This year has been full of ups and downs and we’ve been here, helping you navigate it from a Christian perspective. Here, Lauren Windle takes a look at what you’ve been reading on Woman Alive’s opinion page over the past twelve months.

10. Single women are leaving the church because they feel undervalued - and if you’re one of them, do this instead - read it here


In at number 10 is a powerful piece on the isolation many single women feel in the Church. Here Dr Katie Gaddini suggests three things people could do, rather than walk away from church altogether.

9. Women struggle with pornography too… so why do we only speak to men and boys about it? - Read it here


This list is littered with articles on sex. At first I thought that was bad, obviously we’ve all got our minds in the gutter. But actually no. It’s so important to speak about sex in a God-focused way. So we’re delighted that everyone’s taken such an interest. Here The Naked Truth Project’s Natasha Rees shares some home truths about women and porn.

8. GREAT SEXPECTATIONS: What’s the problem with sex before marriage? - read it here


 Next up, one of our incredibly wise panel members tackled a reader question about sex before marriage and if it was that big a deal anyway. I loved her response – but what did you think?

7. I found myself in a church-cult, here’s how to spot the signs - read it here


In this fascinating insight into how easily you can be sucked into a bad situation, Tola-Doll Fisher opened up about her personal experiences and advised us on what to look out for.

6. I Googled all 26 members of the World Cup England squad to find out if they were Christians and here’s what I learned - read it here


When I see great people doing great things, I automatically ask myself ‘I wonder if they’re a Christian?’ Well in the midst of the World Cup it seemed lots of you were thinking the same as you wanted to know which of the England squad were not Christian, were nominally Christian and were practicing Christians.

5. Ncuti Gatwa is the new Dr Who - but does the Time Lord know his Lord and Saviour? - Read it here


Once again, someone did something great and we all rushed to find out if he was in fact a Christian. As this article on the new Dr Who was our fifth most read of the year.

4. GREAT SEXPECTATIONS: Is masturbation wrong for Christian women? - Read it here


Once again a question that was posed to our panel of exceptional women for our fortnightly column Great Sexpectations has hit the charts. This time it’s whether or not Christian women should masturbate.

3. I’ve never been uncomfortable with ‘the S-word’ in my relationship, but I believe it’s time to challenge its use in churches - read it here


I was fascinated by this piece from Amy Jo Stimson that spoke about submission and how she believed in some churches it was used to exhort women to plain obedience.

2. Sexual soul ties are real - and dangerous - read it here


This article wasn’t written this year. In fact it was written before I even started working at the company but that hasn’t stopped it from taking the second most read spot. Our readers have gone wild for the frank and open discussion about sexual soul ties from writer Candy-Ellie Graham.

1. It’s terrifying in Ukraine, but God is giving daily miracles that lift people’s spirits - read it here


As the shock of the Ukraine war was felt around the world, writer Sharyn Borodina shared exactly what was going on on the ground during the Russian invasion, including some truly incredible miracles from God.