Rachael Cottle gives us the rundown of the Christian women who are preaching up a storm in the UK right now.

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(From L-R) Damilola Makinde, Pippa Baker and Anne Witton

This year, my summer was unexpectedly packed full of Christian festivals. In between the late night worship sessions and countless Tearfund cafe tent coffee, I managed to squeeze in A LOT of preaching. Many of the usual suspects took to the stage, but what struck me this year was the number of phenomenal women on the billing at each event.

There is so much wisdom and love being shared by women across the UK, plenty you will have heard of but some you may not have come across *yet*. Here is a handful of speakers that I think are worth camping out by the tent to make sure you hear next year.

Pippa Baker

Pippa is a full time missionary with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and helps lead a worship collective called One Hope Project. She’s fun, witty and her preaching packs a gospel-filled punch.

You can follow Pippa on Instagram @‌pippajobaker.

Anne Witton

Anne is passionate about inviting people, families and communities into life-transforming relationships with Jesus. She works nationally with Living Out a charity designed to tell a better story of biblical sexuality, encouraging churches in supporting same-sex attracted members and giving positive teaching on singleness, marriage, celibacy and community.

You can follow Anne on Instagram @‌annewitton or @‌livingoutorg.

Amy Orr-Ewing

Amy has written several books around some of the most difficult questions in faith. She is passionate about apologetics, presenting and defending the Christian faith in a way that engages with culture. 

You can follow Amy of Instagram @‌amyorrewing.

Ruth Afolabi

Ruth is the founder of Magnify Collective - a gorgeous magazine, website, podcast and community for Christian women. She’s the perfect mentor to ambitious women of faith who want to feel seen and valued in every sphere of life.

You can follow Ruth on Instagram @‌ruthyafolabi and @‌magnifycollective.

Sammy Jabangwe

Sammy works for the Message Trust as an evangelist in their mission team, SoulBox. She travels around the UK telling young people about Jesus. You will struggle to find a more passionate and articulate speaker.

Listen to Sammy’s talk “God Cares” from Spring Harvest 2023 here

Lin Button

Lin has been involved in healing prayer since 1979. She has been involved in founding the “Healing Prayer School” and has been on the senior staff team at All Saint Woodford. But her CV doesn’t end there as she’s also a chaplain for Westminster Theology Centre.

With a New Wine online subscription you can watch Lin’s talk ‘What covers the heart’ from New Wine United 23 here


Xenia is a presenter on The Way UK. The Way are in partnership with Church of England digital projects, and they aim to break assumptions and talk about things that matter. They produce content on Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and they host a podcast.

You can follow Xenia on Instagram @‌missxeniajames or @‌thewayuk.

Emma Stark

Emma is an Irish prophet living in Scotland. She’s a leader at the Global Prophetic Alliance and, alongside her husband, founded the Glasgow Prophetic Centre.

You can follow Emma on Instagram @‌emmafaithstark

Rachel Gardner

Rachel is the relationship lead at Youthscape. She is also author of multiple books including The Girl Deconstruction Project and The Sex Thing. Expect giant hoop earrings and chunky trainers from this charismatic preacher who doesn’t dodge the tricky topics. 

You can follow Rachel on Instagram @‌rachelgardnerys.

Damilola Makinde

Damilola is the formation and pattern pastor at Kings Cross Church in London and is the advocacy lead at the Evangelical Alliance. She is passionate about being a public witness to Jesus through thoughtful Christian engagement in the key cultural and political issues of our time.

You can watch her talk from Wildfires 2023 here.

All these incredible women are sharing the good news across the UK. I hope that you are inspired and that engaging with them encourages you in your personal walk with Jesus.