They are not called ’influencers’ for nothing, Instagram and TikTok stars are able to impact the way people think, and there are many Christians influencing for good. Maxine Harrison shares her top ten.

Recent years have seen an increase in Christian content creators, and consequently, a rise of faith-filled content is being created to encourage Christians on their walk, whilst inviting non-believers to learn more about who God is. From YouTube to TikTok, Christians are using their online platforms to tell the world about Jesus, and it’s wonderful to see. 2023 was the year I explored a range of Christian content creators who have helped me on my walk. Here is a round-up of my 10 top Christian content creators.


Jackie Hill Perry

1. Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry has been a Christian influencer well before this new phenomenon of Christian content creators. She first came onto the scene as a Christian poet and would sometimes go viral for her spoken word videos. Now married and four kids later, Jackie primarily uses her platform to preach the gospel through her podcast, With The Perrys, with her husband. She also shares reels on her personal Instagram.

You can watch the With The Perry’s podcast here.


Stephanie Ike

Stephanie Ike

2. Stephanie Ike

A preacher, content creator and new mother, Stephanie Ike uses her Instagram and YouTube channels to help people on their faith walk. One of her YouTube Channel’s, The Same Room, engages in conversations that connect culture to Christianity and leaves a space for vulnerability on topics that are sometimes seen as taboo in society.

You can follow Stephanie Ike on Instagram @stephanieike



3. Amina

A mother and influencer, Amina has spoken about her faith in Jesus openly and creates fun lifestyle content surrounding motherhood- having been a young mother herself and has also spoken about her abstinence journey.

You can watch Amina’s YouTube channel here

Soft Life Through Christ

Soft Life through Christ

4. Soft Life Through Christ

Soft Life Through Christ is a podcast hosted by two sisters, Radijah and Raniya. Aged in their 20’s, the sisters unapologetically share their testimonies and journey as they venture with God, through vlogs and their podcast. Fashionable too, they show that it’s possible to still have a passion for fashion and represent Christ well.

You can watch the Soft Life Through Christ podcast here.

Whitney Davis 1

Whitney Davis


5. Whitney Davis

There has also been a rise in Christian comedy content, on TikTok in particualr. Whitney Davis is a part of this group as she makes light-hearted content particularly relatable to Christians who are dating.

You can follow Whitney on TikTok @justwhiti

Megan Ashley

Megan Ashley



6. B. Simone and Megan Ashley

Influencer and comedian B. Simone started a faith-based podcast Know For Sure with her friend Megan Ashley in 2022. Although that podcast has now ended, Megan Ashley has continued with her own podcast “In Totality” which follows the same theme of vulnerability and encouraging people to know Christ as she invites Christian guests on and shares her personal pursuit for God.

You can watch the In Totality podcast here.

Hayley Mulenda

Hayley Mulenda


7. Hayley Mulenda

A motivational speaker with a client portfolio including the likes of JPMorgan, Harrods, and more, Hayley Mulenda has a particular passion for helping young people recognise their worth and fulfil their God-given purpose. As well as speaking on the big stage at events, Mulenda also uses her social media platform to share words of encouragement for Christians seeking God.

You can follow Hayley on her Instagram @HayleyMulenda

Nia Cerise


8. Nia-Cerise

Nia-Cerise has also been a popular Christian influencer in the UK for a while as she made faith YouTube videos during her university days. She has since grown her platform and mainly shares posts on Instagram about her journey as “Prophet Nia-Cerise”. From prophecies to testimonies, her platform spurs people to tap into what more God has for them.

You can follow Nia-Cerise on Instagram @niacerise

Melody Fabien

Melody Fabien

9. Melody Fabien

Melody Fabian hosts a podcast with her husband called Hanging with the Fabians, where they discuss various topics such as hearing God’s voice, and the importance of community as Christians.

You can watch Hanging with The Fabians here.


WA November 2021 - Cover

Yvonne Orji

10. Yvonne Orji

Actress Yvonne Orji has always been vocal about her faith in God. From her book Bamboozled by Jesus to her transparency about her abstinence journey, Yvonne does not hide away from her love for Jesus whilst navigating Hollywood. On her Instagram, she often shares stories and content from other Christian content creators.

You can follow Yvonne Orji on Instagram @yvonneorji and read our interview with her here.


With all of these Christian influencers on the rise, let’s pray that they would stand firm in their faith in the midst of social media and that God’s love and the gospel would continue to be shared through their platforms.