Perry-May Britton

Perry-May Britton

Perry-May Britton is a wife, mum and a somatic (body) coach living in West Sussex. She is passionate about helping people reconnect their mind and body, calm their nervous systems, overcome anxiety and other stress related issues.  Somatic coaching is surprisingly fun and leads to individuals being able to think more clearly, feel better, find creative solutions to problems as well as be able to relate better both at home and in the workplace.  She runs an online course called EMBODIED and one to one Somatic coaching is available both in person and online. Her favourite somatic exercise is dancing, so if you want to start feeling better and thinking more clearly today put on your favourite disco tune and get moving! Contact her at

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    How somatic therapy with Jesus changed my life


    When Perry-May Britton learnt that if you are massaging someone who doesn’t feel safe it doesn’t matter how skilled you are their body won’t allow you ‘in’, she was intrigued, and it led her become a somatic coach.