Helping people reach their full potential is Bethany Hobbs’ passion, and she has discovered that what is important in life is to have someone in your corner, championing and guiding you, and you can do that mentoring for someone else too.

I love scrolling across a good, solid inspirational instagram quote, like ”Be the woman your younger self needed”. I read it, nod my head feverently in agreement, get all fired up, and if it’s a particularly good one I’ll even screenshot it for future reference. But in reality, that inspirational quote just stays in my screenshot album collecting dust. Somewhere between reading it and actually living it out, it gets lost in the milieu of life. But what if when we read an inspirational quote like that one, we actually took action?

I have discovered that you can be that very woman that your younger self needed. No qualifications necessary – the only requirement is simply to look past ourselves and look to a girl who needs a positive influence, who needs guidance, who needs investing into.

I am in the fortunate and privileged position to lead, mentor and speak into women’s lives on a daily basis. My passion is not helping women reach their potential, it is helping women exceed their potential. I am not interested in half measures, I love to see women having the courage to go for the full measure.

My passion is not helping women reach their potential, it is helping women exceed their potential.

But I know from experience, the only way you are going to exceed your own limitations is by having someone in your corner championing you. Someone who is further along the journey of life than you, someone who has their own story of triumph, of courage and tenacity and with a story they are willing to share.

Everybody needs a role model and everybody needs to be a role model. It is not just the mentee that benefits from your wisdom, advice and counsel. No, you my friend, you the mentor, also reap the benefit. When you invest into another person and serve another’s needs, it is magnetic to God. God sees that you are taking care of what (and whom) He loves and in turn He takes care of you. Proverbs 11:25 MSG “The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped”.

 When you invest into another person, when you serve another’s needs it is magnetic to God. 

Serving others is the vehicle for an individual to experience a transformation that lies in meaning, connection, and impact. It is a basic part of our humanity to search for meaning in life and one of the places we find meaning is in ‘helping others’ or ‘making the world a better place to live’ as God’s stewards on this Earth.

Stepping up and stepping into a servant role is one point of engagement with meaning that is available to people of all ages and stages in life.

The biggest part of being a role model is remembering that your part matters. The part that you play is essential to achieving a larger goal. So, while you may not feel like you’ve changed the world in a day, you never know when your act of service will alter another’s life forever.

I am acutely aware and eternally grateful that there are a multitude of worthy organisations out there in the secular world and in the church that do great works investing and raising up the women of the future.

Furthermore, I am aware that being a positive role model doesn’t necessarily have to be achieved through an official organisation; simple acts of kindness, simple conversations as a wise and trusted voice with friends and family is just as powerful.

In whatever way you choose to be a positive role model in your sphere of influence, go confidently, in the knowledge that the power you hold within you is having the willingness to be the woman your younger self needs.