Kristina Foster spent her life in and out of hospital and on bed rest, she prayed that God would tell her exactly what her body needed to heal, and he did.


My mother had a strange flu virus during her pregnancy with me, which caused a series of complications for my birth. I was born dying, with a collapsed lung, diaphragm hernia, and a hole in my heart. They gave my parents little hope of my survival or even being little more than a vegetative state, even after a series of operations.

I had been in and out of hospitals, receiving countless antibiotics, steroids, infusions and surgical procedures to keep me living a "normal" life.

However, at 48 years old, and after 17 operations, I was done. My body was done. I couldn’t handle another diagnosis of prescription usage and "bedrest". This wasn’t living… it was surviving, and I'd had enough.

I was born dying, with a collapsed lung, diaphragm hernia, and a hole in my heart.

“Please God, tell me what my body needs!” I prayed as I drove to yet another new doctor. This doctor was a functional medical doctor, so she was different than the other doctors. She saw right away that a lot of my symptoms was stemming from the stress and depleted immune system as a result of my many operations and antibiotics.

My body was drained of its natural ability to defend itself and my immune system was basically non-existent. We had to start from scratch and go back to basics; nature. She started me on bio-identical hormones and lots of good vitamins and mineral infusions. After a few months my body was responding.

I was slowly starting to feel as if I were a normal person. However, we were not quite getting there. The tests kept coming up short. I was still living with deliberating pain in my joints and everyday activities. My doctor suggested I look into essential oils. I had no clue about essential oils, what they were used for, how to use them or even how to get them.

While traveling the USA in 2018, I asked anyone and everyone I came across where I could get essential oils. I was given lots of options and brands and instructions on how to use them. It wasn’t until I received a "raindrop" massage from my cousin with Young Living oils that my body responded and my pain disappeared like someone had given me an epidural. It was instant. That’s when I knew I found what I was looking for and I started sharing with anyone who would listen and it opened doors for me to share my testimony to people that I never would have been able to connect with - but God!

When God spoke earth and man into existence, he gave us everything we needed for our wellness. The frequencies of all of his creation pairs perfectly with each other in creating a beautiful synergy of healing! God in his immeasurable grace and divine wisdom gave us the complete environment for exactly what our bodies need to live in ultimate health.

The frequencies of all of God's creation pairs perfectly with each other in creating a beautiful synergy of healing! 

Revelations 22:2 says: “The leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations.” This was when I learned about essential oils and how they are the very "blood" life of plants, trees and nature. In Leviticus 17:11 it says that: “The life of the flesh is in the blood.”

I love how it’s a perfect picture of Christ, when he shed his blood so we could live! So it is with nature. Nature’s blood is the sap and oil of the trees and plants that come from God’s beautiful creation, as they sacrifice their living state to heal our earthly bodies created in his image. Through this journey, I tried many brands of essential oils, none of which seemed to really make a difference. However, I also learned that not all essential oils are created equal and that it matters where your oils come from, the purity; how they were sourced and distilled. I eventually found Young Living oils, and now am an evangelist for them. These pure essential plant oils, became miracle drops of hope on my healing journey, and I am now able to live my life to the full.