UK National Marriage Week, we’re inviting couples to consider having some tough conversations, whether that be about sex, making a will or handling money well. Steve and Claire Musters spoke to Premier’s Maria Rodrigues about the way forgiveness saved their marriage, as documented in their new book Grace-Filled Marriage.

  • Dying_matters_WA.png

    My final love offering


    At the start of Dying Matters Awareness Week, Ann Clifford shares the importance of preparing for death well – and how she made her own preparations this year.

  • anthony-tran-vXymirxr5ac-unsplash

    The deep darkness of post-natal depression


    As we continue to think about maternal mental health, Lindsay Rumbold bravely shares her own experiences after giving birth to her son.

  • stock_photo_to_use.jpg

    ‘I knew Caleb was safe in heaven’


    During Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week (3–9 May) we hear from Chloe Smith, who was heavily pregnant when her four-year-old son died.

  • Shame.png

    Shame and the Church


    Have you ever felt like you don’t quite fit in at church or that somehow you are inadequate? Dr Sally Nash has done research into people’s experiences of shame within churches. She shares her findings here with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues.

  • Sarah_Stockinger.png

    When life falls apart


    Have you experienced disappointment and loss? Sarah Stockinger has journeyed through miscarriage and, more recently, experienced a ministry job falling through…after her and her husband sold everything to move to America to take up the post. She shared what she has learned through these experiences with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues.

  • Maggie.png

    An injection of hope for the world


    Nurse warns billions of people around the world will not receive a safe and effective vaccine for years unless urgent action is taken

  • Christine_Soule.png

    Moving from fear to compassion


    Christine Soule had a series of traumatic experiences in her childhood, including her stepfather phoning her when she was nine years old and home alone, threatening to rape her. As a result she carried chronic fear into adulthood, until one day God set her free. She shared her story with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues:

  • Push_.png

    Taking up the challenge


    Despite being a self-confessed hater of exercise, when a friend said she was doing Tearfund’s 21 for 21 challenge Rev Kate Wharton decided to join in too

  • Chine.png

    A momentous week


    Chine McDonald shares her thoughts on what the events of this week mean for the conversation about racial justice both in the UK and around the world.

  • Minor_Prophets_book.png

    What the minor prophets can teach us about suffering


    Where do you turn to when you’re struggling? Chances are that you don’t turn to the books of the minor prophets in the Bible, but author Debbie Duncan shared with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues why these books are full of gems that are helpful for life in the 21st century.

  • Josie_CCD_WA.png

    New Christian Creative Directory launched


    World Creativity and Innovation Day on 21 April brings the launch of the UK-wide Christian Creative Directory

  • All_business_WA.png

    UK’s boardrooms need better gender distribution


    New research shows that in the FTSE 100 companies female directors are up 18 per cent but women account for just 34 per cent of UK board members

  • Linda_WA.png

    Running for the recovery of human slavery survivors


    Single mum from Barnsley, Linda Walmsley, is running the Sofa to Summit Kilimanjaro Challenge to raise funds for suicidal human trafficking survivors and for her own lockdown mental health

  • Text_me_WA.png

    Shining a light on women’s safety


    Celebrated neon artist, Eve De Haan has created an illuminated billboard campaign that is being exhibited from 15 April.

  • Angel_WA.png

    ‘Angels appear to me’


    Minister Charlynne Boddie has had numerous angelic encounters. Here is a snippet of the story she shared with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues.

  • Copy_of_Panic_WA.png

    Trapped in an invisible prison


    For Clare Blake’s sister, who has panic attacks, going to church is a challenge. But she’s getting there…

  • philnqueen2_rex.jpg

    Losing the man who was always by her side


    Claire Musters was struck at how the Queen’s loss ultimately reflects her humanity, as she begins to navigate the grief that we all face when we lose someone we love

  • Royal_couple_WA.png

    A life sacrificed for the woman he loved


    Catherine Butcher looks back on the extraordinary marriage that the Queen and Prince Philip enjoyed, in which traditional roles were often reversed.

  • Pensive_WA.png

    Life after a Christian divorce


    Steph Gutmann grew up as a pastor's kid and prayed for her marriage to be blessed by God, but when it turned abusive she was challenged about how to make things work. She shared her story with Premier's Maria Rodrigues.

  • Wilderness_forest_WA.png

    Finding hope in the wilderness


    There has been a lot of talk about hope in recent days. We remain hopeful that lockdown will continue to ease in the way the government has outlined. We are hopeful that we can visit friends and family – and even stay with them. We hope that we will soon be able to sing alongside our church family again.

  • Motherdom_Anna.png

    New mental health website for mums


    ?Motherdom, the UK’s first media platform dedicated to maternal mental health and wellbeing, was launched at the start of March by mum-of-two and journalist Anna Ceesay

  • pexels-rodnae-productions-6670068.jpg

    'I was pregnant with my 5th child when my marriage and ministry fell apart'


    Karen Allen reached a tipping point in her life when she told God she couldn't do ministry anymore. Her marriage of 14 years had suddenly ended and she found herself pregnant with her 5th child. A close friend spoke into her life and changed things. Here is some of what Karen shared with Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues

  • eliott-reyna-3m1dzB7pmi0-unsplash.jpg

    How can I teach my son to respect women?


    Sarah Everard's abduction and death have sparked conversations on the things women have to do to stay safe from male predators. Here we look at how boys can grow up with a healthy view of women and girls

  • WA_Blog_-_Jesus_came_to_me_in_a_dream.jpg

    'Jesus appeared to me in a dream'


    Like Joseph in the Bible, Naomi Chamroo grew up having dreams that confused both her and her family. She tells Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues how an encounter with God gave her the answers she was searching for

  • nicola-fioravanti-MryBlxc2ocw-unsplash.jpg

    Healing from abortion


    Toni Raye is a Christian mother who runs the 'Toni Raye Talks' podcast. She shared with Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues something of a dark season in her life

  • pexels-august-de-richelieu-4260475.jpg

    What has a year of lockdown taught us about home schooling?


    As many children have gone back to school this week, Claire Musters takes a look at how parents have found the experience of home schooling

  • Doll_with_Cleo_Ifedayo.jpg

    ‘I’m not a mum but I’ll be celebrating mother’s day this year’


    A traumatic baby loss meant Woman Alive editor Tola-Doll Fisher avoided Mother’s Day for years. Here’s why she wants this year to be different

  • pexels-karolina-grabowska-4219890.jpg

    Are you looking forward to Mother’s Day?


    As she navigates celebrating Mother’s Day with her children but without her mum, Claire Musters suggests we need to be mindful of one another’s situations

  • pexels-lisa-fotios-3972931.jpg

    'Christians Must Hold Toxic Media Accountable when it comes to mental health'


    Piers Morgan, famous for controversial media commentary, shared his thoughts on Oprah’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry yesterday. Here's what Macaila Britton thinks

  • Harry & Meghan

    'The Queen’s faith should determine how she reacts to the Meghan and Harry interview'


    Millions of people are thought to have tuned in to watch the interview with Oprah last night. Here's why Lauren Windle thinks a response should come from the Royal Family themselves and not their PR team

  • Laura_IWD_WA.png

    IWD 2021: Thank you to our women of faith


    When my synagogue put out its first call for Covid volunteers, incredibly now a full year ago, over 600 replied, and 75% of them were women. I for one was not remotely surprised.

  • Clare_IWD_WA.png

    God in the mess


    Meet Clare and Lydia. Two women of faith who support young people coming out of homelessness, leaving behind care, traumatic childhoods or abusive relationships.

  • Brothel_WA.png

    My mum ran a brothel


    EMMA WEAVER grew up in a situation where she would alternate between living with her mum or dad. At one point she moved to Spain with her mother, but when financial difficulties hit she returned to the UK to be with her father. In that time her mum set up a business. Premier's Maria Rodrigues heard something of the story, as written in Emma's book 'Unvanquished Spirit'.

  • pexels-anna-shvets-5257534.jpg

    Learning to celebrate in a time of lament


    We are in difficult times but we can choose to focus on God’s goodness as we celebrate each other this month in International Women’s Day and Mothering Sunday

  • pexels-shamia-casiano-944773.jpg

    Do we need a #MeToo movement for women in The Church?


    Woman Alive editor Tola-Doll Fisher shares her personal experience of abuse in the Church and says we need to ask some hard questions about our culture

  • The_Bachelor.jpg

    Should Christians be watching dating shows?


    Forced intimacy, casual sex and “love at first sight” – is this how God wants us to find love? Dating and relationships writer Lauren Windle explores...

  • Meghan_and_Harry_baby_announcement.jpg

    Why Harry and Meghan’s baby news gives us all hope


    As a news reader, Premier's Tola Mbakwe has been used to hearing and reporting on bad news almost every day during COVID-19. Here's why she thinks we should all be celebrating the latest from the royal family

  • WA_BLOG_Is_there_a_right_way_to_pray_-_pexels-karolina-grabowska-4498157.jpg

    Is there a right way to pray?


    Carla Harding works for the 24/7 Prayer movement, but when she was younger she felt terribly inadequate in the area of prayer. She shared her story with Premier radio presenter, Maria Rodrigues

  • fuu-j-IlXFEL_nBcM-unsplash.jpg

    A different kind of love story


    This Valentine's Day, Woman Alive editor Tola-Doll Fisher wonders why we only attribute 1 Corinthians 13 to marriage ceremonies...

  • annika-gordon-EUnVJFET3Q0-unsplash.jpg

    How has COVID-19 affected our attitude towards Ash Wednesday?


    Writer Florence Gildea encourages us to use this time to reflect on God's blessing of humanity

  • anthony-tran-i-ePv9Dxg7U-unsplash.jpg

    Was I really meant to be single or have I been running away from commitment?


    Sheila Jacobs jokingly refers to herself as a “professional single”. But the pandemic has meant she hasn’t had a hug for a year and she now wonders whether she made the right choice…

  • pexels-cottonbro-4098224.jpg

    Is divorce okay for Christians?


    Dr Zina Arinze is a lawyer, so why did she go into the field of helping those who have been through divorce find healing and restoration? Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues spoke with her to find out more about her story

  • Bridgerton-Simon-Daphne.jpg

    What Christians can learn from Bridgerton about sex


    Bridgerton has just been named the biggest Netflix series of all time and Woman Alive editor Doll Fisher says it's not just about corsets and gossip

  • pexels-git-stephen-gitau-1667847.jpg

    Let's talk about sex


    Adrian and Celia Reynolds have written a book about the struggles couples often face with physical intimacy in marriage, exploring why the Bible says about it and the priority sex should take in a marriage. Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues spoke with them about it

  • Kate_Patterson_-_Living_for_eternity.jpg

    Processing unexpected death


    Kate Patterson and her pastor husband had been writing and presenting on the topic of eternity, when a few months later it became a more significant topic for the family than they could ever have imagined. Kate has now released a book called 'Living for Eternity', and Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues spoke to her to find out more

  • adedotun-adegborioye-pVSjlshmGs8-unsplash.jpg

    Violence against Christians in Nigeria is spiralling out of control


    In 2017 Amina was part of a group kidnapped by Muslim terrorists and held hostage for eight months. Five years before, the terrorists came to her home and slaughtered her husband. Premier reporter Tola Mbakwe spoke with Amina about her experience

  • pexels-motional-studio-1081685.jpg

    Let God help you redefine 'Blue Monday'


    As Christians, we should look to change the narrative of what is said to be the most depressing day of the year

  • sebastian-coman-photography-nQqNjfOVvrs-unsplash.jpg

    Do UK churches only cater for the middle-class?


    Natalie Williams has authored two books on the role she believes churches ought to play in combatting poverty and injustice. When she became a Christian, she says she had to learn new ways of behaving, and not just when it came to following the Gospel. She spoke to Premier Radio presenter, Maria Rodrigues

  • pexels-ralph-rabago-3214751.jpg

    ‘It’s ok to admit you’re struggling’


    The past year has taken its toll on us all – this online retreat aims to help us deal with the loss and disappointment from COVID-19