Picking out the perfect name for your newborn child is a big decision. Here, journalist Lauren Windle shares a few options from the Bible.


Source: Daniel Reche / Pexels

It’s no secret that names mean a lot to God, and therefore Christians. At times in the Bible God changes someone’s name in line with their ministry – to show that they have a new identity. This makes it an exciting but daunting task asigning a child with a name yourself - as you want their moniker to reflect the unique character and calling God has given them. 

Plenty of people like to choose their baby’s names from the many in the Bible. For Christians, it’s a natural place to start, so here, with the help of the experts at Nameberry, are a few of my favourite boy’s names for expectant parents to add to their lists for consideration. 

Silas (Acts 15)

Silas means “prayed for”. In the New Testament Silas and Judas Barsabbas (known often as ‘Judas’) were chosen to be the elders of the church who would return to Antioch with Paul.

Tobias (Tobit)

The name Tobias means “God is good”. It comes up a couple of times in the Bible, but is primarily associated with the story of Tobias and the Angel.

Caleb (1 Chronicles 4)

Caleb means “devotion to God”. Caleb features in the Old Testament where he was one of only two ancient Israelites (Joshua was the other) who set out from Egypt to finally enter the promised land.

Aziel (1 Chronicles 15)

Aziel means “God is my strength”. In the Old Testament, the biblical Aziel was a member of the tribe of Levi who assisted with the choral service during the dedication of the Tabernacle.

Gideon (Judges 6–8)

The name Gideon means “great warrier”. In the Old Testament, Gideon was a judge called on by God to rescue the Jews from the Midianites. 

Asher (Genesis 30)

The name Asher means fortunate, blessed, happy one. In the Bible, Asher was one of Jacob’s twelve sons who gave their names to the tribes of Israel. Asher is derived from the Hebrew word osher, which means “happiness.” 

Levi (Genesis 29)

Levi means joined or attached. In the Old Testament, Levi was the third son of Leah and Jacob, from whom the priestly tribe of Levites descended; in the New Testament, Levi was Matthew’s given name before he became an apostle.

Malachi (Malachi)

The name Malachi means my messenger. In the Bible, Malachi was the last of the twelve Hebrew prophets who foretold the coming of Christ.

Lazarus (John 11)

Lazarus means “God is my helper”. The New Testament name given to Jesus’ good friend who died before Jesus raised him from the dead. 

Reuben (Genesis 29)

The name Reuben simply means “behold, a son”. In the Old Testament, Reuben is Jacob’s first-born son by Leah and the founder of one of the tribes of Israel.

Micah (Micah)

Micah means “who is like the Lord”. The biblical name is growing in popularity. The Micah of the Bible denounced oppression by the ruling classes.