Writer Lauren Windle details every mention of the supernatural in Prince Harry’s best-selling book Spare, but there’s a sad lack of Christianity. 

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I read it. I told you I would. Rather than allowing myself to be swallowed up by the more outrageous passages highlighted by the tabloids - like Prince Harry’s frozen penis or the older woman he lost his virginity to - I decided it was my duty to take in the whole body of work as it was intended.

It’s a meaty book with 416 pages spanning from the day of Princess Diana’s death to Harry and Meghan’s move to the States. Within those many pages I hoped that he would speak about his faith and relationship with God. I had previously speculated (optimistically) that he was a Christian. When I saw Harry share the serenity prayer during his ITV interview with Tom Brady, I felt even more confident that he would open up about his prayer and spiritual life.

Sadly that’s not the case. He only references Christianity once in the book. It’s in part one, chapter 27 that he describes going hunting and his first kill. He said that a companion took the animal’s blood and smeared it on his face as a ritual of respect to the slain beast. He said: “I wasn’t religious but this blood facial was to me, baptismal. Pa was deeply religious, he prayed every night. But now, in this moment, I too felt close to God.”

He only references Christianity once in the book.

That’s the first and last time Prince Harry references a Christian faith. But it’s not the only time he speaks about spirituality. In Part 1, chapter 51 he explains that in the wake of his idiotic adolescent decision to wear a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party, he went to see the chief rabbi of Britain. Harry said: “Right away I could see he was much more; an eminent scholar, a religious philosopher, a prolific writer with more than two dozen books to his name. He’d spent many of his days staring out of windows and thinking about the root causes of sorrow, of evil, of hate.”

As he grew older and spoke about his adult life, there was no mention of traditional religion at all, even when discussing his wedding to Meghan Markle. But he did reveal that he decided to go and see a spirit medium in order to communicate with his late mother. Harry said: “I wasn’t sure what to call her or what exactly she did – all I knew was that she had ‘powers’. I recognised the high percentage chance of humbuggary. But the woman came with strong recommendations from trusted friends so I asked myself: ‘What’s the harm?’ Then the minute we sat down together, I felt an energy around her. ‘Oh,’ I thought. ‘Wow, there’s something here.’ She felt an energy around me too she said: ‘Your mother is with you.’”

The medium told Harry that Princess Diana was proud of him and she said that he was “living the life she wanted for you.”

According to the book, the medium told Harry that Princess Diana was proud of him and she said that he was “living the life she wanted for you.” He was sceptical so asked for a sign to ease his disbelief so the medium relayed details of a private family moment that had happened in Prince Harry’s home and said that Diana had been there to witness it.

As the Prince rounded off his controversial memoir, he referenced the spiritual twice more in his epilogue. He described Meghan praying with her palms pressed against Princess Diana’s grave and he said she had asked for clarity and guidance. He also relayed the story of a hummingbird getting into his house and thinking it could be a sign from his mother. He said: “Then a mate said, ‘Could be a sign you know? Some cultures see hummingbirds as spirits,’ he said. ‘Visitors as it were.’ Aztecs thought them reincarnated warriors, Spanish explorers called them resurrection birds.”

I think we can all confirm from the book, the interviews and press coverage with the contraversial Prince, that he is searching. He’s searching for comfort, for understanding and for truth. My prayer is that he finds it, not from the affirmation of others, from vague supernatural signs or even from his family, but from God. I pray that he truly connects with the faith of his grandmother and makes it his own.