Prompted by the installation of a 'post-box to heaven' Rachael Cottle refelcts on the big questions she would pose to God if she had his postal address.


Source: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Just on the edge of Warrington, in the heart of Walton Hall and Gardens there is a post-box to heaven. Since the installation of this celestial courier in November 2021, more than 2,000 handwritten letters have been sent to lost loved ones.

This got me thinking. If heaven really did have a post office, what would I send? What would I write in a letter to God?

Like most people I have many questions for God, far too many to fit into one letter. Barry Cooper and Paul Williams’ book If You Could Ask God One Question gets straight to the point, exploring questions around suffering, miracles, and hell to name just a few. These topics are often where my non-Christian family and friends go to when asking about my faith. As much as I have asked these questions on many occasions, I think I would want an answer to something more personal.

If heaven really did have a post office, what would you send?

So how do I start? "Dear God, Here’s my long list of unanswered questions I’d like you to answer..." would probably not be the best way to begin. But fortunately, Jesus gave us a step-by-step guide in how to speak to God. The Lord’s prayer is where I’d start.

First, I’d tell God how wonderful he is, how much he means to me and thank him for everything he’s done (Matthew 6:9-10). I’d then ask him for his forgiveness. Repent for where I’ve slipped up. (Matthew 6:11-13). And finally present him with my questions.

Although there are so many I could ask, for me, one question stands out above the rest: "How much time do I have?"

Whether that’s before I go to heaven or if Jesus is planning on making a return visit to Earth any time soon. Our time on earth is precious and I would want to know how long I have, to enjoy everything life has to offer, and to do the work God has set out for me. But I know this is a question I will never get an answer to, and I can see why.

Jesus gave us a step-by-step guide on how to speak to God in the Lord’s prayer.

Even though we can’t write a direct letter to heaven for God to answer we are blessed with the ability to speak to him directly every day, thanks to Jesus. God wants us to come to him with everything that’s on our hearts and minds. No matter how big or small we think it is. When we pray God hears us.

He has also provided us with the Bible, a guidebook full of stories and lessons for us to delve into and find answers to some of the questions we have. Although not all of them. One of the things I find most awe-inspiring about God’s character is his mystery. I find comfort in his omniscience, his unlimited knowledge, awareness and understanding of all things. Even when I don’t get direct answers to my questions, he invites me into a loving relationship where I can rest assured that he has got it all in control.