The author of Sacred Sexuality shares her interpretation of the biblical stance in light of what Synod says about unreservedly welcoming same-sex couples 

After six years of exploring human identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage, in light of changes in society, and disagreements in the church, the bishops of the Church of England are proposing same sex blessings as the way forward. Emphasising that they are not changing the Church’s formal doctrine on marriage, but are desiring to simply welcome same-sex couples unreservedly and joyfully, and to bless homosexual relationships. 

Upon reflection, after studying the scriptures and ‘discerning’ God’s voice they say they are seeking to be a church that ‘embodies the radical new Christian inclusion’…which they claim is ‘founded in scripture’…and apparently ‘based on good, healthy, flourishing relationships, and in a proper 21st century understanding of being human and of being sexual.’


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And I, of course agree with the need to be welcoming, inclusive and compassionate, yet I am wondering precisely which scriptures they have been reading and discerning from. Because in all the Bibles I have ever read, homosexual behaviour is deemed a sin and therefore blessing what God deems sinful is far from a blessing, it’s actually a curse. And given that the first two chapters of the Bible already show us God’s sacred design for what ‘He’ deems “good, healthy, flourishing, being human and being sexual,” no matter which century we are in, I simply fail to see the need for the Synod to introduce this ‘radical new Christian inclusion.’ Unless of course their goal isn’t to have reverence for God’s sacred design, but rather, to have relevance, in this temporal world.

Holy reverence for God, is not concerned with relevance

You see holy reverence for God, is not concerned with relevance. It upholds His truth, His design, His Word and His holiness without compromise, no matter how modern society becomes. And as noble as the Synod’s intentions are to value and celebrate faithfulness in relationships and to affirm and celebrate same-sex couples, with prayers of dedication, thanksgiving and God’s blessing, these proposals undeniably go against the eternal Word of God.

And no matter how inclusive we as a church desire to be, the bottom line is that sex has been designed by God, for heterosexual covenant marriage, because it symbolises Christ’s covenant union with His bride. Therefore any union outside of this dynamic simply cannot truly flourish, whether it’s a same sex or heterosexual union. And to pretend such a union can be blessed, not only dishonours God’s Word, but it completely breeds confusion, leads the flock astray and it places immense pressure on church leaders who do not agree with the proposal to perform same sex blessings and opens them up to persecution, if they choose not to.

At a time when society is utterly lost and culture is so fractured, the Church needs to stand firm upon the Word of God like never before.

At a time when society is utterly lost and culture is so fractured, the Church needs to stand firm upon the Word of God like never before. We must most certainly embrace everyone, with the extravagant, unconditional love of God. We must apologise where we have got it wrong. We must nurture. We must celebrate and we must accept every individual as a precious image bearer of Christ. But this does not mean we celebrate what God calls sin and intentionally bless it in God’s name - simply to be relevant. Because “the church, you see, is not peripheral to the world; the world is peripheral to the church.” (Ephesians 1:23 MSG).

As the Church continues to grapple with these deeply complex issues, I sincerely pray that the General Synod returns to the Bible, to truly discern what the Word and the voice of God are saying about the way forward – because based upon the Holy Scriptures, their proposal to offer same-sex blessings, just simply cannot be it.


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