Feb2022 Maxine

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, romance is in the air. It is everywhere around us – in advertisements, retail shops and in the eyes of every couple passing by on the street. While this is beautiful to see, it can make some people feel alone and abandoned.

Past personal experiences have taught me to be mindful of my single friends, so can I encourage you to reach out to those who might be finding this time of year difficult and pray with and for them.

When we focus on God, we discover the ultimate love that our Father has for each one of us, regardless of our relationship status. With God ever present in our lives, we can trust that he will support us, we can laugh and cry with him, and we can remind ourselves that we are never alone. We can also learn to love ourselves as well as those around us. Each one of us can experience the truth of what God says in Joshua 1:5 (NLT): “I will be with you as I was with Moses. I will not fail you or abandon you”.

Dear Lord, thank you that when I am feeling lonely you reach out and take my hand. You rescued me, my saviour, from the darkness and shone a light into my heart. As my heart beats, I can hear the gentle whisper of your breath. Your Holy Spirit awakens my soul.

Together, each day we take a step and dance into the newness of fresh grace and mercy for the hours ahead. Lord, the joy I feel swells my heart and I am forever thankful that you have shown me how to love others and become a better version of myself.

This time of year can be difficult for many, but when we ask you into our hearts, we need never feel lonely again. I pray that you touch the hearts of those feeling lonely with your gentleness. May your overwhelming and dependable love reach those who seek it. May each one of us sense your loving arms holding us. Please Lord, we cry out to you, never let us go. Amen.