Claire Musters

Claire Musters

Claire Musters is a writer, speaker and editor. Her recent books include Grace-Filled Marriage and Every Day Insights: Disappointment and Loss. Claire is a consulting editor for Woman Alive and blogs at

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  • Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

    Britney’s engaged! Here are 5 tips for all engaged couples…


    With the news that Britney Spears is set to tie the knot again, Claire Musters gives advice to those heading down the aisle this year

  • CA3PE0

    My prayer for Boris Johnson


    Following the news that the prime minister’s mother has passed away, Claire Musters reflects on her own experience of losing her mum and urges us all to do better at talking about grief

  • pp10-11_Sept2021_KatiePiper_belle_pr_kp-0669

    Katie Piper: ‘I found comfort in my local church'


    In 2008, Katie survived an acid attack and during her recovery set up The Katie Piper Foundation. She spoke to Claire Musters about how she coped with trauma and the impact on her outward appearance, how her newfound faith helped her come to terms with what happened and how a positive mindset helps her every day

  • Lockdown done

    What has lockdown done to our children?


    Claire Musters, mum to two teenagers, considers how we can all – whether parents/carers or not - support young people this summer and beyond 

  • Friends_400x300.png

    The one who sticks close by


    On National Best Friends Day, 8 June, Claire Musters encourages us to think about those closest to us

  • thumbnail_Steve_and_Claire_Musters.jpg

    Healing after an affair


    During UK National Marriage Week, we’re inviting couples to consider having some tough conversations, whether that be about sex, making a will or handling money well. Steve and Claire Musters spoke to Premier’s Maria Rodrigues about the way forgiveness saved their marriage, as documented in their new book Grace-Filled Marriage.

  • philnqueen2_rex.jpg

    Losing the man who was always by her side


    Claire Musters was struck at how the Queen’s loss ultimately reflects her humanity, as she begins to navigate the grief that we all face when we lose someone we love

  • Wilderness_forest_WA.png

    Finding hope in the wilderness


    There has been a lot of talk about hope in recent days. We remain hopeful that lockdown will continue to ease in the way the government has outlined. We are hopeful that we can visit friends and family – and even stay with them. We hope that we will soon be able to sing alongside our church family again.

  • pexels-august-de-richelieu-4260475.jpg

    What has a year of lockdown taught us about home schooling?


    As many children have gone back to school this week, Claire Musters takes a look at how parents have found the experience of home schooling

  • pexels-karolina-grabowska-4219890.jpg

    Are you looking forward to Mother’s Day?


    As she navigates celebrating Mother’s Day with her children but without her mum, Claire Musters suggests we need to be mindful of one another’s situations

  • Suffering_authors.png

    An honest conversation about suffering


    Authors Claire Musters and Amy Orr-Ewing talk candidly about the personal losses that led them to write two new books

  • GlennaMarshall2.jpg

    God’s presence is what he promises… and it’s more than enough


    Glenna Marshall explains to Claire Musters that, even through immense suffering, she has learned that God’s presence is the only answer to our heart’s longings

  • Disappointment.jpg

    How to deal with disappointment


    Claire Musters explains why we need to work through our disappointments and shares what has helped her through some testing times