Sophie Dianne was surprised and delighted to resonate with Francesca Bridgerton, a character in the Bridgerton TV series. It reminded her of  a prophetic word that said ‘everyone fits’.


Penelope Featherington played by Nicola Coughlan

Source: Liam Daniel / Netflix

The Bridgerton fandom dusted off their tiaras last Thursday for the latest season of frivolity. I watched the first episode on Netflix with mixed feelings and I can honestly say I was surprised. I found myself looking away from Penelope Featherington’s drama and towards Francesca Bridgerton instead. 

Let me explain - society teaches us that specific personalities should be favoured and that certain traits are more valuable or attractive and supposedly make for more interesting people. However, here was a character I could personally relate to. Within this programme of courting and engagement I found some mutuality.

Like Francesca I don’t like attracting notice. 

Like Francesca I don’t like attracting attention. God made us perfect in his image, so why is it bad to decompress alone with a book? Or to miss the party because socialising is frankly exhausting?

Now for those unfamiliar with the ‘Ton’, let me catch you up. Set against the Regency period, Bridgerton follows the eight siblings from the influential noble family of the same name. The story unfolds as they navigate London high society in search of love, surrounded by friends and rivals alike. You would be forgiven for thinking that the life they lead is easy. But with privilege comes duty.

In season three we see this reflected in Francesca’s behaviour. Before attending her coming out ceremony, she retreats to her safe space, the piano. Her brother Benedict remarks on the music, telling their mother it is Mozart’s ’Funeral March’. This gives audiences all they need to know about this reserved character.

Now, I may not be an aristocrat like Francesca but being a Christian woman comes with its own expectations, and attending church only emphasises this. As an unmarried thirty-something, the word spinster lingers in my mind. I have been questioned many times about my social calendar and of course marital status. It’s hard for some to understand the mental preparation it can take to socialise.

When I make plans I have to gear myself up, for often weeks at a time. And as for courting, well that takes a different type of energy. Sometimes I find it hard to quantify my introversion. Psychiatrist Carl Jung was the first to coin the term, explaining it to be an inwards orientation to one’s own mental life.’ As someone with this personality type, there are days when I just don’t have the capacity for human interaction. It’s more than just my batteries running low. I refer to this as I can’t people today.’ If someone tries to engage me in conversation, my mind shuts down. I’m there but out of reach. As with Francesca, I need to take a moment and retreat to the the wall. At times like this I pray for God to empower me and give me strength.

Within the first half of season three, Francesca is eager to get married so she can escape. She is adamant that love is insignificant to her perspective match. That is, until she meets John Stirling, with whom she shares many similarities. At first it is unclear whether this attraction is based upon understanding or whether she actually fancies him. I was talking to a potential suitor of my own, and he commented on my introversion, telling me he thought my openness towards it was refreshing. However, he has since ghosted me. It was interesting to hear his opinion, but like Francesca, I would prefer to find someone who is a kindred spirit.

At church, I listened to a prophetic word that said ‘everyone fits.’ The Kingdom of God is made up of uniqueness. Isn’t it time then, that we encouraged women and allowed them to embrace the joy of missing out as well as celebrating their amazing varied personalities? It’s unfair to label introverts as boring. We are the observational listeners who find fun in different places, and sometimes the extroverts even envy us. I’m intrigued to see what the future holds for Francesca and John. But in the meantime ‘fetch the carriage I want to leave!’ 

Bridgerton Season Three, Part 2 will be back on 13th June.