Maxine Hallett

Maxine Hallett is based in Kent and works for her local church. 

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    A prayer for Christmas


    Maxine Hallett reflects on Christmas, and gives us a prayer for the season.

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    Remembering the Queen


    Reflection and prayer with Maxine Hallett

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    Prayer & Reflection: Welcoming in a new season


    September is the start of a new season; autumn is upon us and, while we are still enjoying the warmth of the sun, nights are drawing in, gardens are starting to lose their summer blooms and the dark, rich autumnal colours are slowly creeping in.


    A lesson from sunflowers


    Walking through a field on a warm August evening, my eye caught sight of a glimmer of colour. There, standing tall but alone in the middle of the field, was the glorious bright yellow head of a sunflower. It seemed confident and not at all out of place among the dreary brown vegetation. Its bright, sun-filled face beamed at the world beyond

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    Christian dating in my 50s was nothing like I remember from my 20s… the idea that my love life is determined by ‘a swipe’ is horrific


    Finding a partner is a challenge at any age but Maxine Hallett found dating in her 50s to be a totally different ball game to when she was in her 20s. Here she explains how she ‘got back out there’ and how she found the difficult world of online dating.

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    Seeing afresh through the eyes of a child


    July sees the end of the academic year – a relief to students finishing their exams but possibly daunting to children starting new schools in September

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    A Prayer for The Queen’s Jubilee


    The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee means big celebrations for many of us this month –loved ones and neighbourhoods coming together, family gatherings and street parties, rejoicing and commemorating this special occasion of 70 years of the reign of Her Majesty the Queen.

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    Prayer and Reflection: Making room for Jesus


    May is a good month for decluttering our cupboards and refreshing our wardrobes. I have fond memories as a child of my grandmother’s house, windows flung open as the warm, late spring breeze danced and glistened with particles of dust while cupboards were cleaned and wardrobes filled with summer clothes.

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    The impact of the cross


    I wear a cross around my neck and often find myself touching it gently throughout the day, as a thought pops into my mind that I want to share with God. Other times I reach for the cross just to catch my breath, pausing in the middle of a busy ...

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    Prayer & Reflection: Spring at last!


    Walking along a familiar path I stopped and breathed in the air around me, my senses suddenly becoming awakened by the newness of the spring day. I realised how thankful I was that God had carried me through the dark and dreary winter months.

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    You are never alone


    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, romance is in the air. It is everywhere around us – in advertisements, retail shops and in the eyes of every couple passing by on the street. While this is beautiful to see, it can make some people feel alone and abandoned.

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    Looking to the year ahead


    A stencil on my wall reads: “HOPE makes all things work and FAITH makes all things possible.” It is a constant reminder to me that there is only one way to turn my helplessness into hopefulness – by fixing my eyes on the Lord, breathing him in and inviting him ...

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    Laughing children, hot chocolate and a snoring dog on a lazy Sunday afternoon…


    Maxine Hallett reflects on her journey towards God, and the sanctuary she now calls home

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    How did my grandparents survive the war?


    Maxine Hallett reflects on the desperation and determination of her ancestors

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    Clues from the past


    Maxine Hallett grew up not going to church but, looking back at her family history, is inspired by her great grandfather

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    ‘As God’s daughter I know that I am a work in progress’


     ‘As God’s daughter I know that I am a work in progress’’God has helped me embrace the identity of the person he knew from the moment he created me’Maxine Hallett shares how she found her identity in Christ, and how she prays her children will too

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    Spiritual journalling


    Maxine Hallett encourages us to record how we are feeling, what we are learning and the prayers that God is answering